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In Video: Finally a Summer Rae match!

16 Sep

Finally a Summer Rae match has hit Youtube from a show earlier this month. Rae is actually pretty good considering the amount of training she has. This match between her, Audrey Marie and Paige was pretty entertaining. On a random non-Summer note: I’m enjoying Audrey Marie as a heel. She should stay that way.


NXT 8/29/12: The roster watches history

31 Aug


No Diva match was scheduled for this week’s NXT BUUUUUUUT, We did get to see the Divas, and Superstars watch history be made in the square circle. Jinder Mahal took on Seth Rollins to see who will become the FIRST EVER NXT Champion… If this wasn’t predictable enough with all the spoiling and the fact that WWE is in love with Rollins but nonetheless I actually enjoyed this match. Mahal isn’t as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. Well, The Divas are shown very rarely during the match but during the entrances they are shown for a pretty long time, especially Emma who was pretty much focused on when they zoomed up to the title which was sitting on a precious stool. Suprisingly, ALL Divas were there except for Caylee Turner, Natalya and Tamina Snuka — Even Charlotte and Anya decided to show up for this big event.


Jinder Mahal didn’t get any reaction from his fellow NXT roster, but Seth Rollins got cheers and claps… and some not-so caring people. Seth Rollins picked up the victory and the face Divas and Superstars joined him in the ring to celebrate until he runs into the crowd to celebrate even more with the fans that cheered him on throughout his career.

Meet NXT Diva: Summer Rae

15 Aug

imageFormer lingerie football player, Summer Rae is looking to kick some butt in the ring instead of the field. Her profile on NXT Wrestling gives us a slight hint that we are going to see the HBIC in some matches on the newest NXT as her profile reads, ” Miss Rae is certainly not  afraid to step into the squared circle, competing against all the top NXT divas  while also in power.” You can view her NXT Profile at this link.

You can also give her a follow on Twitter –> @Summerrcrush

Oh, and note to the people who cut these out to be “PSD’s”, Summer Rae’s cut out’s have to be the ugliest, seriously what’s up with the green around her hair… try putting some effort in, She is the FCW GM after all.

FCW 7/1/12: The Anti-Diva Paige gets revenge on Audrey

4 Jul

On 6/10/12 Episode of FCW, Paige lost her match against the girl next door Audrey Marie, due to her fellow Anti-Diva partner, Sofia Cortez hitting her hand of the rope when Paige tried to cheat, leading Audrey Marie to pick up the victory. This week, Paige is looking for nothing short of revenge.

Paige makes her way to the ring without her partner as they split up three weeks ago, and Audrey Marie makes her entrance second. Audrey takes the upper-hand by putting Paige in a headlock and throws her into the ropes. Both Divas take back and forth pins before Paige lifts Audrey up, slams her neck on the ropes, and kicks her in the face before putting her into a headlock submission hold. Audrey reverses the submission into a two count. Paige puts her back into a headlock and applies another submission. Marie counters yet again into a pin. Paige begins to get very fustrated, so fustrated that her extentions even start to fall out but that doesn’t stop her. The anti-diva shoves her falling hair into her top and goes onto getting revenge.

Paige pretty much has the upper hand at this point with multiple chops, suplexes, and choking on the ropes. Eventually, Audrey Marie gets back into the action as the two trade shots, until Paige begins to yell at the referee. Paige continues to attack Audrey, who is in the corner, and eventually gets disqualifed due to not listening to the referee. Paige may not have gotten the victory but she made sure she showed Audrey and the rest of the Divas that she’s not the one to mess with.

Caylee Turner announces the GM of FCW, Summer Rae. She comes to the ring and talks about the Summer Slamarama tour and how it’s named after her (even though it has been called that for multiple years). Afterwards she announces that two weeks from now, Dean Ambrose is going to face William Regal. She welcomes Leakee back to FCW from his injury. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves as he makes a promo about being “The Boss”.

Summer Rae makes her in-ring debut at FCW Houseshow!

13 Apr

Summer Rae, also known as LFL player, Danielle Moinet, has officially made her in-ring debut at a Punta Gorda houseshow. Summer Rae was involved in a match with the Anti-Divas, Paige and Sofia Cortez. In the match, Summer Rae was able to pin Paige but was unable to defeated her partner Sofia Cortez.

Summer has been named the FCW General Manager after Maxine was fired by Steve Keirns earlier this year, and has since got rid of the Queen of FCW crown completely. Now it looks as if she will also be competing in matches as well.

SPOILER: Maxine fired from FCW; Summer possible new GM?

26 Feb

According to fans that attended the FCW  Tapings, that will be airing in March, Maxine has been fired from FCW. The fans reports state that Maxine was called to the ring by Steve Keirn, he then talked about the psychological evaluations that Maxine made everyone take. He then adds that he wants all the records turned over to him and that Maxine is fired.

No idea at the moment if this is just from the FCW General Manager position or as an FCW Diva completely.

From reports of the second taping, It looks as if Maxine will be having some-what of a feud with Summer Rae, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor over the general manager position of FCW.

We all know Maxine is a fan favorite among the FCW and WWE Universe. The question is if Summer Rae is the new GM, could she fill the shoes of Maxine?

MY TWO CENTS: As much as I like to see Maxine in FCW as the GM, I think it’s time for her (and others) to move up to the main roster full time. Summer has the look and attitude of a great GM and I personally think her, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor, have potential to be a good duo and take over FCW.

FCW’s newest Diva; SD Divas graduate

13 Feb

Summer Rae, formally known as her real name Danielle Moinet, is now added to the FCW roster as of yesterday. Summer was a Lingerie Football Player before she decided to become a Diva.

While Summer is the newest addition to the roster, some other changes were also made. Smackdown Divas Aksana and Kaitlyn were removed indicating that they have graduated from the training facility and are now a full time Divas. Aksana and Kaitlyn join AJ Lee, who was removed from the website sometime last month.

My two cents: I think that FCW should’ve kept Aksana and Kaitlyn on their roster because they still need some training and it could only help them in the long-run. I also think that Summer has something going for her. With a little work, she could probably be one of the best ‘talkers’ at FCW Diva wise.