Smackdown 9/7/12: No Divas match but we find Kaitlyn!

10 Sep

There was no Divas match this week, as there was one on Superstars BUT #1 Contender Kaitlyn was present backstage. Just because it was a backstage segment, I’m going to make this short (literally) and sweet (eh, maybe).

Kaitlyn was backstage with Teddy Long. They talk for a small amount of time before being interrupted by the couple of Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Does this remind anyone else of NXT Season 3? The love triangle between them three? No? It’s just me? Okay then…


RAW 9/3/12: Eve continues to shove herself into the title picture

7 Sep

WWE is actually pushing a Diva feud… but at this point it’s somewhat confusing. What are they doing with Eve and Natalya? This week in action, The assistant Eve will be taking on the pretty face Kaitlyn. The Divas Champion Layla is also making an appearance with an “LOL” dress. “LOL” means ‘Lots of Layla’ thanks to her fans of course, who wrote her on Twitter suggestion the definition. Oh, and Miz is also on commentary due to Lawler being attacked before the show…

Somewhat sloppy but still enjoyable match. Eve as a heel is so much better than a face. It feels like she just belongs in the ring, trash-talking and throwing down her opponents. Layla and Miz arguing back and forth on commentary was somewhat distracting but he put some of the Divas over so I’m not complaining. Eve actually picks up the victory over the #1 contender this time and not with a roll-up! WHOOO! Eve raises Kaitlyn’s hand after the match with a huge pearly-white smile on her face as Kaitlyn is in confusion. Eve then walks right over to Layla and hands her hand out to the champion for a shake. Layla is hesitant but Miz is shouting from commentary at her to shake her hand. Layla shakes her hand and the segment is pretty much over with.

AJ made several appearances throughout the show but the only one that counts is her mental breakdown following Vickie Guerrero confronting her. It seems as if the GM has gone a little loco herself… maybe she should be seeking the anger managment classes, irony right?! Vickie calls out AJ and slaps her. This makes AJ bring out her inner physcho by grabbing a chair and slamming it to the ground while Guerrero is out of the ring. If i was Vickie, I wouldn’t mess with that little ball of fire. She might have something up her sleeve for next week. I guess this will leave us all on the edge of our seats.

WWE Diva Cameron Suspended

3 Sep

It is being reported on multiple dirtsheets that Cameron, who was reportedly arrested for DUI and was later said to have bribed the police, is now suspended. The reports state that the Diva is going to suspended until September 14th.

Cameron was on the Australia tour with WWE for the first day and was later sent away, and only her fellow Funkadactyl Naomi appeared with Brodus Clay on the last two shows.

Smackdown 8/31/12: Kaitlyn rolls her way to victory

3 Sep

With all these matches involving Natalya this week, It makes me wonder if the Night of Champions match will turn into a four way? No… it’s just me? Okay.

Well, Kaitlyn, the #1 contender, is set to take on the world’s favorite Hart-Breaker Natalya. Pretty decent match in my opinion. Both Divas always have A+ matches with eachother. Eve on commentary also made this match a plus as she puts the Divas over, telling the other commentators that the Divas need to basically have a push, as we all agree. *nods head* Heel Natalya is always the greatest from the trash-talking to the sitting pin, she has it all.

Kaitlyn picks up the victory this week over Natalya with a surprise rollup. Eve, this time, doesn’t lead us to any suspicious thoughts about her possible being involved in the championship match at this upcoming PPV BUT I’m pretty sure her thoughts are on the same line as Natalya’s… which is somewhat like this: “Kaitlyn’s victory was a fluke”. Although, Kaitlyn keeps proving to both the heel Divas that she indeed deserves the spotlight and she is definately underrated, the other girls won’t believe her as long as their still in the picture.

IMPACT 8/30/12: ODB finally gets her fried chicken and beer

31 Aug

In the shortest match of the year, ODB makes her long awaited return to face Madison Rayne. So how did this match come about you may ask. First Madison Rayne comes out to tell Brooke Hogan that she wants her rematch, she calls out Miss Tessmacher but instead 1/2 of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, ODB comes out and says Hogan told her that she is having a match. This leads to them having a match-up.

Not even lasting very long – not even a minute surprisingly – with ODB picks up the victory. At the beginning of the match Rayne starts to yell at ODB which makes ODB spit her drink into Madison’s face, gets some clotheslines in and hits a drop to pick up the win. While the ODB is celebrating some music we haven’t heard in a while hits, and out comes her husband E.Y. WITH the beer and friend chicken, that his wife has been asking for in the last few weeks. Eric Young gives a few cheap plugs about his new show, blah blah. ODB asks him where her husband went, which leads him to stripping off his suit and revealing a speedo with the USA flag on it. ODB jumps into her lovers arms and lays a big ‘ol kiss on him.

Superstars 8/30/12: Rosa helps her team pick up the victory

31 Aug

Not really anything exciting, but it is Rosa Mendes so what’s not to love? Mendes, of course, is standing out at ringside supporting AND leading her men, Epico and Primo to a glorious victory over The Usos.

Rosa Mendes isn’t going to let her team lose as she instantly jumps onto the apron to distract the referee, which leads to a backbreaker and best of all, a victory! Mendes jumps up and down and shimmy’s in celebration of the win. She gets her team out the ring and they stand at the bottom of the ramp while Rosa breaks out her salsa moves as the Usos look on from the ring.

NXT 8/29/12: The roster watches history

31 Aug


No Diva match was scheduled for this week’s NXT BUUUUUUUT, We did get to see the Divas, and Superstars watch history be made in the square circle. Jinder Mahal took on Seth Rollins to see who will become the FIRST EVER NXT Champion… If this wasn’t predictable enough with all the spoiling and the fact that WWE is in love with Rollins but nonetheless I actually enjoyed this match. Mahal isn’t as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. Well, The Divas are shown very rarely during the match but during the entrances they are shown for a pretty long time, especially Emma who was pretty much focused on when they zoomed up to the title which was sitting on a precious stool. Suprisingly, ALL Divas were there except for Caylee Turner, Natalya and Tamina Snuka — Even Charlotte and Anya decided to show up for this big event.


Jinder Mahal didn’t get any reaction from his fellow NXT roster, but Seth Rollins got cheers and claps… and some not-so caring people. Seth Rollins picked up the victory and the face Divas and Superstars joined him in the ring to celebrate until he runs into the crowd to celebrate even more with the fans that cheered him on throughout his career.