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RAW 8/27/12: Layla lays the bombshell on Natalya

31 Aug

Natalya finally makes her way back to our screens and we are excited! She will be taking on the Divas Champion, Layla. Of course with WWE being as sexist as they are, sends Vickie Guerrero out so tell the crowd that she has an announcement, and to make the match quick. She stands on the apron while the match happens.

The champion is all about having fun in the ring with her “outstanding” dance moves, and even butts Natalya out of the ring. Natalya then takes advantage when Layla tries to slide out of the ring to get Natalya and lands herself inside the ring apron. To end of the some-what good match, (but every match Natalya is in we should cherish) Nattie goes for the sharpshooter but Layla blocks. Natalya then continues to beat down the champion until Layla uses her new finishing kick, ‘bombshell’ to pick up the victory.

Vickie Guerrero gets into the ring now while Layla is celebrating her victory of the dungeon Diva and basically tells her to get out. Lay slowly gets out of the ring while staring Vickie down. Guerrero gets on the mic to yell about the stipulation of the match that GM AJ Lee put Dolph Ziggler in last week. This leads the GM to come out, and pounce on the cougar to start a short-lived catfight.


RAW 8/20/12: #1 Contender battle royal… who’s taking on the champ?

22 Aug

FINALLY! WWE gives us what we wanted, an actual buildup – or so it seems – for the Divas Championship. After waiting for months upon months, WWE gives us a #1 contender Divas battle royal to determine who will face Layla for the title sometime in the future. All Divas are advertised in the graphic, all though Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly did not appear. Neither did AJ but she is the general manager so that is obvious.

Rosa Mendes and Aksana are both eliminated first after a nonstop catfight broke out in the ring and ended on the arena floor. Natalya and Tamina teamed up throughout most of the match taking on Alicia Fox, while Kaitlyn and Eve stayed pretty low. After three of the NXT ladies (Tamina, Natalya and Foxy) were eliminated, all my hope lied in the arms of NXT’s “queen” Kaitlyn. Eve and Kaitlyn take their feud a step further when their the last two left in the match. Many people were rooting for Eve to pick up the victory,  but many of us, including me, like rooting for the underdogs aka Kaitlyn in this match. After a botched elimination or so it looked like it, Kaitlyn finally successfully hit Eve, who flew over the top rope and was eliminated. Kaitlyn is your #1 contender. I’m happy for this ending but I can’t help but to notice NXT Superstar Brad Maddox, who has not taken the position of the referee… awkard. Yes, non-Diva related but seriously… why a ref?! Oh yeah forgot to mention Layla was at commentary for this bout and was confused when Kaitlyn won but eventually understood and stood up to clap for the winner.

This means that one of these Divas will have to turn heel, I’m hoping for Kaitlyn as Layla will probably still have no reaction… who knows though.

So with all of this….

RAW 8/13/12: Diva’s tag team action featuring the Divas Champion!

16 Aug

Kaitlyn and JTG are shown talking backstage. JTG is complaining how there is a three hour raw, THREE hours and he can’t even get a match. The RAW GM AJ Lee then appears and asks him if he has a problem with her. She tells him to go to the ring because she’s going to find him an opponent. AJ asks her former chickbuster partner is she finds her unstable. Kaitlyn replies that she can find many words to describe her and unstable isn’t one. AJ is happy until she thinks it over and now is confused at the remark. I loved how the chickbusters were used in a short segment together. It bothers me that they got rid of them together when they were really over with the fans and worked really well together, but this segment made me happy since I was a huge fan of them together, as well as JTG finally getting a match!

Also on RAW we are treated to a Divas match. Finally the Divas are getting some time, and it’s exciting! The Divas Champion Layla will be teaming up with Kaitlyn to take on Beth Phoenix (yes, they finally found her.) and Eve Torres. This match is most likely to further the storyline between Eve and Kaitlyn for the assistant spot but nonetheless i’m satisfied as their all pretty solid workers. The match definately wasn’t the best with most botches coming from the champion herself. It was a little sloppy but I still enjoyed it because lets face the facts: 1)There’s rarely any Divas matches 2) The champion is finally on and 3) It was longer than most usual matches that the women get. The match could’ve ended on a better note but Kaitlyn won with  roll-up on Beth Phoenix… in case you didn’t realize this already but I hate roll-ups… especially since the Divas do them to often.

