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IMPACT 9/13/12: TNT Friendship goes down the wrong road

16 Sep

Random note: Yes, I skipped some Diva news from RAW, NXT, etc. But this is recent so I’m doing it. The normal daily updates will be back after Night of Champions. – End of random note*

Following the match between the student and the teacher aka Tessmacher and Tara, TNA had to following it up so one of them can turn heel to further their storyline for the future episodes. Tara comes to the ring and wants to congratulate the Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher. Tess comes to the ring, and Tara says a speech and puts the title around her best friends waste. She tells the champion to go basically celebrate with the fans by going to the ropes so Tessmacher goes to two corners and to the third one. When she gets off the third corner, she is congratulated by a clothesline from Tara followed by the grand finale of the widows peak. Brooke erm I mean Miss Tessmacher is laying in the ring now. Probably confused at what has just transpired.

My thoughts: We all knew this was going to happen once Tara came to the ring but It was nice anyways. I was really hoping for Tara to hit Tess with the belt once it was handed over to her but oh well. It was a different segment especially with the Knockouts because that has never happend before. I was still hoping that Tessmacher would turn heel since everyone in the IMPACT Zone loves Tara and can’t cheer against her so it will be hard for Tess to get back over with the crowd. I’m excited to see how they will further this storyline, and I’m hoping that it will continue because I enjoy these two together because they are legit best friends and their using real life to turn it into a storyline AND they have a bunch of chemistry which is helping them put on entertaining matches.


No Surrender 2012: Student proves herself to the teacher

16 Sep

Tessmacher vs Tara ROOOOOUNNNNND two. Pretty decent match considering their match on IMPACT was not spot on especially since Tara has so much more training then Tess. Overall enjoyable.

Both Knockouts had their time to shine. It started out with friendship but then toward the middle of the match Tessmacher started getting frustrated leading many to think that she was going to be the one to turn heel. Bad mouthing Tara and coming at her with ruthless aggression, Tessmacher was not going to let the teacher win her yet again. She was set out to pick up the victory and retain the title.

After many close pins by Tara, Tessmacher comes out and is able to pick up the victory. Tess is shocked as she has her hand held up by the referee, as Tara is frustrated. It looks as if their heel roles are going to be switching up. Tessmacher puts her hand out to Tara and in typical heel fashion, Tara slaps the hand and walks out of the ring. She lays her back on the apron and puts her hand in her hair in frustration as she though she had this in the bag since she was already victorious one time.

I personally wanted them to turn Tess heel since the crowd was behind Tara throughout this whole entire match (and on Impact). This feud should definitely continue as I’m interested in how their friendship will start to become extinct.

Tara vs Tessmacher for No Surrender PPV

10 Sep

Tara vs Miss Tessmacher has been added to the No Surrender card. This match is in the works now after Tara defeated Tess during Open Fight Night.

IMPACT 8/23/12: Tessmacher makes a challenge to her BFFE

24 Aug

It’s OPEN FIGHT NIGHT, and the Knockouts Champion is making her way down the ramp. Who will she challege? Madison Rayne? Gail Kim? hmm… She gets on the mic and says she wants to know if she can beat the one person who taught her so much. She calls out her best friend and mentor, Tara. Broken, broken, broken, says the music as it rings throughout the crowd… Tara accepts the challenge! And then Taryn Terrell’s music plays, weird because no other refs have custom songs and trons… but nonetheless, she is the referee for this match (just like rest of the other KO matches).To the match: Miss Tessmacher was somewhat sloppy at the beginning but put herself back together toward the end. Tess impressed me throughout this match because Tara is a veteran in the wrestling business and Brooke doesn’t have as much experience like she does, and she proved that she deserves to be the champion. Both women definately put up a wonderful battle. Tara ended up picking up the victory. So that answers Tess’ question: No, you can’t beat her… but us fans would sure love to see Tara get a title shot 🙂

I’m thinking that Texas’ charm, Tessmacher will turn heel due to the fact that her actions after the match were kind of like shock, and it would be the perfect heel turn move since Tara is so over with the crowd. I’m interested to see if this match will lead to a possible feud.. I’m all for other Knockouts getting a change other than Gail Kim and Madison Rayne so hook me up.

