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RAW 9/3/12: Eve continues to shove herself into the title picture

7 Sep

WWE is actually pushing a Diva feud… but at this point it’s somewhat confusing. What are they doing with Eve and Natalya? This week in action, The assistant Eve will be taking on the pretty face Kaitlyn. The Divas Champion Layla is also making an appearance with an “LOL” dress. “LOL” means ‘Lots of Layla’ thanks to her fans of course, who wrote her on Twitter suggestion the definition. Oh, and Miz is also on commentary due to Lawler being attacked before the show…

Somewhat sloppy but still enjoyable match. Eve as a heel is so much better than a face. It feels like she just belongs in the ring, trash-talking and throwing down her opponents. Layla and Miz arguing back and forth on commentary was somewhat distracting but he put some of the Divas over so I’m not complaining. Eve actually picks up the victory over the #1 contender this time and not with a roll-up! WHOOO! Eve raises Kaitlyn’s hand after the match with a huge pearly-white smile on her face as Kaitlyn is in confusion. Eve then walks right over to Layla and hands her hand out to the champion for a shake. Layla is hesitant but Miz is shouting from commentary at her to shake her hand. Layla shakes her hand and the segment is pretty much over with.

AJ made several appearances throughout the show but the only one that counts is her mental breakdown following Vickie Guerrero confronting her. It seems as if the GM has gone a little loco herself… maybe she should be seeking the anger managment classes, irony right?! Vickie calls out AJ and slaps her. This makes AJ bring out her inner physcho by grabbing a chair and slamming it to the ground while Guerrero is out of the ring. If i was Vickie, I wouldn’t mess with that little ball of fire. She might have something up her sleeve for next week. I guess this will leave us all on the edge of our seats.


RAW 8/27/12: Layla lays the bombshell on Natalya

31 Aug

Natalya finally makes her way back to our screens and we are excited! She will be taking on the Divas Champion, Layla. Of course with WWE being as sexist as they are, sends Vickie Guerrero out so tell the crowd that she has an announcement, and to make the match quick. She stands on the apron while the match happens.

The champion is all about having fun in the ring with her “outstanding” dance moves, and even butts Natalya out of the ring. Natalya then takes advantage when Layla tries to slide out of the ring to get Natalya and lands herself inside the ring apron. To end of the some-what good match, (but every match Natalya is in we should cherish) Nattie goes for the sharpshooter but Layla blocks. Natalya then continues to beat down the champion until Layla uses her new finishing kick, ‘bombshell’ to pick up the victory.

Vickie Guerrero gets into the ring now while Layla is celebrating her victory of the dungeon Diva and basically tells her to get out. Lay slowly gets out of the ring while staring Vickie down. Guerrero gets on the mic to yell about the stipulation of the match that GM AJ Lee put Dolph Ziggler in last week. This leads the GM to come out, and pounce on the cougar to start a short-lived catfight.

Vickie Guerrero debuts new gimmick?

8 Jul

In El Paso, Texas (The hometown of Guerrero) last night for a Smackdown houseshow, Vickie Guerrero, had a match. It is said that Vickie announced to the audience that she will now be known as the “Queen Diva” of WWE.

Guerrero was successfully victorious in her match against Kaitlyn in which AJ was the referee. After the match, Vickie taunted AJ which lead to AJ hitting Guerrero with the Shining Wizard.

No news whether or not this is Vickie’s new gimmick or it was just used for the houseshow that night.

RAW 7/2/12: Love breaks the table down…

4 Jul

I’m back with yet another Diva review, not really a shocker though. This week features… the same women as it basically did last week and here goes the review.

The first match of the night was the champions (R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and Christian) vs the want-to-be champions (Cody Rhodes, David Otunga and The Prime Time Players). The match begins and AW decides his clients, TPTP had enough wrestling for the night and they leave. Toward the end of the match, Otunga goes to tag Rhodes in but he decides to jump off the apron and leave as well leaving Otunga to defend his team for himself. Brodus Clay and his sassy-walking Funkadactyls had enough with David Otunga and being to walk down the ramp. Otunga tries to escape but is blocked in the ring, he decides to run out of the ring in the direction Brodus was coming, and gets thrown back in to where Santino has his cobra ready to strike. This leads to the Team Champions picking up an easy victory. Christian and Clay do their finishers on Otunga before celebrating in the ring by dancing to ‘Somebody call me momma’ with the Funkadactyls and some fans. Lets just say, Christian breaking out to the claws dance is just epic.