Also happening before the Divas match was yet another segment between CM Punk and Eve. Not sure if these random segments are leading to a possible storyline or they just think that they work well together… which is probably true. Eve walks up while CM Punk is stretching. Eve congratulates him on the new CM Punk. He responds by saying that he’s never changed and Eve disagrees. And to end off all of this Diva excitement, AJ, Layla and Kaitlyn were all shown backstage with a few other NXT Roster Members looking at the damage that Brock Lesnar caused on the car following his attack on HBK in the parking lot.

Also on top of this perfect night, All 4 ladies featured in the match were able to trend Worldwide on Twitter INCLUDING the trend “Divas”. Yes, WWE we do still care. now keep giving us Diva matches that are long and enjoyable. Thanks.

RAW 8/6/12: The blonde bombshell returns to take down Eve

11 Aug

Finally we get treated with a Divas match after a month (or so it feels like) without Divas action. The returning “face of the company” Kelly Kelly is set for a match againt Eve Torres because of Eve’s comments made to AJ in her TOUT video… lol really? We have a normal Divas match excepts this one is lasting over 1 minute and going to THREE! wowza. Kelly Kelly does her normal moveset… excepts this time she actually botches the stinkface… someone wasn’t training during her time off *tsk tsk*… We even get a ‘hardcore’ Diva move that we don’t normally get to see during WWE’s Diva restrictions where Kelly threw Eve into the barricade… I might’ve overeacted with that, just a tad bit. The blonde bombshell K2, get Eve into a roll-up and picks up the victory. She gets her hand raised by the referee and goes off to the second rope, blowing kisses to the fans and pointing. Glad to see the Division is back now that Kelly has returned… None-the-less welcome back to Monday Night RAW, Kelly Kelly. We missed you.

I have no idea where this match is going to lead us to a match at the upcoming PPV but at least we finally got one so I’m not complaining unlike some people on Twitter, Facebook, etc. YOU wanted a Divas match, you GOT a Divas match and you’re going to complain because Kelly is in it? WOW… real Divas fan you are #sarcasm!

and YES! WWE us normal Diva fans that take what we get, DO care about the division hence why there was FINALLY a Divas match, and Divas trended Worldwide on Twitter, you know the social networking website you spam people over on your Twitter account. Yeah, and you were too shocked to even report on there that Kelly Kelly and Divas were trending topics. Stay pressed. #Divas

RAW 7/30/12: AJ’s GM reign off to a “hot” start

2 Aug

Only Diva on yet again is none other than AJ, but no worries, you can find the other Divas on (CHEAP PLUG)  during RAW. #WeWantDivas. AJ’s GM reign looks to be a “hot” one because on her first day on the job, the arena caught on fire, literally…. Enough of the cheesy stuff though, AJ Lee, comes out at the beginning of the show in her new business-like suit and issues her first match of the night, and it’s an exciting one… yawns. The match for the 1 millionth time, Big Show vs John Cena.

Daniel Bryan now greets the GM in her office, he yells at her about their wedding that took place last week and she tells him to shut up. “I’m not your bride, I’m your boss”. Daaannngggg. Told. She tells him she saw the men in the white coats that looked to be from the mental hospital. Moving on… she makes a match between him and Sheamus, and NO! NO! NO! It’s not for the championship. AJ makes her third appearance during the match she scheduled, which turned out to be a street fight due to “hashtags” used on Twitter. She tells Bryan that he’s the one that needs help and to have a safe work enviornment, he needs to have a mental evaluation. And to the end show, AJ comes out again and sets up another match, this time for the upcoming PPV. CM Punk is defending his title against both Big Show and John Cena… the joy. -_-

RAW Diva segment cut from RAW 1,000…

30 Jul

Of course, all of us Divas fans once again only wish for a match… this time WWE could’ve added some legends in there. But… NO! They need to make sure they have time for all their favs to be on.

