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In Video: Finally a Summer Rae match!

16 Sep

Finally a Summer Rae match has hit Youtube from a show earlier this month. Rae is actually pretty good considering the amount of training she has. This match between her, Audrey Marie and Paige was pretty entertaining. On a random non-Summer note: I’m enjoying Audrey Marie as a heel. She should stay that way.


NXT 8/29/12: The roster watches history

31 Aug


No Diva match was scheduled for this week’s NXT BUUUUUUUT, We did get to see the Divas, and Superstars watch history be made in the square circle. Jinder Mahal took on Seth Rollins to see who will become the FIRST EVER NXT Champion… If this wasn’t predictable enough with all the spoiling and the fact that WWE is in love with Rollins but nonetheless I actually enjoyed this match. Mahal isn’t as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. Well, The Divas are shown very rarely during the match but during the entrances they are shown for a pretty long time, especially Emma who was pretty much focused on when they zoomed up to the title which was sitting on a precious stool. Suprisingly, ALL Divas were there except for Caylee Turner, Natalya and Tamina Snuka — Even Charlotte and Anya decided to show up for this big event.


Jinder Mahal didn’t get any reaction from his fellow NXT roster, but Seth Rollins got cheers and claps… and some not-so caring people. Seth Rollins picked up the victory and the face Divas and Superstars joined him in the ring to celebrate until he runs into the crowd to celebrate even more with the fans that cheered him on throughout his career.

Meet NXT Diva: Paige

15 Aug

imageThis anti-diva member made her mark in the FCW territory but now she’s looking for a brighter future in the NXT ring. With the updated FCW/NXT Wrestling website, which was updated earlier today, you can get to know your favorite British Superstar with a short bio.

You can view Paige‘s profile at this link.

Follow her on Twitter –> @RealPaigeWWE

NXT 8/8/12: The Divas and the Rookies team up

11 Aug

I love NXT… wanna know why? Because the Divas always have matches. Yup. This week is no different except for the fact that FOUR Divas are in action in a tag match! The Divas team up with the “rookies” in this match-up. Kaitlyn will team up with Caylee Turner, who is making her debut match on NXT, to take on Tamina Snuka and everyone’s favorite (or so it seems) Paige.

Paige and Tamina come out with silence until they shout “come on!” getting the crowd to some-what lighten up. The crowd is really behind Paige when she gets in the ring, which is a good thing that they turned her face because she is so “over” with the crowd. Kaitlyn, is trying something new with week as she is being heel… She had a good effort but face is definately her character because she plays this dorky, bubbly Diva so well. Caylee is eh… nothing really to say.

Tamina and Kaitlyn show that they have tons of chemistry as they probably had the best part of the match in my opinion. Power vs Power… and of course the commentators bring up Kaitlyn’s thighs. Paige also did very good in this match-up but Caylee Turner is missing something…personality and wrestling skills. She does sell moves very well though. Paige gets the win for her team with a small package on Turner as Kaitlyn is looking on, not even trying to save her partner. I guess that’s what you get for jumping off the apron when she wanted to tag you in.

NXT 8/1/12: Exfoliating tour takes the arena by storm

2 Aug

What seemed to have been a “good start” with it being Audrey Marie’s NXT debut and Raquel Diaz’s normal promo, turned into be something that could be described as a “storm”… horrible.

First of all I’m going to say that Raquel is overdoing her gimmick. The promo before every match is getting annoying, it’s basically the same thing but she does know how to talk the talk. Moving on to the match, It’s not surprise that these two don’t really work well together but this bout was definately ‘bad’ mostly because of Raquel. In this match, she couldn’t do a simple trip, It took her twice to get it down, and the “You can’t wrestle chants” were aimed at her. If you read the ‘spoilers’ or listened to a report from a fan in attendance then you would know Raquel had to do her Gory Bomb finisher TWICE and the second one they used to the Diaz marks who are saying “it was Audrey’s fault” really need a reality check. The match was horrible because of Raquel.

