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Superstars 8/30/12: Rosa helps her team pick up the victory

31 Aug

Not really anything exciting, but it is Rosa Mendes so what’s not to love? Mendes, of course, is standing out at ringside supporting AND leading her men, Epico and Primo to a glorious victory over The Usos.

Rosa Mendes isn’t going to let her team lose as she instantly jumps onto the apron to distract the referee, which leads to a backbreaker and best of all, a victory! Mendes jumps up and down and shimmy’s in celebration of the win. She gets her team out the ring and they stand at the bottom of the ramp while Rosa breaks out her salsa moves as the Usos look on from the ring.


Superstars 8/2/12: The Divas Champion makes her way to Superstars… finally

2 Aug

FINALLY after waiting for about three weeks (or maybe more) we get a Divas match… and this was not a dissapointment! Layla and Natalya square off yet again after their match was cut from the internet show last week.

I personally love how Natalya is gaining personality especially with the “sitting pin” where she sits on her opponent and they kick out. She has a look on her face all the time like “Oh no you didn’t!”. One thing I highly dislike about Layla’s recent matches though it the taunting dances, We understand that you used to dance and it could add “humor” to the match, but I don’t like it. It seems to me like another ‘eye candy’ element in the Divas division… and the spanking. That’s REALLY got to go. Layla ends up winning the decent battle by giving Natalya a kick to the head. The Divas champion celebrates in the ring as Nattie tries to get payback… of course the ref is standing in the way. BUUUUUUT there is always next week.

This is definately RAW or Smackdown material but I’m glad it’s on Superstars due to the fact the Divas recieve longer matches to prove their ‘haters’ wrong that their actually talented. I liked Layla’s roll-up toward the beginning following the two slapping eachother. It would be nice to see this feud continue and build-up so it could lead to a future championship match at the upcoming PPV. Natalya always puts on great matches as Layla sometimes struggles, but this was really good on both sides.

Superstars 7/12/12: Fox and Kaitlyn take down the Pin-Up Strong

13 Jul

Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn are set to take on the Pin-Up Strong leaders, Natalya and Beth Phoenix. Alicia and Natalya start things off, Natalya applys a waistlock and takes Fox down getting a nearfall. Fox kicks Natalya and spanks her (oh gosh, thought they were gone). Natalya slaps Alicia and hits a monkey flip but Fox lands on her feat and does a headscissors before tagging in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn dropkicks Neidhart, leading her to tag her partner, Phoenix in. Beth kicks Kaitlyn in the stomach but Kaitlyn comes back with a crossbody, she tags in Alicia who hits a dropkick to get a count. Fox tosses Natalya into Phoenix and does a baseball slide on Beth. Beth then kicks Alicia in the ribs, Alicia does the matrix and hits Beth with a kick.  Beth had enough and tags in Natalya now and Fox chokes her. Kaitlyn is now tagged in, she hits a backbreaker for a two count.

Kaitlyns leg is now hurting, which allows Natalya to take advantage over it. Natalya tags in Beth, as they double team to get a pinfall, but it wasn’t enough. Beth contunues to work on the leg of Kaitlyn as she tags her Neidhart back in. Natalya hits some moves but Kaitlyn is able to avoid the second but Kaitlyn is unable to make the tag as Natalya prevents it. Natalya tags into Beth, who locks up with Kaitlyn. Natalya knocks Alicia Fox off the apron, but she gives Natalya the thesz press. Beth throws Fox through the ropes, but Kaitlyn does a roll-up to get the victory over Phoenix.

Your winners of this bout, Alicia Fox and Kaitlyn.

Superstars 7/5/12: Divas lead their men to victory!

5 Jul

A.W. introduces his clients, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil… erm, I mean The Prime Time Players. Primo and Epico along with Rosa Mendes come out next. Primo will be taking on Titus. All through the match, A.W. is yelling instructions, and being annoying and unhelpful like usual. Primo picks up the win via Sunset flip. At one point in the match, Epico took down Darren at ringside by a dropkick out of nowhere; it was epic. Rosa Mendes and her team celebrate by hugging. Rosa Mendes then skips off and dances while Primo does his own awkward dance infront of the crowd before joining his team on the ramp to celebrate some more.

Antonio Cesaro with his girlfriend, Aksana is set for action against the “I’m here when you need me as a jobber man” Alex Riley. The match is fairly even in offense surprisingly. Aksana is at ringside telling the crowd to be quiet as Cesaro slips out of Riley’s fireman’s carry and hits his finisher to pick up the victory.

Superstars 4.26.12: Kelly’s ‘internet show’ streak continues

27 Apr

Kelly Kelly makes her entrance first, showing off her new green attire (and if i may throw in, I looove it). Maxine makes her entrance next in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

The match starts off with back and forth action until Kelly Kelly hits the Thez Press, which could’ve been better, and goes for the Kelly Killer until Maxine moves out of the way and begins to take control of the match. Maxine puts the blonde bombshell in multiple submission holds but Kelly gets out.

The match ends with Kelly Kelly hitting the stinkface and hitting her finisher, Kelly Killer, to pick up the victory on NXT’s own, Maxine.