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Smackdown 9/7/12: No Divas match but we find Kaitlyn!

10 Sep

There was no Divas match this week, as there was one on Superstars BUT #1 Contender Kaitlyn was present backstage. Just because it was a backstage segment, I’m going to make this short (literally) and sweet (eh, maybe).

Kaitlyn was backstage with Teddy Long. They talk for a small amount of time before being interrupted by the couple of Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero. Does this remind anyone else of NXT Season 3? The love triangle between them three? No? It’s just me? Okay then…


Smackdown 8/24/12: A friendly staredown ends in confusion

29 Aug

The feud between Kaitlyn and Layla seems to be adding on a little as Kaitlyn takes commentary for Layla’s match against Alicia Fox. To my surprise, I feel like Fox did the better job in this match and this was probably one of her best matches to date. Layla to me has been slacking over the last two or three weeks by becoming sloppy. Pretty much Layla’s only offense was kicks which weren’t great. Alicia Fox seemed to add to her moveset a little with a one-legged boston crab onto Layla, which hasn’t been applied from Divas in a long time, so that was nice to see. Fox also did her typical moveset of dropkicks and rollups. Plus on a non-wrestling related note, Fox’s hair looks so much better that way, and same with her ring gear, definately needs to stay. Putting Kaitlyn on commentary for this match was a nice touch from WWE because it can still further their storyline in some way without pushing it to far and getting fans uninterested. After Layla picks up the victory, the #1 contender steps foot into the ring, they have a short staredown before hugging. Eve Torres’ music then hits as she makes her way down the ramp. Eve suspiciously holds both of the ladies hands up in the middle of the ring, leaving them bewildered. What could Eve be up to? Would you like Eve to be added in the match for the championship? Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Miss Assistant Eve Torres was also in a backstage segment with the General Manager Booker T and Teddy Long. Long gives Booker an idea which he likes until Eve tells him to check the win/loss records to decided who will wrestle for the championship. Booker T likes her idea now and disregarded what Teddy Long said.

Also on Smackdown, Rosa Mendes’ return to managing her tag team of Epico and Primo. After weeks of being absent, Mendes is finally back to her duties at ringside (she returned on Raw in the battle royal). Mendes comes out and does her typical salsa routine that the fans missed so much. Unfortunately, Rosa’s team was unable to pick up the victory against the Tag Team Champions, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston but they were able to get some revenge backstage later in the show with a tag team brawl backstage. This is what I like to see… MORE TAG TEAMS!!

And last but not least, Aksana is also on this week. She makes her way out infront of the audience with the new U.S. Champion, Antonio Cesaro. Former champion, Santino Marella (and his cobra) and Cesaro get into a brawl while Aksana stands on the stage clapping for her man who is winning the battle. It looks as if Aksana is going to be put into a storyline with Santino’s cobra, as well as a fulltime storyline as the champions girlfriend. One of these storylines are normal, and the other one is…well…. interesting, to say the least.

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Smackdown 8/17/12: The long awaited match to become assisant

20 Aug

In my poll that was posted earlier asking who do you want to be the assistant, Kaitlyn won the poll by one vote over Eve. So with Smackdown being here, we’ll see just how much people will be satisfied with the ending result.

Eve Torres is first shown backstage with William Regal who is talking about his former time as GM, which is getting Eve nervous as a woman walks up to hand him the trash. Regal was telling Eve just how he has ‘downfalled’ from his former position. I personally enjoyed their match together, they showed much better chemistry in this match then they did on the match on RAW. Eve Torres took advantage of the match early on and Kaitlyn barely got an defense in. Eve picked up the victory with a swinging neckbreaker to pick up the assistant spot on Smackdown! She walks over to Teddy Long who was watching the match and cheering for Kaitlyn to win, and simply stares at him and blows somewhat of a kiss before walking away. First off, I want to say I loved the way Eve added her heel tactics in there, she works so much better as a heel than a face. Second off, either way I would’ve been happy with who won. Both Divas have proven themselves in the ring, and their both very underrated – especially Kaitlyn.

Eve meets up with the GM Booker T to tell him how she has a bunch of ideas now that she is the assisant. She’s going to go shower and meet with him. Eve leaves and Booker has wide eyes like he’s annoyed with her… I don’t know why, she helped John Laurinaitis so much, hearing her ideas could actually bring more viewers to the Smackdown brand.

Hopefully this means we can see more Kaitlyn on Smackdown since is kind of fueding with Eve, who is now the assisant. This could really give the NXT Season 3 winner a chance to prove herself outside of the NXT brand, and give her bigger praises.