IMPACT 8/2/12: Contender named for championship following controversy

5 Aug

Finally a Knockouts match that can determine a match that can involve the champion! Miss Tessmacher comes out for commentary. As announced in the preview the match is Tara vs Mickie James vs Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim. In case you’re wondering, yes Earl Hebner is sadly the referee (I was rooting for Tara too 😉 ) Well, all of the Knockouts get pretty much the same amount of time and the Knockouts go all out when Gail Kim suplexes Tara off the top rope, we won’t see that in “the other company”. Tara rolls Madison Rayne for the pin, and gets the three count although Hebner declares Rayne as the winner. After many replays, it is clear the Madison’s shoulders were BOTH down, but that doesn’t change the decision. Madison celebrates with the referee as Tara is upset in the ring, as we all would. Tessmacher, the Knockouts Champion, also was excited that Tara was winning, as she said many times during commentary that she would love to face her… dreams shattered. Either way, Tess will be ready to defend her gold.

Also during IMPACT, we were blessed with a backstage segment featuring the women of the match (before the match happend). Madison Rayne is backstage with Earl Hebner, who is holding a handful of gifts. Madison says she doesn’t want gifts, she wants his affection and that’s why she kissed him, although she takes the gifts anyway… okay. Thank goodness this segment is interrupted by Rayne’s bestie, Gail Kim! Gail is wondering what is going on. Rayne tells Kim that Earl is going to call the #1 contender match “right down the middle” because he’s a “professional”… like we actually believe that one bit. Tara and Mickie James are shown warming up for their match afterwards.

Madison Rayne is now #1 contender following controversy from Earl Hebner… but honestly at this upcoming PPV I really hope that the ending doesn’t turn out how it has been the last two weeks. It was fine the first week but now it’s getting annoying. The match for the title should be fair in my opinion but knowing TNA some odd pointless twist will happen.

IMPACT 7/26/12: Champion still missing but Knockouts tag match takes place

28 Jul

Has anybody seen the Knockouts Champion? She has been “missing” from IMPACT for about three weeks now. Looks as if TNA is taking the WWE approach at this moment… except their actually using their women’s wrestlers.

This week IMPACT graced us with a Knockouts tag team match where Tara decided to ditch Tess to team up with Miss “hardcore country” Mickie James as they took on Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. The match looks like it’s in Rayne and Kim’s favor at they very beginning as Earl Hebner,

Madison’s crush is the referee. Rayne and Gail take turns beating up Mickie James until she was able to make the tag. Tara and Mickie double team, Earl is not treating the Faces equally in this match, not a surprise though. The face team starts to double team on Madison and when Gail Kim tries to make the save, they put the submission on her. In a very confusing yet unique ending, Mickie rolls up the killer queen but Earl reverses the decision leading Madison Rayne and Gail Kim to pick up the victory.

My Opinion:  Whenever Gail Kim and Tara are in the ring together, I can easily say I’m entertained. These two work together like they have so much chemistry and they can work with anybody and make them look good. Still not a fan of Mickie but I must say she did pretty well in this match, probably because she didn’t actually try to hit her finisher. The thing I like with Knockout’s tag matches is that ALL the women get time and it’s pretty lengthy. I personally really liked the ending of this bout. It was confusing at first but I definately find it unique and it’s something that hasn’t been tried before so I’m a fan. Even though I enjoyed this match, I’m still wanting a build-up for Tessmacher’s championship, and I want to see her actually on so hopefully this leads to something next week. P.S. Note to Lee South, can other Knockouts OTHER THAN Mickie get an entrance digital. K thanx.

TNA Knockout comments about rumors of being at RAW 1,000

24 Jul

Yesterday, current TNA Knockout, Tara posted a tweet that looked as if it was supposed to be a DM or text to her partner, Brooke Tessmacher saying, “@BrookeIMPACT Just landed in St. Louis. Call you from car.” The post has later deleted leading many to think that she was heading to RAW’s 1,000th episode.

Yesterday, following the special RAW episode, Tara got on her Twitter yet again to inform her followers that she ‘was not’ at RAW yesterday. She wrote, “And no, I didn’t go to @WWE #RAW1000 but I haven’t ruled out #RAW2000. For now, you can see me this Thursday night on @IMPACTWRESTLING