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IMPACT 8/23/12: Tessmacher makes a challenge to her BFFE

24 Aug

It’s OPEN FIGHT NIGHT, and the Knockouts Champion is making her way down the ramp. Who will she challege? Madison Rayne? Gail Kim? hmm… She gets on the mic and says she wants to know if she can beat the one person who taught her so much. She calls out her best friend and mentor, Tara. Broken, broken, broken, says the music as it rings throughout the crowd… Tara accepts the challenge! And then Taryn Terrell’s music plays, weird because no other refs have custom songs and trons… but nonetheless, she is the referee for this match (just like rest of the other KO matches).To the match: Miss Tessmacher was somewhat sloppy at the beginning but put herself back together toward the end. Tess impressed me throughout this match because Tara is a veteran in the wrestling business and Brooke doesn’t have as much experience like she does, and she proved that she deserves to be the champion. Both women definately put up a wonderful battle. Tara ended up picking up the victory. So that answers Tess’ question: No, you can’t beat her… but us fans would sure love to see Tara get a title shot 🙂

I’m thinking that Texas’ charm, Tessmacher will turn heel due to the fact that her actions after the match were kind of like shock, and it would be the perfect heel turn move since Tara is so over with the crowd. I’m interested to see if this match will lead to a possible feud.. I’m all for other Knockouts getting a change other than Gail Kim and Madison Rayne so hook me up.


IMPACT 8/16/12: Meet the new Champion and the new Knockout!

20 Aug

Madison Rayne is backstage getting interviewed when a director, or whatevs, comes up to tell her that Brooke Hogan wants her to go to the ring. Rayne is super excited because she thinks it’s her championship win celebration party, and heads to the ring. Madison Rayne gets on the microphone and calls out her little ‘boy-toy’ referee, Earl Hebner, who is also all in smiles. They hug and here comes Brooke Hogan. She announces that Tessmacher is getting her rematch tonight and Earl Hebner isn’t going to be a surprise, and that there will be someone new for the match. The way Hogan put it made it seem like one of Madison’s old rivals were coming like Traci Brooks. But it was nothing like that, this one will be a complete shocker!

Both competitors are in the ring, toward the end of the show and Brooke Hogan makes the announcement and introduces the new Knockout referee. Hogan falls on stage, which made me laugh, as former WWE Diva, Taryn Terrell makes her way to the ring in the stripes.  The match is now underway with Terrell calling the match right down the middle even getting in some involvment with shoving Madison when she refused some-what to get off of Tess after her count was up. Miss Tessmacher is able to pick up the victory to become the NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION. She has now held the title two times, and it impressing fans throughout every match she has, which is understandable why she has the title yet again. This is going to be a good feud between Madison Rayne and Tess, if they choose to continue this route, because I thoroughly enjoy their matches. Well, it looks as if the new Knockout, Taryn Terrell will be taking the position as Knockouts referee, Sorry Earl. #Not

Former WWE Diva, Tiffany gets cameo in “The Campaign”

13 Aug

Unreleased WWE Photoshoot PhotoTaryn Terrell, who worked as Tiffany in WWE from 2008 to 2010, landed a small cameo in Will Ferrell’s newest movie, “The Campaign”. She appears as a model and is depicted nude in a scene where her breasts are digitized. Since parting ways with WWE, she has tried an acting career, where she mostly appears as a stunt performer.