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Mick Foley thinks Velvet would be a good Diva

30 Jul

Velvet Sky, who announced her departure from TNA early this week has sparked many rumors that she will be heading to “the other company” to become a WWE Diva. On Twitter, a fan asked WWE Legend, Mick Foley if he thinks fit with their set of Divas. He responded, “I think @VelVelHoller would be a valuable addition to the @WWE Divas roster. Hope it happens.”

Velvet Sky acknowledged his Tweet and simply responded, “Thank you Mick!”

In my opinion, It would be a good addition, especially if Kelly Kelly decides to leave the company, Sky could be the most over face in the company. I would really like to see a Beautiful People reunion though because no matter how much knock-off gimmicks there are, TBP do it better!


Velvet Sky confirms her departure with TNA

26 Jul

In a abrupt surprise, fan-favorite TNA Knockout Velvet Sky was said to be leaving the company earlier yesterday. Today via Twitter, she confirmed her departure with TNA in a series of tweets. She wrote, “I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though..”

She then added another short tweet thanking Vince Russo for believing in The Beautiful People group, with Angelina Love. “And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove

Velvet Sky re-added to the TNA Roster

25 Jul

Velvet Sky’s profile was removed earlier today from the TNA roster and the Knockouts photoshooting section or “women” tab on their official website. Sky’s profile has oddly been re-added to the roster page now.

There is still no word if she is going to be released soon or it was an accident but her profile along with Traci Brooks, and current Knockout, Winter are still missing from the Photoshooting section on the website, which could indicate it was a possible error.

Velvet Sky removed from IMPACT’s roster

25 Jul

As it was earlier reported, Velvet Sky was “trying to negotiate with a new contract” but many believed that she was leaving anyway. Earlier today, IMPACT’s official website removed the fan-favorite Knockouts profile from the roster page and the Knockouts photoshoot page.

No word as of now if she is actually released from TNA or this was a mistake.

Top Knockout leaving TNA soon?

24 Jul

PWInsider is reporting that several TNA contracts are ending very soon. Among those contracts, is top TNA Knockout, Velvet Sky. There are many officials in the organization that are reporting that Velvet is “as gone as can be without having pen to paper.”

Velvet Sky’s status with the company is said to be “tenuous” for several weeks, and even though she is trying to negotiate a new contract, many believe she is still on her way at leaving.

Sky is one of the most popular/over females in TNA and has been with the company since 2007.

Velvet Sky on Diva Search tryout: “They wanted to see me do it”

23 Jul

In a new interview with Post and Courier, current TNA Knockout Velvet Sky talks about her Diva Search tryout and why exactly she did it.

She said, “The only thing I’m going to say about that is the only reason I did that is because there were powers at be within that organization that told me they wanted to see me do it. Some higher-up people in the organization came to me and told me that they would like to see me do it. It’s not a way that I wanted to break into wrestling. But if someone is basically telling you that they want to see you do this, then you do it. You bite the bullet and you do it. I don’t know what their intentions were telling me to do it or what their plans were, but I’m glad it didn’t work out back then because I’m super happy in my spot here. Everything happens for a reason, and it just wasn’t my time then. I’m glad I didn’t get through.”

The full interview can be read here!

IMPACT 6/21/12: So you want to be a Knockout?

30 Jun

This is the first IMPACT in which a female gutcheck contestant is fighting for a chance to become a new Knockout. Taeler Hendrix, an OVW Champion, has a video package first where some of her matches were shown. She brings up that she was diagnosed with cancer at 21 and had to overcome that massive obstacle to make it where she is now. Hendrix says she’s not going to stop until she’s held every female championship in TNA.

Taeler is shown warming up backstage, (by practicing one of her moves from her match, yikes!). She is facing a major opponent, one of the best female wrestlers today, Tara. She has a lot to prove in this match.

At the beginning of the match, Hendrix tries to shake Taras hand, but she refuses by pushing it away. Tara slams her to the ground, pulls on her hair and yells “You want to be a Knockout!?” Taeler uses this to her advantage and goes for a small package. Tara grabs her by the hair again and throws her into the corner, getting onto the top rope, she retaliates by kicking Tara in the head and taking advantage of the match. The match turns into back in forth action with clotheslines, neckbreakers, and so-on. Tara ends up getting the victory by hitting the Widows Peak and raises Taeler Hendrix’s hand in respect to end their match segment.

Throughout the night, Brooke Hogan has been eliminating Knockouts (Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, ODB and Mickie James) to see who she wants to face Miss Tessmacher later that night for the championship despite it being advertised as a 4 way match.

Brooke Hogan asks all the Knockouts why they want to be champion. ODB says she’s different from all the Knockouts, Rayne says that she deserves it because she was champion for a very long time, Velvet Sky says she never got her rematch, and Mickie James says she’s the best female wrestler alive today, and she deserves it more than anybody. (cough cough lies). Hogan eliminates Madison Rayne because ‘she isn’t focused enough to win the belt’.

Later on Hogan eliminates yet another Knockout, this one is a shocker… not. Brooke says that she wants the girls to focus more so the division can be brought back to glory, and that’s why ODB is eliminated, and the last segment was after Miss Tessmacher made her entrance. Brooke decides to let Mickie wrestle for the title since Velvet had a music video. SHOCKER…

Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher ended when Tessmacher hits a hip toss, James with a counter and goes for the pin, but Tessmacher makes it to the ropes. She counters Mickie’s finisher with a roll-up for the win. Mickie James is shown in the ring being frustrated.