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iMPACT 4.26.12: Tessmacher gets noticed, Couple fails to get title shot, and the Latinas make a ringside appearance

27 Apr

Brooke Tessmacher comes down the entrance ramp wearing an angry face. She gets on the microphone talking about everybody bragging on Twitter about her pinning Gail last week, while others are calling it a ‘fluke’. Brooke calls out the Knockouts Champion out to the ring, while rest of the Knockouts mock her backstage.

Gail enters, and the match gets underway. Gail gets the early advantage until toward the end of the match where Brooke is able to hit her finisher on Kim to pick up her second victory on the champion.

Also multiple times backstage, ODB was her tag team partner and husband, Eric Young, along with the other tag teams looking for an opportunity at Samoa Joe and Magnus’ championships. Hulk Hogan goes through reasons why he thinks each team should get an opportunity at the titles and then eliminates MCMG from the group.

In the next backstage segment, the reamining teams, ODB/Young, Anderson/Hardy, and Kazarian/Daniels are shown talking to Hulk Hogan yet again. This time he eliminates Eric Young and ODB and tells them to go back to their hotel room. Hogan tells the remaining teams to meet him in the ring because that’s where he’ll announce who’s going to be wrestling the champions tonight.

Rosita and Sarita also made a surprising appearance when they, along with Hernandez, went to ringside with Anarquia when he wrestled Kurt Angle during Open Fight Night, which basically the whole show was based off of. Unfortunately, Anarquia was unable to pick up the victory, and on top of that, fired from the company only a few days after losing. Looks as if Mexican American might not be no more.


IMPACT Lock Down: Newly Weds Defend Championships; Gail sucessfully retains

18 Apr

Is Gail Kim unstoppable, or can the Knockouts division not be compared to her? Ever since re-debuting back in IMPACT, Gail has defended her title against multiple people and has successfully kept the championship. This time, not even¬†a steel cage will stop her from keeping her treasured prize. From missle drop kicks to top rope powerbombs, this match was everything¬†BUT expected. Many fans have doubted Velvet Sky since her debut and furthermore but this match definately proved that she can hang out with the “top dogs” here at IMPACT.

Gail’s other half, Madison Rayne, came to ringside with the champion even though she was unable to interfere. Madison found a possible way to distract the former Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky, by screaming in her usual high-pitched voice that drives the audience insane.

This match ends with Madison distracting Velvet while Gail tries to be sneaky and climb out of the cage; Sky sees Gail, throws her off and does a roll-up which is overturned by Gail Kim, with a handful of tights, for the victory. Winner, and still champion, Gail Kim.

We also got another Knockouts match, well in a way, Eric Young is also included though (I can’t even stress how much I dislike this). The Newly weds, ODB and Eric Young defend their championships against the Spicy duo of Rosita and Sarita. The match goes back and forth with everyone being included and getting equal offence. Sarita and Rosita attack ODB and get a chance to show of some salsa moves to ODB’s man, Eric. But when ODB see’s this happening she goes crazy and starts attacking the two.

ODB goes on the offense, spearing Sarita and hitting her finisher on Rosita to pick up the win and keep the knockouts tag team championships for her and her husband. The two celebrate in the steel cage by making out and rolling on one another while Rosita and Sarita throw a tantrum outside the ring.