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NXT 8/22/12: Superfly Splash soars to a win, but L marks the spot

24 Aug

Sofia Cortez’s last match is this one, luckily she gets to face one of the best Divas on the Roster, Tamina Snuka… it’s worth it. Sadly, the ending just isn’t right to me. ugh. Well, the beginning of the match was super funny with Cortez mocking Snuka’s entrance and putting her ‘guns’ up to intimidate the Diva. Tamina wasted no time to go on attack early in the match, but soon Sofia proved why she was one of the top Divas on the NXT brand when she started taking the match into her own hands. Despite getting handled in this matchup, Tamina Snuka climbed to the top rope after slamming Sofia. Cortez is laying on the mat in pain and bracing herself for what is about to happen. Tamina hits the superfly splash and covers to pick up the three count on the Puerto Rican.

Next thing you know, Raquel Diaz attacks Tamina from behind… I know what you’re thinking, wow! Seriously? She puts an L on her forhead and says Love it! She also put a backwards ‘Loser’ symbol with her index and thumb BUT it was backwards when facing the camera so she’s pretty much just calling herself one.


Sofia Cortez denies the attitude rumors

13 Aug

imageFollowing Sofia Cortez’s release yesterday, rumors circulated that she was released due to “attitude problems”. Cortez took it to her Twitter to deny the rumors.

She wrote, “It amazes me & breaks my ❤ to have people says lies about me. Im 1 of the most humble person you’ll ever meet. I & my people know”.

She followed that tweet up with “So for the record: #No I DONT have an attitude or ego problem. #No Im NOT going to go on a rant & bad mouth @WWE . But #Yes I got screwed. Regardless though.. I am still endlessly grateful for all opportunities trusted upon me by @WWE during my time there. #CaseClosed

Sofia Cortez has an “attitude problem”…

13 Aug

Following the news that WWE developmental/NXT Diva, Sofia Cortez – real name Ivelisse Velez – there are now rumors that she was released due to an “attitude and ego problem”. According the the websites, She recieved nothing but good reviews in the ring but she had an attitude problem that rubbed people the wrong way.

Cortez supposibly ” thought she was better than what the trainers thought of her” and told them that she should already be working on the main roster. There is no proof that these rumors are for real, but it seems whenever someone is released it’s because of their attitude.

FCW/NXT Diva released

12 Aug

imageSofia Cortez noted earlier this evening on her Twitter that she has been released from WWE. She wrote, “I, as well, have been released by WWE. Sorry my #Soljas….” This news took many by surprise as she was said to be one of the top Divas down in FCW by WWE Officials, and there were rumors of WWE being “high” on her.

Cortez was able to trend in the United States, and tailored trends by her fans who were completely in shock. She thanked them on Twitter as well, “Woa. Ya’ll got me trending. Even world-wide for a lil bit. :’) #LoveAllMyFans #MySoljas #ThankyouForYourSupport

In my opinion, It’s a huge loss on their part. It’s very rare to come across Divas that actually want to be in the business instead of just for exposure (models), and Sofia was one of them girls. She is definately talented and anywhere that she goes should be lucky to have her, because she’s already on the skilled level, WWE just couldn’t take it anywhere after they turned her somewhat face on NXT and it’s a shame. WWE always gets rid of their talented Divas…

NXT 7/25/12: The dungeon Diva takes on Sofia Cortez

26 Jul

This week on NXT, the dungeon Diva, Natalya steps foot in the ring with Sofia Cortez. If you have watched prior matches that they’ve both competed in you would know they can both stand their own ground. We were definately in for a solid Diva bout. The fans were also really enjoying the match as their chanting “This is awesome” and “YES! YES! YES!”. This was literally great back and forth action. Natalya and Sofia Cortez trade roll ups and finally Natalya had enough. Natalya rolls out of the ring and lays on the mat below while Sofia is doing motions to tell her to get back in. In a epic Natalya heel mode, she screams “I hate you!” to Cortez. Sofia picks up the win via countout. Natalya isn’t done yet though. She enters the ring once again and attacks Sofia, putting her into the sharpshooter, as Cortez screams in pain and begins to tap out. Natalya goes on up the ramp in smiles at the damage she has just caused.

This match could’ve had a way better ending. These two are two of the best wrestlers and the match ending wasn’t very pleasing to me. They both have multiple unique wrestling styles and move sets and the match ending could’ve used any of them (as long as it isn’t a roll up). The match was great anyway minus the horrible ending plus, I’m glad Sofia is actually picking up wins on NXT, since in FCW she was basically a “jobber”. These two really need to have a rematch and a longer time limit. These two bring so much energy, and the fans get interested really quickly and that’s what the Divas Division needs. NXT is where the best talent is currently in my opinion.

Following last weeks interaction backstage with Alex Riley “flirting” with Antonio Cesaro’s girlfriend Aksana a match was set up for this week between the two men. Aksana of course accompanied her boyfriend to ringside as usual. Aksana distracted Riley for a short second while Cesaro picked up the victory.

Which FCW Divas are under WWE’s Radar?

19 Jul

According to The Wrestling Observer, there are three current FCW Divas who are said to have the most ‘main roster potential’. These three Divas are Paige, Sofia Cortez and Raquel Diaz.

According to the dirtsheet, Paige and Cortez are seen as two of the best in-ring workers right now and some say that they’re both better than most of the current WWE Divas on the main roster. Some are even saying that Paige is the future of the Divas division. Sofia had many positive reviews as well in terms of her persona and in-ring skills. WWE officials are said to be “high” on her.

Raquel Diaz, is said to be very green when it comes to ring work but her charisma and mic skills are leading officials to believe that she has a great personality.

MY THOUGHTS: Definately agree with this 100%. Raquel has a huge personality, which is really good, but to pull that off you have to be able to be able to wrestle, which she is lacking on at the current moment. Paige and Sofia Cortez are definately some talented girls though and I do see them going very far in this wrestling business if put in the right position.

NXT 7/4/12: Anti-Diva Showdown; Who will come out on top?

5 Jul


Sofia Cortez makes her way down the ramp as Paige is already awaiting in the ring. The Divas lock up to start the match before Paige pushes Sofia away and does a headbutt before doing her signature scream. Paige throws her into the ropes which allowing Cortez to hit a hurricanrana. Paige leaves to ring after the move to get a moment and gets attacked and brought back into the ring. Sofia begins to yell at the referee as Paige slaps her in the face and hits her with a kick. Slaps seem to be the only thing to wake this crowd up as they all go “ooo”. Paige locks in a submission and paige reverses with multiple chops to the chest. Cortez retaliates by kicking Paige in the head and doing an amazing zing wheelbarrow DDT to pick up the victory. One part that definately caught my eye was after the match, the referee did a slide in the ring to check on Paige and he did it exactly at the same time Sofia’s song did a beat and it fit so perfectly. It was all kinds of hilarious, in my opinion anway.


My Two-Cents: For the time they got to showcase their talent to a crowd that didn’t even care about wrestling, They did quite good. My favorite part, as well as many others, was Sofia’s finisher because it was something new. I also don’t like how the Divas didn’t get a video package. I don’t understand how a crowd is going to get interested without knowing any background of the ladies wrestling before them. And the jobber entrance things got to go. They make it so perdictable who is going to end up winning the match because the either get an entrance or a video package explaining themself. NXT is suppose to be a place where Divas can have normal size matches but this one was a little over three minutes as the other matches were like 7. I wish WWE would start respecting the divison more because these two ladies are definately the future, if not the present as they are really talented at the moment and will only continue to get better.