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NXT 8/22/12: Superfly Splash soars to a win, but L marks the spot

24 Aug

Sofia Cortez’s last match is this one, luckily she gets to face one of the best Divas on the Roster, Tamina Snuka… it’s worth it. Sadly, the ending just isn’t right to me. ugh. Well, the beginning of the match was super funny with Cortez mocking Snuka’s entrance and putting her ‘guns’ up to intimidate the Diva. Tamina wasted no time to go on attack early in the match, but soon Sofia proved why she was one of the top Divas on the NXT brand when she started taking the match into her own hands. Despite getting handled in this matchup, Tamina Snuka climbed to the top rope after slamming Sofia. Cortez is laying on the mat in pain and bracing herself for what is about to happen. Tamina hits the superfly splash and covers to pick up the three count on the Puerto Rican.

Next thing you know, Raquel Diaz attacks Tamina from behind… I know what you’re thinking, wow! Seriously? She puts an L on her forhead and says Love it! She also put a backwards ‘Loser’ symbol with her index and thumb BUT it was backwards when facing the camera so she’s pretty much just calling herself one.


Summerslam 2012

22 Aug

Before this highly anticipated PPV gets started, WWE kicked off with a hot championship match which got everyone on their feet. Hardly do we ssee the title switch hands on the pre-show but this match seemed different. Antonio Cesaro was able to defeated Santino with help from a distraction which was made by his girlfriend Aksana, to become the new United States Champion. After the match, Cesaro and Aksana touted about their victory and shared a long kiss to seal their happiness and new milestone.

The hottest PPV of them all has been hyped for weeks now, and it’s officially time to get the party started! Now Divas match was sadly advertised, and we weren’t treated to a last minute match… BUT we were lucky enough to see all the Divas… well except one, dance. Yup.

Like usual, the Divas are used for eye candy when celebrities perform, etc. on their shows. This one was no different as Kevin Rudolf sings Summerslam’s official theme song live for the crowd to get up and get loose. Funny enough, Rudolf doesn’t even have his guitar plugged in but he is still trying to get down… weirdness. The Divas enter the arena… but it looks as if one is missing, and that is Beth Phoenix.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, The Divas Champion Layla, The Funkadactyls, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Aksana, Natalya, Kaitlyn and Tamina all stand in a perfect line to get down and lip sync to the artists’ song. Why wasn’t Beth able to join this exciting adventure? Was she not dancing material?… or a better question: Was she even invited?…Well, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Tamina try their best to break out some dance moves, while Eve, Layla and Funkadatyls are naturals at groovin’. Mendes is far to the left doing her normal salsa routine while adding some hand gestures, and Miss Foxy was hardly shown. WWE’s camera pans around to multiple people in the crowd that are letting their inner dancer fly out, which only made this segment better.

Also, Eve Torres was shown backstage with Teddy Long for a few split seconds before the camera moved over to CM Punk who walked into the RAW General Manager AJ Lee’s office. AJ also made an appearance when the triple threat match between John Cena, CM Punk and Big Show ended with both Cena and Punk picking up the win. She immediately restarted the match in hopes of her former lover Punk losing his belt. She didn’t find any luck as the champion remained victorious.

NXT 8/8/12: The Divas and the Rookies team up

11 Aug

I love NXT… wanna know why? Because the Divas always have matches. Yup. This week is no different except for the fact that FOUR Divas are in action in a tag match! The Divas team up with the “rookies” in this match-up. Kaitlyn will team up with Caylee Turner, who is making her debut match on NXT, to take on Tamina Snuka and everyone’s favorite (or so it seems) Paige.

Paige and Tamina come out with silence until they shout “come on!” getting the crowd to some-what lighten up. The crowd is really behind Paige when she gets in the ring, which is a good thing that they turned her face because she is so “over” with the crowd. Kaitlyn, is trying something new with week as she is being heel… She had a good effort but face is definately her character because she plays this dorky, bubbly Diva so well. Caylee is eh… nothing really to say.

Tamina and Kaitlyn show that they have tons of chemistry as they probably had the best part of the match in my opinion. Power vs Power… and of course the commentators bring up Kaitlyn’s thighs. Paige also did very good in this match-up but Caylee Turner is missing something…personality and wrestling skills. She does sell moves very well though. Paige gets the win for her team with a small package on Turner as Kaitlyn is looking on, not even trying to save her partner. I guess that’s what you get for jumping off the apron when she wanted to tag you in.

NXT 7/19/12: Twice the Divas matches!

21 Jul

This isn’t like any average NXT episode. This episode actually featured TWO Divas matches, how many times can us Divas fans actually say that?? As advertised last week, Raquel Diaz would be making her “ugliness tour” debut this week. Oh, and not to add on to the Diva excitement, but there is ALSO a backstage segment. WHAT?! Yeah, like I said ‘unlike an average episode’.