It is being reported that the Divas match was scheduled for the third match that night but due to matches/segments running over their time, the Divas match, of all matches, of course got cut. Kelly Kelly, who noted on Twitter that she was traveling, was said to be ‘upset’ over not being able to return for the one night. According to the dirtsheets, “She was very reluctant to make the appearance but ultimately decided to agree since WWE had been accommodating her request for a sabbatical to pursue her acting and modeling career.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Kelly Kelly part of this blog is completely false.

This isn’t the only Diva match that has been cut though over the last three (?) weeks. The Divas Champion Layla has had two matches cut from Superstars, one in which she teamed up with Santino to take on Aksana and Antonio Cesaro. The other one being last week where she took on Natalya. Rosa Mendes’ segment from Smackdown was also cut on Friday where her photoshoot was being crashed by AW and his clients.

The only Diva at this time that seems to be getting any air time… other than Vickie Guerrero is of course AJ -_-

RAW 7/23/12: A YES! YES! YES! to a different man…

26 Jul

On RAW’s special 1,000th episode, the two lover-birds AJ and Daniel Bryan were set to have their wedding. If you watched the past episodes of Wrestling then you would know straight off the bat that it’s highly unusual to see a WWE Wedding actually go through full way.

The Divas Champion Layla is shown backstage with AJ Lee, who is getting ready for her wedding backstage in the Divas lockeroom. Layla asks AJ is she’s sure she wants to go through with the wedding, Lee responds “Why do people keep asking that?”. AJ randomly opens the door, and we see Duggan shouting his catchphrase “HOOOOOOO!” R-Truth and Roddy Piper are then shown jump roping with Little Jimmy. Layla likes Little Jimmy but AJ is confused as she says he is invisible. They look outside of the door again and Mae Young has her ‘hand’ son that’s all grown up now! AJ Looks at Layla and Layla wishes AJ luck and walks quickly away.

Time for the wedding, Daniel Bryan comes out in a all white tux, which isn’t a fashion statment. Somebody call the fashion police! AJ is next to walk down the ramp, she seems very happy to be getting married, as she’s wearing a large smile on her face. Slick is the reverand for this special and once in a life-time opportunity. Yada Yada Yada… let’s skip to the ‘good stuff’. Slick asks if anyone wants to object if  they don’t want them to be married, that they should speak now, or forever hold their peace. The only person that seems to object is the crowd as their chanting “NO! NO! NO!”. Bryan goes onto to say that AJ and him have had their ups and downs but he has always loved her and once their man and wife, a new chapter will begin. Slick asks Daniel if he takes her to his lawfully wedding wife, he answers “YES!”. AJ returns the favor by chanting “YES! YES! YES” Slick begins to announce “By the power vested in me…” “WAIT!” shouts AJ before he could finish. AJ tells Daniel, Slick and the crowd that she wasn’t saying yes to Bryan but another one who made a proposal to her earlier tonight. Vince McMahon’s music plays and he announces that AJ is now the general manager of RAW. AJ goes up the ramp and stops to chant” YES! YES! YES” and leaving an angry, and yet confused Daniel Bryan in the ring, tossing the wedding decorations out of the ring.

The Funkadactyls even got to get down and Funky with the classic Dude Love following yet another Brodus Clay squash match… This time the victim was Jack Swagger.

Of couse we can’t forget about some of the best Divas that WWE has had. Surely a lot of them didn’t appear but we were lucky enough to get an appearance from the two most fan-favorite Divas, Trish Stratus and Lita.

Trish Stratus was backstage with Triple H, doing one of those classic and epic flashback moments from 2000. She’s doing yoga with him as he’s bending over and she’s behind him, the DX Crew walks in. Triple H leaves and X Pac puts his arm around Stratus and simply asks her “what’s up”.

Lita, also made an appearance. She took on the one man rock band, Heath Slater with all the legends at ringside cheering her on. She hit the moonsault to end the match and celebrated in the ring.