Following another backstage segment, Daniel Bryan is shown backstage giving a rose to AJ Lee. AJ realizes after the rose is given to her that Bryan never cared about her. She goes onto say that she cannot wait to win her match tonight and run into the arms of CM Punk. She bites the top of the rose off and spits it on the floor.

In a mixed tag team treat, AJ Lee and the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus took on Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero (despite her slapping him last week on Smackdown!). All differences aside, the gentlemen start out the match. The Divas eventually get in and AJ hits the Shining Wizard on Vickie to pick up the victory for her team. AJ grabs the microphone after the match and skips back to the backstage area chanting “YES!”.

Directly after her victory, she finds CM Punk backstage on the phone. She interrupts him by asking if he saw her match, Punk replies that he didn’t even know she had a match and that he’s been on the phone for a while. This makes AJ dissapointed.

In another backstage segment, a returning Eve is shown with the GM for the Week, Teddy Long. Teddy Long puts a giant sticker on her that says “Hello my name is Eve” in retaliation for what she put him through during Laurinaitis’ GM reign. Eve rips the nametag up and throws it to the ground before finding a sad AJ sitting nearby. Eve accused A.J. of taking a page out of her book. AJ fights back with words asking Eve who she will be “brown-nosing” and that Eve will “do anything” to get attention. AJ says that she will show Eve and everyone else how to get attention.

In the main event match, CM Punk teams with John Cena to take on the team of Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. During the match, AJ comes out to the ring skipping but CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both don’t notice her, making her dissapointed yet again. AJ decides to get attention by setting up a table at ringside and climbing to the top rope. The match has now ended in a no contest with neither team picking up the victory. AJ is standing on the top rope and is ready to jump which leads to her finally getting Punk and Bryan’s attention. Daniel goes out of the ring pleading to AJ not to jump as Punk climbs to the top rope with her also telling her not to do so. AJ kisses CM Punk, leaving him shocked, as she throws him off the top rope, hitting D-Bry and sending them both threw the table. AJ then starts to chant “YES!” as she looks down with a smile on her face at the damage she has just made to end the show.

RAW 6/25/12: Divas celebrate Summer Time with a Battle Royal

30 Jun

At the very beginning of RAW AJ is shown talking, to what seems to be a person. AJ Lee tells “Bryan” they’re going to have to drift apart. She says she loses all inhibitions when she sees Kane and just wants to get wild. and she says she would like to be soul mates with Punk but she isn’t sure what he’s thinking and says it’s best if they all go their separate ways. The camera pans away into the mirror to show AJ talking to herself. – During the first match, AJ’s music plays and she comes out skipping around the ring yet again during Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, causing Kane to be distracted.

With it being Summertime, WWE found a ‘perfect’ way to give all the Divas a time in the ring. What’s more fun than battle royal… and not just any battle royal, a Summertime Bikini one! (read that with sarcasm).

WWE comes back from commercial break with all the Divas (Beth Phoenix, Aksana, AJ, Maxine, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Layla) standing in the ring. Vickie Guerrero then comes out in a robe, gets into the ring, dances and reveals her leopard print swimsuit. Vickie is now going to participate in this match-up. All the Divas immediately go on attack after Vickie Guerrero and eventually spread into their own groups. Maxine is first eliminated, followed by this order of elimination: Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Layla, Vickie and your winner is AJ Lee. AJ celebrates by chanting “YES!”.

Vickie Guerrero, the general manager for this week, is shown backstage when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo walk in with flowers. Dolph Ziggler walks in and says he is the rightful #1 contender to the Heavyweight Title and he deserves a match. Vickie says she’s made a #1 contender’s match. There will be a contract attached to a pole and the first man to get it faces Sheamus on SmackDown. Ricardo brings the flowers back in a vase and Dolph throws them at the wall.

Directly after that backstage segment, Big Show vs Brodus Clay w/ The Funkadactyls took place. This was basically a squash match with Show picking up the victory, after continuously attacking his leg. The Funkadactyls check on Brodus’ “injured leg” along with the trainers after Big Show leaves.

AJ is in another backstage segment, this time it’s with Kane. Kane says he’s not exactly boyfriend material and she says that’s OK. Kane says he doesn’t do relationships and his only source of pleasure is eviscerating people. Kane goes onto say that he even finds AJ mentally unstable and it’s best if they just stay away from each other.