First match of the night was the original NXT Redemption Divas between Tamina and Kaitlyn. In an interesting twist, Kaitlyn would be taking the role as the heel in this match-up. This battle is definately going to be a battle of strength, as the orignal NXT announcer crew said in the last season (redemption, yes we miss you yellow ropes), both of these women can bench 300 pounds and to add on top of that, both of these women can stand their own ground so this is going to be a great match between them.

Kaitlyn made a great effort to try to take down the generation Diva, even smack-talking the referee, not that that’s going to get her far or anything… just saying and also using him as a guard, right on girl! One of my personal favorite moments in the match was when Kaitlyn applied a submission on Tamina, and Tamina was able to use her power to lift Kaitlyn up and in exchange gives miss Kaitlyn a somoan drop. After a long, and good match between these two as predicted, Tamina climbed to the top rope and delivered a superfly splash to pick up the victory over Kaitlyn.

Raquel Diaz’s package was shown before she starts heading to the ring with her own headset, talking some more trash. Luckily, Paige is now face on this show (well, for now) as her name is being chanted, because of how talented she is. Surpringly this match wasn’t that bad, I wasn’t expecting Diaz to hold her own since Paige is much more experienced and Raquel has a lot of sloppy moments in her matches down in FCW but she kind of impressed me in this maybe her and Paige have some kind of “chemistry”, who knows. Toward the ending, Paige goes to kick at Raquel but she grabs her leg and throws her down to the mat. Raquel hits the gory bomb on Paige (Who sold that very awkardly but oh well) to pick up the victory on her debut match of NXT. Paige is definately going to get the “jobber” status at the moment.

What really makes me happy though is the fact that WWE is now adding more backstage segments in. For me, that’s one of the reasons that got me hooked during the NXT Redemption season, and of course the long, lengthy matches that they give the underated talent there. In a surprise backstage segment, Alex Riley is walking backstage where he finds Aksana. Aksana, being the vixen she is, starts flirting with Riley until her boyfriend, Antonio Cesaro shows up. Aksana rushes to his arm accusing Riley of hitting on her. Cesaro yells at him saying that “if you hit on his girl, then he will kick your teeth down your throat”. This sets up Alex Riley vs Antonio Cesaro for next week.

WWE’s newest social networking usage: TOUT

19 Jul

WWE has been known for their use in social networking, especially the recently popular “Twitter”, but this time, their most recent usage is known other than TOUT. So what exactly is this website? TOTU allows a users to record a 15-second video from their device, and then post it to their Facebook or Twitter account.

WWE has made almost all of their Superstars and Divas TOUT accounts, and many of them have aleady used their accounts (Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Derrick Bateman, etc.) while many others haven’t.

Below are the following links to the WWE Divas TOUT accounts: (Vickie) (Kharma) (Aksana) / (Alicia Fox) / (Tamina Snuka ) / (Rosa Mendes) / (Kelly Kelly) / (Naomi) / (Cameron) / (Beth Phoenix) / (Natalya) / (Kaitlyn) / (AJ Lee) / (Layla) / (Eve Torres)

Money in the Bank 2012: Divas galore in impromptu matches

17 Jul

The only Diva we were sure to see on the PPV yesterday, was AJ, who was serving as the special guest referee for the match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Who would’ve thought that WWE would give us a present and suprise us with a Divas tag match AND Rosa Mendes at ringside? All impromptu matches!

We’ll start this review out with Miss AJ, who is the special guest obviously. She comes out skipping down the ramp. AJ leaves halfway through the match after being Bryan shoved Punk, leading Punk to hit AJ off the apron and onto the floor. CM Punk then goes to check on AJ and Bryan attacks bunk from behind and throws him into the steps. This allows Bryan to check on AJ before she is helped to the back by a trainer. This isn’t the last we saw of AJ though. Soon after the match continued for a while, AJ made her way back down the ramp, leaving the other referee no choice but to leave. AJ smiles at both men who are laying in the ring, and skips around before heading out of the ring and grabbing a chair from under the ring. She places the chair in the middle of the ring and both men scramble to grab it first. Bryan gets it and hits Punk in the back. To make the match more simpler, CM Punk ends up winning the entire match and retaining his title. AJ looks upset as Punk celebrate with his title.

Rosa Mendes, who was also not scheduled for the PPV yesterday also made an appearance. Mendes accompanied her team, Epico and Primo for a match against the Prime Time Players. At some point during the match, Titus O’Neil tried to “show” Rosa how to do the salsa in the middle of ring while being booed. Rosa at ringside of course wasn’t going to let him have the last laugh, as she does it at ringside, sending the crowd through the roof and getting lots of pops, she sure showed him. Epico and Primo ended up taking home the victory of the PTP, doesn’t this mean they should be #1 contenders now? Seriously. By the way, AW making racist remarks at ringside, is kind of annoying. Just stand there and shut up. Kthanx.

