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Triple H expected to put Divas on back-burner?

16 Aug

According to multiple dirtsheets, Some people that work closely with Triple H believe when he gets moer power in the WWE his plans on focusing more on the tag team division and putting the Divas on the back-burner.

Apparently, Triple H has never been high on Women’s wrestling and most of the recent recruits for developmental have been men andn not women.

Uhm… Wow, just when you think one company can’t be anymore sexist and wrong. The Divas work their butts off more than the men due to the fact they have to 1) Stay in shape 2) Have a tan, makeup, etc. 3) Train as hard as the Superstars and 4) Overcome stereotypes such as the term “model”. The Divas deserve as much time and not putting the Divas on can definately ruin their ratings because there are so much Diva fans that have been complaining when ther weren’t used. WWE gives us AJ Lee and expects us to be fine with it. NO! #Divasneedtime #GiveUsDivas


My thoughts on the Divas Division: “More than just eye candy”

21 Jul

I’m going to start this post off by some-what ranting about how WWE doesn’t appreciate the Women’s division. Anyone who watches wrestling would honestly understand this statement. This is nothing knew to fans who have been watching wrestling over the years and I’m one of those people who actually saw the division go from great to hardly anything. The Divas Champion, Layla has yet to be on RAW or Smackdown for that matter in a while, and WWE even failed to add her match this week, which was taped for Superstars. The only thing that this company is literally focusing on at the moment is the AJ storyline. Don’t get me wrong, It’s great to have a Diva be in the spotlight once in a while but they should really learn what TWO Divas storylines are. It’s OKAY to have two different storylines.

The last two or so PPV matches, Layla has been put in random matches without any build up and I hate that. WWE takes the time to give rest of the matches build up time and a story as to why they are wrestling at the PPV while the Divas are now being just thrown in as if their a rock being thrown into a pond. The Women’s Division in WWE is drowning because WWE doesn’t have enough courage to realize that these Women have worked their butts off just as much as the men, and they have taken the time to train for years.

When people go on Twitter, or Facebook, or some random wrestling forum and say “Rosa Mendes can’t wrestle” “Beth Phoenix is looking stale” “Nobody cares about Layla being champion” Then their just showing that they’re giving up all hope on the Divas and what their actually capable of. And another thing that annoys me like no other is now Sara Del Rey has a contract with WWE, and there are rumors that she’s helping the Divas train… really? The Divas aren’t even bad. GIVE THEM TIME, and “she’s going to save them women’s division”… If she’s the reason that we’re going to get longer Divas matches then please, bring her… which is definately going to be completely false.

Another things that irks me: Stephanie McMahon posted a tweet a few days ago stating, “I love that our programming features strong, smart, athletic women”. So do we, but the way the company puts them off as are “eye candy”. Women can look ‘sexy’ while being strong, athletic and smart. WWE seems to only focus on one of traits in their Diva’s slogan “Strong, Sexy, and Powerful”, and it’s the middle one: “Sexy”. Personally, I say if you’re one of them non-believers that the Divas division cannot get good, and their all some “eye candy” that doesn’t try hard than I suggest you take a look at the hard work and dedication that they put in to make sure that they entertain the fans, and check out the LENGTHY Superstars matches, and NXT matches (and FCW Matches) that they were given. It proves that if given time to showcase their actual talent rather than a one minute sloppy throw together to try to impress and make an actual good match, that they can be great, and even better than some of those men that they put on our televisions almost every week. (Lookin’ at you Khali).

Women’s wrestlers have to go through stereotypes all the time from being called “Models” to “Men” to “untalented and ugly”. Basically my point of making this write up was to prove to you that the Divas are more than just eye candy. Their hardworking, talented, & powerful and deserve the same respect in the company that the men recieve if not more.

Two Unnamed Knockouts want out of TNA?

14 Jul

Two unnamed Knockouts of TNA Wrestling are rumored to have asked for their releases today. The twitter page of the women’s professional wrestling promotion, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) posted the following tweet yesterday:

Hearing rumors two knockouts asked for their releases today….

They also added a few more notes in the new tweet:

Getting calls from people at TNA tonite, a lot of contracts are expiring. TNA wants to put them on pay-per deals and kill weekly contracts for some. I haven’t watched TNA since January 2010 but for people who do, if you don’t see someone [on Impact Wrestling] tonight, keep it in the back of your head.

My thoughts: If this is true (which it probably is because of all the recent females quiting), I would take a guess that it is Sarita, as she is one of the most underrated talent on their roster and she also works in Mexico where she is a big time star. The other one would probably be Winter, just because she is also underrated, she’s been working with multiple independent cicuits during her time with IMPACT, and hasn’t been seen on TV since April or so. If not one of them than Rosita, but I HIGHLY doubt it is her because she has been writing on her Twitter about Impact and how she should be making a return soon. AS I SAID BEFORE… THIS COULD BE POSSIBLY FALSE NEWS.

Reality show interested in Dixie Carter?

12 Jul

Reports are circling around rumoring that TNA president, Dixie Carter, is going to be staring in the Real Housewives of Nashville on Bravo.

This show is currently in the works and is produced by the same people that created “Real Housewives of Orange County”. Dixie Carter is said to be a high priority for the upcoming show.

DirecTV customers to lose TNA programming at midnight

10 Jul

Viacom sent out the following message, “Viacom’s distribution agreement with DirecTV is set to expire at midnight on Tuesday, July 10. We’ve been negotiating for months and even offered DirecTV an extension past the agreement’s original June 30 expiration date. As recently as today, we made significant economic movement in direct conversations with DirecTV.”

It also states that “As of tomorrow night, nearly 20 million DirecTV subscribers will be without entertainment from the programmer they watch most. A total of 26 Viacom channels, including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, CMT, Spike TV, TV Land and more won’t be available.”

Spike TV is the channel which airs TNA programming, which airs on Thursday. IMPACT Wrestling recently posted a video of Hulk Hogan urging DirecTV customers to take action now.

WWE looking to add to Divas Division?

10 Jul

There are now more rumors circulating on dirt sheets about WWE possibly looking to add more Divas to the division because they are in fear that some more Divas will be following the footsteps of former NXT standout Diva, Maxine.

Many independant female wrestlers have recieved tryouts for the company over the last few months, including Buggy Nova, who is currently in FCW working under the name Natalie, and the most recently rumored signee, Sara Del Rey.

The new focus point for WWE was started by Triple H, who is in charge of the talent relations department over at WWE headquarters.

My thoughts: It’s good that WWE is actually trying to do something to the Divas division after watching it suffer for a while now. With some more Divas coming in that some WWE fans might like, It will only make the divison stronger and new talent is what is needed at the moment. As we all know, a lot of wrestling fans watch independent shows and by bringing some more ladies up can possibly jump their ratings. I’m totally in for a Divas division push, and I’m hoping it comes very soon if these reports are true as are many other people.

Taeler Hendrix regains OVW Women’s Championship

8 Jul

TNA’s newest Knockout following the gutcheck two weeks ago is now the OVW Women’s Champion yet again. Taeler lost the championship just over a month ago to Epiphany.

She defeated Epiphany yesterday (July 7th) during OVW’s Saturday Night Special in an evening gown match. Hendrix had help during the match though. During the time that the referee was knocked out, Dylan Bostic stripped Epiphany of her gown leading to Taeler Hendrix picking up the victory and regaining the championship!