Anyway to the positives, The face Audrey Marie gave Raquel after she cut the promo was hilarious, that definately made me laugh and Raquel’s ‘L’ drawing on Marie’s forehead following the match was epic otherwise, this match was a big no-no.

Briley Pierce is ‘interviewing’ Paige backstage following the match and she pretty much has no words to say. It looks as if we are going to get a feud between these two coming soon.

NXT 7/19/12: Twice the Divas matches!

21 Jul

This isn’t like any average NXT episode. This episode actually featured TWO Divas matches, how many times can us Divas fans actually say that?? As advertised last week, Raquel Diaz would be making her “ugliness tour” debut this week. Oh, and not to add on to the Diva excitement, but there is ALSO a backstage segment. WHAT?! Yeah, like I said ‘unlike an average episode’.

First match of the night was the original NXT Redemption Divas between Tamina and Kaitlyn. In an interesting twist, Kaitlyn would be taking the role as the heel in this match-up. This battle is definately going to be a battle of strength, as the orignal NXT announcer crew said in the last season (redemption, yes we miss you yellow ropes), both of these women can bench 300 pounds and to add on top of that, both of these women can stand their own ground so this is going to be a great match between them.

Kaitlyn made a great effort to try to take down the generation Diva, even smack-talking the referee, not that that’s going to get her far or anything… just saying and also using him as a guard, right on girl! One of my personal favorite moments in the match was when Kaitlyn applied a submission on Tamina, and Tamina was able to use her power to lift Kaitlyn up and in exchange gives miss Kaitlyn a somoan drop. After a long, and good match between these two as predicted, Tamina climbed to the top rope and delivered a superfly splash to pick up the victory over Kaitlyn.

Raquel Diaz’s package was shown before she starts heading to the ring with her own headset, talking some more trash. Luckily, Paige is now face on this show (well, for now) as her name is being chanted, because of how talented she is. Surpringly this match wasn’t that bad, I wasn’t expecting Diaz to hold her own since Paige is much more experienced and Raquel has a lot of sloppy moments in her matches down in FCW but she kind of impressed me in this maybe her and Paige have some kind of “chemistry”, who knows. Toward the ending, Paige goes to kick at Raquel but she grabs her leg and throws her down to the mat. Raquel hits the gory bomb on Paige (Who sold that very awkardly but oh well) to pick up the victory on her debut match of NXT. Paige is definately going to get the “jobber” status at the moment.

What really makes me happy though is the fact that WWE is now adding more backstage segments in. For me, that’s one of the reasons that got me hooked during the NXT Redemption season, and of course the long, lengthy matches that they give the underated talent there. In a surprise backstage segment, Alex Riley is walking backstage where he finds Aksana. Aksana, being the vixen she is, starts flirting with Riley until her boyfriend, Antonio Cesaro shows up. Aksana rushes to his arm accusing Riley of hitting on her. Cesaro yells at him saying that “if you hit on his girl, then he will kick your teeth down your throat”. This sets up Alex Riley vs Antonio Cesaro for next week.

Which FCW Divas are under WWE’s Radar?

19 Jul

According to The Wrestling Observer, there are three current FCW Divas who are said to have the most ‘main roster potential’. These three Divas are Paige, Sofia Cortez and Raquel Diaz.

According to the dirtsheet, Paige and Cortez are seen as two of the best in-ring workers right now and some say that they’re both better than most of the current WWE Divas on the main roster. Some are even saying that Paige is the future of the Divas division. Sofia had many positive reviews as well in terms of her persona and in-ring skills. WWE officials are said to be “high” on her.

Raquel Diaz, is said to be very green when it comes to ring work but her charisma and mic skills are leading officials to believe that she has a great personality.

MY THOUGHTS: Definately agree with this 100%. Raquel has a huge personality, which is really good, but to pull that off you have to be able to be able to wrestle, which she is lacking on at the current moment. Paige and Sofia Cortez are definately some talented girls though and I do see them going very far in this wrestling business if put in the right position.