Smackdown 8/10/12: Battle to become the assistant

11 Aug

Eve Torres has made it clear to new Smackdown GM Booker T that she wants a job. Even though Mr. GM says there is “no job openings” (even after giving one to Teddy) Eve is still determined to get a spot, showing up in Booker’s office yet again. Eve once again asks him if there are any spots opened… Booker once again says no. Kaitlyn walks into the office and asks for a job as his assistant and he gives the spot to her. Eve threatens Booker T, telling him that she is going to tell the board and take legal action. This leads to Booker somewhat switching his decision. He sets a match up for next week (YES! YES! YES!) between the two Divas (Kaitlyn and Eve Torres) and the lady who is victorious gets the spot as his assistant.

I personally loved Eve when she was working for John Laurinaitis, but Kaitlyn is rarely seen and it’s something different so if it was up to me I would definately give the spot to her.

Oh, I almost forgot… guess who showed up to Smackdown this week? None other than the only Diva that is usually shown *sigh* AJ Lee. She ordered Daniel Bryan to shake Kane’s hand. However, after he tried to do what she ordered, Kane attacked him, leaving Bryan to run into the crowd. This left the RAW GM, AJ in laughter as she looked on at the top of the ramp.

Smackdown 8/3/12: Diva power arrives in the office

10 Aug

And yes, in the mist of us all thinking AJ Lee was the only Diva on the roster… WWE throws a curve-ball and gives us a Diva on this week’s edition of Smackdown… scratch that… THREE Divas.

Eve is shown backstage sitting in a chair in Smackdown GM Booker T’s office as the camera pans up to her face. Eve is wanting a job from Booker because of how good she did when she was paired with John Laurinaitis. Booker T says there’s “No spots open” although when Teddy comes in, the GM gives him a job. Really?! Eve storms out of the room in frustration as would we.

Eve isn’t the only Diva shown in a backstage segment surprisingly. Our Divas Champion Layla is also shown backstage with Booker T. She congratulates him on the general manager position and they talk about people power no longer existing. This “Very interesting” conversation is interrupted by Cody Rhodes. who smiles at Layla. She simply replies “Ew”… agreed. Layla is shown for a second time after Rhodes leaves, when she is shown talking to Booker once again.

Aksana is the third Diva shown as she accompanies her boyfriend, Antonio Cesaro to his match against Santino Marella. Off topic opinion, I’m loving Aksana’s outfit from the segment. Anyway back on track. Cesaro picks up the victory over the US Champion once again. He tells the crowd after his win why he is deserving of the title.

Smackdown 7/27/12: Aksana spreads good luck on Smackdown!

28 Jul

Aksana is a ‘lone ranger’ tonight, as she is the only Diva taking place on this episode of Smackdown. Rosa Mendes was advertised in the spoilers but is seemed to be cut from the show. Hopefully it will be an exclusive though because seeing AW/Darren Young/Titus O’Neil crash a photoshoot would be really interesting… and slightly funny. Just saying.

Anyway, back onto the Smackdown review, the  title is kind of lame because there’s not much you can do with a managing role in a title so I have it a shot. Antonio, who is usually competing in NXT and Superstars matches, is now on Smackdown taking on the US Champion Santino Marella. Skipping forward to the ending, Marella tries to go for the cobra but Cesaro doesn’t let him as he hits his finishing move to pick up the victory. He seems to be on a winning streak as of lately. Aksana jumps up and down in joy before getting into the ring and holding up the hand of the victorious man… her boyfriend Antonio.

Smackdown 7/13/12: No Divas Match; Mendes accompanies team at ringside

16 Jul

We were not lucky enough to get a Divas match, but what’s new, The Divas seem to be the lowest carders in the company at the moment. But one Diva was able to make an appearance… no it was NOT AJ… shocker right? It was actually the manager of Primo and Epico, Rosa Mendes.

The match that was taking place will be Primo vs Darren Young. No need to go all in detail in the match but here is how the ending went… simply this: Primo sends Darren Young into the corner and he hits the turnbuckle. Young avoids the lungblower and holds onto the rope.Primo is then able to get an inside cradle to pick up the victory. Rosa Mendes of course dances in celebration!

… and since this episode was so short on the Divas action i might as well put in a few words… My Thoughts: I’m glad that Mendes is actually being used now, she may not be “the best in the ring” as many WWE fans said (but you should watch her FCW matches, which she actually had a chance to showcase her talent as the Queen of FCW and then judge… cough cough) but anyways, She is doing a great job as a manager as of right now, but I would rather have her as a heel because she plays it so much better. I’m actually suprised AJ wasn’t on since she’s in a main event storyline, etc. and they’re said to be “very high” on her at the moment. As for no Divas match, I’m dissapointed that WWE is not intellegent enough to have TWO Diva storylines going on at one time… AJ can keep her storyline AND you can have Layla have a feud… come on, It CANNOT be that hard.