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Sara Del Rey’s WWE deal being finalized

10 Jul

As reported earlier this week, there were rumors that Sara Del Rey got a contact from WWE. More news has come about this rumor, which seems to be legit. Sara Del Rey’s WWE contract is now said to be in ink. All of the physical and medical tests that are needed to be in the WWE have already taken place and their waiting to be finalized.

Sara Del Rey is said to be reporting to FCW. Rey worked for multiple indy companies including Ring of Honor, Shimmer and Chikara.


Several Independent Female Wrestlers recieve FCW tryouts?

9 Jul

There’s an unconfirmed that one of the top independent women’s wrestlers, Sara Del Rey recieved a tryout match with FCW earlier this week.

During the last aired FCW 7/1/12, Sara Del Rey is showed in the audience as well as Mercedes KV, and Kayla Armstrong (WWE referee, Scott Armstrong’s daughter). Many believe that all three ladies got a tryout including the girl, who was not named, between Armstrong and Mercedes.