Smackdown 6/22/12: Funkettes get a ‘dance lesson’ while AJ rings the bell

30 Jun

Otunga tells Brodus that someone better call his mama. Otunga says that he will call her when he gets back to the locker room. Otunga says that he will tell Mama Clay that her son has fallen and can’t get up. Big Show is in the ring talking about when he becomes champion. He is rudely interrupted by Brodus Clay alongside his Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi. The Funkadactlys go around the ring, and Brodus goes in staring down Big Show and attacks him by giving numerous punches. David Otunga comes out to make the save (lolz). Big Show takes advantage by kicking Clay in his injured knee and in his midsection. Fans are chanting ‘you cant wrestle’, (either that’s directed to Otunga, who is out there already, or Show who is currently attacking either way its correct.)

Show punches Brodus Clay and and yells at falls while leaving the ring. Otunga takes advantage of the damage  that Big Show has caused and tells Brodus that someone better call his mama and that he will call her when he gets back to the locker room. Otunga says that he will tell Mama Clay that her son has fallen and can’t get up. Otunga then tells Naomi and Cameron to get into the ring so he can show them how to dance. Otunga starts to dance and it’s just getting ridiculous. Funkadactyls are waaaayyyyy better… obviously.

Backstage we see Mick Foley talking to Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi says that he is a fan of Mr. Socko and Vickie Guerrero interrupts and asks Yoshi if he has some sushi to eat. Yoshi tells Vickie that she is an ugly old witch and Foley tells her being called that is a positive thing in the Japanese culture. Vickie tells Mick that she will be running both shows next week. and if he doesn’t behave, he will be her assistant. Mick Foley has an idea for an assistant and he brings over Great Khali and they dance.

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring for the match Kane vs Daniel Bryan because she was named the guest time keeper.  blah blah blah blah blah… the match happens Kane wins. After the match, AJ and Kane are staring at eachother AJ skips back to the backstage area while Kane is confused and is trying to figure out what is going on.

Backstage the Prime Time Players and AW are celebrating their win from the match they just had. They run into Primo and Epico who are accompanied by Rosa Mendes. Primo punches Washington in an epic moment and then the two teams fight while Rosa yells… not sure why though.

Wrestlemania XXVIII: Bad Luck Kisses, Unwanted Victories and Ringside Catfights

13 Apr

Wrestlemania XXVIII (or Wrestlemania 28. to be more simpler), the grandest stage of them all… and this year in Miami, Florida under the brightest light, THE SUN!

WWE announced a match featuring the Tag Team Championships would be featured as a pre-show, lucky us. The spicy latina, Rosa Mendes, accompained her tag team, and led them to victory for another week, against The Usos and the newly formed tag team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. If i may add this match definately should’ve been added to the Wrestlemania card. These superstars were taking it to a whole new level.

The show starts out with the “YES, YES, YES!” man, Daniel Bryan, along with his “girlfriend”, AJ who is defending his championship against the Great White, Sheamus. Seconds after a so-called good luck kiss from AJ, Daniel Bryan ends up losing his title to his opponent… and we can guess who he blamed the loss on.

Following some top-notch matches, The Divas tag team match featuring the Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix along with her partner in crime, Eve, facing off against the Extra host, Maria Menounos and former Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly. Despite Maria Menounos having broken ribs, she “easily” scores an unwanted victory over the Divas Champion (for the third time, if i may add), Beth Phoenix. During this match, we saw Kelly introduce a new move she learned, we’ll call it the ‘Kelly-go-round’ for now, Maria Menounos “poop her pants”… (okay not really but how much times does that really happen?), and did we mention that BETH PHOENIX is in the match? that should be enough to watch. Even though, the team with a victory by the end of the match was not really wanted by many WWE Universe fans, We can all agree that the Divas poured their hearts out.

and last but not least, We get more WWE Divas, Brie Bella introduces #TeamJohnny, which is including Vickie Guerrero, and Nikki Bella, which introduces #TeamTeddy, which includes Teddy’s girlfriend, Aksana and Zack’s friend, “with benefits”, Eve Torres. The match happens, yada, yada, yada… and BOOM! the girls are into a catfight, excepts Eve who is more focused on getting into the ring and fist pumping with Zack Ryder causing him to get distracted and covered… what a great friend Eve is. Ding, Ding, Ding, #TeamJohnny takes the victory and Eve kicks Ryder where the sun don’t shine… although their in Miami so how does that work?