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RAW 8/27/12: Layla lays the bombshell on Natalya

31 Aug

Natalya finally makes her way back to our screens and we are excited! She will be taking on the Divas Champion, Layla. Of course with WWE being as sexist as they are, sends Vickie Guerrero out so tell the crowd that she has an announcement, and to make the match quick. She stands on the apron while the match happens.

The champion is all about having fun in the ring with her “outstanding” dance moves, and even butts Natalya out of the ring. Natalya then takes advantage when Layla tries to slide out of the ring to get Natalya and lands herself inside the ring apron. To end of the some-what good match, (but every match Natalya is in we should cherish) Nattie goes for the sharpshooter but Layla blocks. Natalya then continues to beat down the champion until Layla uses her new finishing kick, ‘bombshell’ to pick up the victory.

Vickie Guerrero gets into the ring now while Layla is celebrating her victory of the dungeon Diva and basically tells her to get out. Lay slowly gets out of the ring while staring Vickie down. Guerrero gets on the mic to yell about the stipulation of the match that GM AJ Lee put Dolph Ziggler in last week. This leads the GM to come out, and pounce on the cougar to start a short-lived catfight.


Summerslam 2012

22 Aug

Before this highly anticipated PPV gets started, WWE kicked off with a hot championship match which got everyone on their feet. Hardly do we ssee the title switch hands on the pre-show but this match seemed different. Antonio Cesaro was able to defeated Santino with help from a distraction which was made by his girlfriend Aksana, to become the new United States Champion. After the match, Cesaro and Aksana touted about their victory and shared a long kiss to seal their happiness and new milestone.

The hottest PPV of them all has been hyped for weeks now, and it’s officially time to get the party started! Now Divas match was sadly advertised, and we weren’t treated to a last minute match… BUT we were lucky enough to see all the Divas… well except one, dance. Yup.

Like usual, the Divas are used for eye candy when celebrities perform, etc. on their shows. This one was no different as Kevin Rudolf sings Summerslam’s official theme song live for the crowd to get up and get loose. Funny enough, Rudolf doesn’t even have his guitar plugged in but he is still trying to get down… weirdness. The Divas enter the arena… but it looks as if one is missing, and that is Beth Phoenix.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, The Divas Champion Layla, The Funkadactyls, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Aksana, Natalya, Kaitlyn and Tamina all stand in a perfect line to get down and lip sync to the artists’ song. Why wasn’t Beth able to join this exciting adventure? Was she not dancing material?… or a better question: Was she even invited?…Well, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Tamina try their best to break out some dance moves, while Eve, Layla and Funkadatyls are naturals at groovin’. Mendes is far to the left doing her normal salsa routine while adding some hand gestures, and Miss Foxy was hardly shown. WWE’s camera pans around to multiple people in the crowd that are letting their inner dancer fly out, which only made this segment better.

Also, Eve Torres was shown backstage with Teddy Long for a few split seconds before the camera moved over to CM Punk who walked into the RAW General Manager AJ Lee’s office. AJ also made an appearance when the triple threat match between John Cena, CM Punk and Big Show ended with both Cena and Punk picking up the win. She immediately restarted the match in hopes of her former lover Punk losing his belt. She didn’t find any luck as the champion remained victorious.

Superstars 8/2/12: The Divas Champion makes her way to Superstars… finally

2 Aug

FINALLY after waiting for about three weeks (or maybe more) we get a Divas match… and this was not a dissapointment! Layla and Natalya square off yet again after their match was cut from the internet show last week.

I personally love how Natalya is gaining personality especially with the “sitting pin” where she sits on her opponent and they kick out. She has a look on her face all the time like “Oh no you didn’t!”. One thing I highly dislike about Layla’s recent matches though it the taunting dances, We understand that you used to dance and it could add “humor” to the match, but I don’t like it. It seems to me like another ‘eye candy’ element in the Divas division… and the spanking. That’s REALLY got to go. Layla ends up winning the decent battle by giving Natalya a kick to the head. The Divas champion celebrates in the ring as Nattie tries to get payback… of course the ref is standing in the way. BUUUUUUT there is always next week.

This is definately RAW or Smackdown material but I’m glad it’s on Superstars due to the fact the Divas recieve longer matches to prove their ‘haters’ wrong that their actually talented. I liked Layla’s roll-up toward the beginning following the two slapping eachother. It would be nice to see this feud continue and build-up so it could lead to a future championship match at the upcoming PPV. Natalya always puts on great matches as Layla sometimes struggles, but this was really good on both sides.

RAW Diva segment cut from RAW 1,000…

30 Jul

Of course, all of us Divas fans once again only wish for a match… this time WWE could’ve added some legends in there. But… NO! They need to make sure they have time for all their favs to be on.

It is being reported that the Divas match was scheduled for the third match that night but due to matches/segments running over their time, the Divas match, of all matches, of course got cut. Kelly Kelly, who noted on Twitter that she was traveling, was said to be ‘upset’ over not being able to return for the one night. According to the dirtsheets, “She was very reluctant to make the appearance but ultimately decided to agree since WWE had been accommodating her request for a sabbatical to pursue her acting and modeling career.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Kelly Kelly part of this blog is completely false.

This isn’t the only Diva match that has been cut though over the last three (?) weeks. The Divas Champion Layla has had two matches cut from Superstars, one in which she teamed up with Santino to take on Aksana and Antonio Cesaro. The other one being last week where she took on Natalya. Rosa Mendes’ segment from Smackdown was also cut on Friday where her photoshoot was being crashed by AW and his clients.