The Divas also had an impromptu match. Not just a one on one match, but SIX Divas will be involved in this one. Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka and the Divas Champion Layla are set to take on Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

The generation Divas, Tamina and Natalya kick thing off as Natalya kicks Tamina in the stomach and mocks her superfly pose. Tamina responds with a hop toss and a chop. Kaitlyn is tagged in as she hits a backbreaker and goes for a cover but only gets a two. Beth Phoenix is now tagged in as she stares down Kaitlyn and slaps her. Kaitlyn slaps back and Phoenix decides to tag Eve. Kaitlyn then slaps Eve and Natalya before hitting a crossbody on Eve for yet another two count. Eve elbows Kaitlyn in the face and hits a move for a two count. Beth is now in the ring and she chokes Kaitlyn on the ropes and misses a leg drop. Kaitlyn finally makes it to the corner to tag in the Divas Champion, Layla. Layla hits some clotheslines and does a crossbody off of the ropes. Layla misses a kick to the head and Beth lifts her up over her head now. Layla counters with a rollup, as well all think the Divas match will be over, Natalya makes the save (thank goodness, Rollups are so stupid), and que the sloppy catfights. Kaitlyn throws Natalya out, who is then thrown out by Eve, who is thrown out by Tamina. Tamina superkicks Beth Phoenix and Layla hits the layout to pick up the victory.

Your winners: Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka

LIVE Smackdown 7/3/12: The Superstars and Divas evacuate the dance floor

4 Jul

As scheduled last week on Smackdown, Aksana and her boyfriend Antonio Cesaro took on the team of the Divas Champion, Layla and The Great Khali. Cesaro and Khali are in the match first with Khali doing a series of chops, Cesaro then gets away and takes out Khali’s leg. Khali gets back up and does more chops. Aksana then tags herself and goes head to chest with The Great Khali, Khali stares at her in confusion before Layla tackles her. They have a mini-catfight before Layla spanks Aksana and throws her to the ground for a two count because Cesaro broke up the pin. Khali sends Cesaro over the top rope leaving Layla to pick up the victory for her team. After the match, Layla is dancing and tries to get Khali to join but his face reads confusion. He eventually joins in after Layla grabs his arm and twirls herself.

In the ring, AJ has an interview with Michael Cole about her actions on RAW this week. Cole goes on about how AJ wasn’t thinking, and the board made a mistake by making her the special guest referee at MITB. Cole calls her a teenager and says she’s playing a tug of war with Punk and Bryan. Cole asks if she ever thought about pursuing a real man, someone like him, as he begins to flirt with her… with a wedding ring on his finger. Daniel Bryan comes out defending AJ, and calling Cole a sexist and a bully. He sucks up to AJ and says he knows she will do an excellent job at Money in the Bank and he AJ didn’t mean for him to go through the table. CM Punk then interrupts and talks about what happened and how he’s upset. He adds that he isn’t going pretend it didn’t happen and he won’t suck up to AJ just because she’s the special referee. He says he’s going to be blunt and honest with AJ because that’s what she deserves and that she’s not in a good place mentally. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan start arguing and AJ steps between them. AJ starts to makeout with Bryan as Punk leaves the ring. AJ runs out to catch Punk and makes out with him. AJ skips up the ramp and chants “YES!”.


Throughout the night, multiple Superstars and Divas were having a party in the back. The first segment was at the beginning of the show. Alicia Fox was shown with the Usos, the camera pans over to Natalya who is bragging about her uncle, Bret Hart stating that he is the best to Yoshi Tatus. Yoshi then turns to Camacho and Hunico and says something in Japanese. The camera moves to the next set of Divas, which are Tamina, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes. They are shown throwing water on Hornswoggle as he sits in a mini swimming pool. Teddy says it’s okay if they make a mess because he has made Eve the maid for the night. Santino comes in and tries to light the grill but it won’t work. Kane comes in, and does his entrance but instead of the pyro, the grill gets set on fire.


After two matches, we go back to the cookout. This time Tamina and the Usos are sitting by Hornswoggle in the swimming pool. Jey is splashing water on Hornswoggle and wants Jimmy to take a picture but Hornswoggle hits Jey. Ryder shows up telling Teddy he can be the DJ and lists some artist that he listens to. This leads to Heath Slater coming in and saying he’s their entertainment. He breaks out to his “one man band” song, and rest of the people at the party throw trash at him. Zack Ryder plays Brodus Clay’s theme song and Brodus and the Funkadactyls enter the party with their dancing. The rest of the party joins in as they all start doing the ‘claws’ dance except for Kaitlyn and Jey Uso who seem to be doing their own dance.


The last party segment began with Johnny Curtis dancing on Eve, which to me was hilarious, as well as Yoshi Tatsu and Derrick Bateman dancing with Natalya. The Funkadactyls join the party yet again and start dancing with Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Hornswoggle, The Usos, Percy Watson, Johnny Curtis, and Ezekiel Jackson until Damien Sandow decides to unplug their radio as everyone complains. Zack Ryder confronts him and they start to fight. Zack throws him Sandow into the table and grabs the punch. Damien ducks out of the way leading the punch to land all over Eve as the crowd laughs. R-Truth starts to help wipe Eve off and Teddy tells him to stop. Eve screams and storms off.