The only Diva at this time that seems to be getting any air time… other than Vickie Guerrero is of course AJ -_-

NXT 7/25/12: The dungeon Diva takes on Sofia Cortez

26 Jul

This week on NXT, the dungeon Diva, Natalya steps foot in the ring with Sofia Cortez. If you have watched prior matches that they’ve both competed in you would know they can both stand their own ground. We were definately in for a solid Diva bout. The fans were also really enjoying the match as their chanting “This is awesome” and “YES! YES! YES!”. This was literally great back and forth action. Natalya and Sofia Cortez trade roll ups and finally Natalya had enough. Natalya rolls out of the ring and lays on the mat below while Sofia is doing motions to tell her to get back in. In a epic Natalya heel mode, she screams “I hate you!” to Cortez. Sofia picks up the win via countout. Natalya isn’t done yet though. She enters the ring once again and attacks Sofia, putting her into the sharpshooter, as Cortez screams in pain and begins to tap out. Natalya goes on up the ramp in smiles at the damage she has just caused.

This match could’ve had a way better ending. These two are two of the best wrestlers and the match ending wasn’t very pleasing to me. They both have multiple unique wrestling styles and move sets and the match ending could’ve used any of them (as long as it isn’t a roll up). The match was great anyway minus the horrible ending plus, I’m glad Sofia is actually picking up wins on NXT, since in FCW she was basically a “jobber”. These two really need to have a rematch and a longer time limit. These two bring so much energy, and the fans get interested really quickly and that’s what the Divas Division needs. NXT is where the best talent is currently in my opinion.

Following last weeks interaction backstage with Alex Riley “flirting” with Antonio Cesaro’s girlfriend Aksana a match was set up for this week between the two men. Aksana of course accompanied her boyfriend to ringside as usual. Aksana distracted Riley for a short second while Cesaro picked up the victory.

WWE’s newest social networking usage: TOUT

19 Jul

WWE has been known for their use in social networking, especially the recently popular “Twitter”, but this time, their most recent usage is known other than TOUT. So what exactly is this website? TOTU allows a users to record a 15-second video from their device, and then post it to their Facebook or Twitter account.

WWE has made almost all of their Superstars and Divas TOUT accounts, and many of them have aleady used their accounts (Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Derrick Bateman, etc.) while many others haven’t.

Below are the following links to the WWE Divas TOUT accounts: (Vickie) (Kharma) (Aksana) / (Alicia Fox) / (Tamina Snuka ) / (Rosa Mendes) / (Kelly Kelly) / (Naomi) / (Cameron) / (Beth Phoenix) / (Natalya) / (Kaitlyn) / (AJ Lee) / (Layla) / (Eve Torres)

Money in the Bank 2012: Divas galore in impromptu matches

17 Jul

The only Diva we were sure to see on the PPV yesterday, was AJ, who was serving as the special guest referee for the match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Who would’ve thought that WWE would give us a present and suprise us with a Divas tag match AND Rosa Mendes at ringside? All impromptu matches!

We’ll start this review out with Miss AJ, who is the special guest obviously. She comes out skipping down the ramp. AJ leaves halfway through the match after being Bryan shoved Punk, leading Punk to hit AJ off the apron and onto the floor. CM Punk then goes to check on AJ and Bryan attacks bunk from behind and throws him into the steps. This allows Bryan to check on AJ before she is helped to the back by a trainer. This isn’t the last we saw of AJ though. Soon after the match continued for a while, AJ made her way back down the ramp, leaving the other referee no choice but to leave. AJ smiles at both men who are laying in the ring, and skips around before heading out of the ring and grabbing a chair from under the ring. She places the chair in the middle of the ring and both men scramble to grab it first. Bryan gets it and hits Punk in the back. To make the match more simpler, CM Punk ends up winning the entire match and retaining his title. AJ looks upset as Punk celebrate with his title.

Rosa Mendes, who was also not scheduled for the PPV yesterday also made an appearance. Mendes accompanied her team, Epico and Primo for a match against the Prime Time Players. At some point during the match, Titus O’Neil tried to “show” Rosa how to do the salsa in the middle of ring while being booed. Rosa at ringside of course wasn’t going to let him have the last laugh, as she does it at ringside, sending the crowd through the roof and getting lots of pops, she sure showed him. Epico and Primo ended up taking home the victory of the PTP, doesn’t this mean they should be #1 contenders now? Seriously. By the way, AW making racist remarks at ringside, is kind of annoying. Just stand there and shut up. Kthanx.

The Divas also had an impromptu match. Not just a one on one match, but SIX Divas will be involved in this one. Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka and the Divas Champion Layla are set to take on Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

The generation Divas, Tamina and Natalya kick thing off as Natalya kicks Tamina in the stomach and mocks her superfly pose. Tamina responds with a hop toss and a chop. Kaitlyn is tagged in as she hits a backbreaker and goes for a cover but only gets a two. Beth Phoenix is now tagged in as she stares down Kaitlyn and slaps her. Kaitlyn slaps back and Phoenix decides to tag Eve. Kaitlyn then slaps Eve and Natalya before hitting a crossbody on Eve for yet another two count. Eve elbows Kaitlyn in the face and hits a move for a two count. Beth is now in the ring and she chokes Kaitlyn on the ropes and misses a leg drop. Kaitlyn finally makes it to the corner to tag in the Divas Champion, Layla. Layla hits some clotheslines and does a crossbody off of the ropes. Layla misses a kick to the head and Beth lifts her up over her head now. Layla counters with a rollup, as well all think the Divas match will be over, Natalya makes the save (thank goodness, Rollups are so stupid), and que the sloppy catfights. Kaitlyn throws Natalya out, who is then thrown out by Eve, who is thrown out by Tamina. Tamina superkicks Beth Phoenix and Layla hits the layout to pick up the victory.

Your winners: Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka