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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 8/25/12: The Funkadactyls teach you how to dance!

26 Aug

WWE’s Saturday Morning Slam made it’s debut this morning. No Divas match was present for the Kid’s show but we were able to see some Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron. Brodus Clay – the Funkasaurus – is the “Superstar Spotlight” for this first episode. We get tons of highlights of Brodus and his Funkadactyls groovin’ in the ring from previous episodes of RAW, and some clips of Clay from his matches he has took place in so far. Then, the camera shows Brodus Clay standing outside, he’s getting ready to dance, and tells the viewers that he knows something is missing. He invites the Funkadactyls in and now their ready to teach you all how to dance! The teach you step by step how to do their entrance dance with the ‘claws’, and then they put all the dance moves together to end the segment. WWE then gives us a flashback at all the past Superstars who danced in the previous years including Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi, and more.

Get your inner Funkateer on with the dance moves below:


Summerslam 2012

22 Aug

Before this highly anticipated PPV gets started, WWE kicked off with a hot championship match which got everyone on their feet. Hardly do we ssee the title switch hands on the pre-show but this match seemed different. Antonio Cesaro was able to defeated Santino with help from a distraction which was made by his girlfriend Aksana, to become the new United States Champion. After the match, Cesaro and Aksana touted about their victory and shared a long kiss to seal their happiness and new milestone.

The hottest PPV of them all has been hyped for weeks now, and it’s officially time to get the party started! Now Divas match was sadly advertised, and we weren’t treated to a last minute match… BUT we were lucky enough to see all the Divas… well except one, dance. Yup.

Like usual, the Divas are used for eye candy when celebrities perform, etc. on their shows. This one was no different as Kevin Rudolf sings Summerslam’s official theme song live for the crowd to get up and get loose. Funny enough, Rudolf doesn’t even have his guitar plugged in but he is still trying to get down… weirdness. The Divas enter the arena… but it looks as if one is missing, and that is Beth Phoenix.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, The Divas Champion Layla, The Funkadactyls, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Aksana, Natalya, Kaitlyn and Tamina all stand in a perfect line to get down and lip sync to the artists’ song. Why wasn’t Beth able to join this exciting adventure? Was she not dancing material?… or a better question: Was she even invited?…Well, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Tamina try their best to break out some dance moves, while Eve, Layla and Funkadatyls are naturals at groovin’. Mendes is far to the left doing her normal salsa routine while adding some hand gestures, and Miss Foxy was hardly shown. WWE’s camera pans around to multiple people in the crowd that are letting their inner dancer fly out, which only made this segment better.

Also, Eve Torres was shown backstage with Teddy Long for a few split seconds before the camera moved over to CM Punk who walked into the RAW General Manager AJ Lee’s office. AJ also made an appearance when the triple threat match between John Cena, CM Punk and Big Show ended with both Cena and Punk picking up the win. She immediately restarted the match in hopes of her former lover Punk losing his belt. She didn’t find any luck as the champion remained victorious.

RAW 7/23/12: A YES! YES! YES! to a different man…

26 Jul

On RAW’s special 1,000th episode, the two lover-birds AJ and Daniel Bryan were set to have their wedding. If you watched the past episodes of Wrestling then you would know straight off the bat that it’s highly unusual to see a WWE Wedding actually go through full way.

The Divas Champion Layla is shown backstage with AJ Lee, who is getting ready for her wedding backstage in the Divas lockeroom. Layla asks AJ is she’s sure she wants to go through with the wedding, Lee responds “Why do people keep asking that?”. AJ randomly opens the door, and we see Duggan shouting his catchphrase “HOOOOOOO!” R-Truth and Roddy Piper are then shown jump roping with Little Jimmy. Layla likes Little Jimmy but AJ is confused as she says he is invisible. They look outside of the door again and Mae Young has her ‘hand’ son that’s all grown up now! AJ Looks at Layla and Layla wishes AJ luck and walks quickly away.

Time for the wedding, Daniel Bryan comes out in a all white tux, which isn’t a fashion statment. Somebody call the fashion police! AJ is next to walk down the ramp, she seems very happy to be getting married, as she’s wearing a large smile on her face. Slick is the reverand for this special and once in a life-time opportunity. Yada Yada Yada… let’s skip to the ‘good stuff’. Slick asks if anyone wants to object if  they don’t want them to be married, that they should speak now, or forever hold their peace. The only person that seems to object is the crowd as their chanting “NO! NO! NO!”. Bryan goes onto to say that AJ and him have had their ups and downs but he has always loved her and once their man and wife, a new chapter will begin. Slick asks Daniel if he takes her to his lawfully wedding wife, he answers “YES!”. AJ returns the favor by chanting “YES! YES! YES” Slick begins to announce “By the power vested in me…” “WAIT!” shouts AJ before he could finish. AJ tells Daniel, Slick and the crowd that she wasn’t saying yes to Bryan but another one who made a proposal to her earlier tonight. Vince McMahon’s music plays and he announces that AJ is now the general manager of RAW. AJ goes up the ramp and stops to chant” YES! YES! YES” and leaving an angry, and yet confused Daniel Bryan in the ring, tossing the wedding decorations out of the ring.

The Funkadactyls even got to get down and Funky with the classic Dude Love following yet another Brodus Clay squash match… This time the victim was Jack Swagger.

Of couse we can’t forget about some of the best Divas that WWE has had. Surely a lot of them didn’t appear but we were lucky enough to get an appearance from the two most fan-favorite Divas, Trish Stratus and Lita.

Trish Stratus was backstage with Triple H, doing one of those classic and epic flashback moments from 2000. She’s doing yoga with him as he’s bending over and she’s behind him, the DX Crew walks in. Triple H leaves and X Pac puts his arm around Stratus and simply asks her “what’s up”.

Lita, also made an appearance. She took on the one man rock band, Heath Slater with all the legends at ringside cheering her on. She hit the moonsault to end the match and celebrated in the ring.

WWE’s newest social networking usage: TOUT

19 Jul

WWE has been known for their use in social networking, especially the recently popular “Twitter”, but this time, their most recent usage is known other than TOUT. So what exactly is this website? TOTU allows a users to record a 15-second video from their device, and then post it to their Facebook or Twitter account.

WWE has made almost all of their Superstars and Divas TOUT accounts, and many of them have aleady used their accounts (Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Derrick Bateman, etc.) while many others haven’t.

Below are the following links to the WWE Divas TOUT accounts: (Vickie) (Kharma) (Aksana) / (Alicia Fox) / (Tamina Snuka ) / (Rosa Mendes) / (Kelly Kelly) / (Naomi) / (Cameron) / (Beth Phoenix) / (Natalya) / (Kaitlyn) / (AJ Lee) / (Layla) / (Eve Torres)

RAW 7/9/12: Divas Main Event on RAW

12 Jul

AJ starts out the show to a series of “YES” chants from the audience. She says this Sunday in the WWE Championship match, she’ll be the Special Guest Ref. She realizes that her actions can greatly effect the outcome of this match. She then welcomes CM Punk to the ring. AJ tells Punk that she knew what she had to do and he fills her up with passion and desire. She goes onto say that Punk turns her on and she knows what she has to do. AJ gets down on one knee infront of the champion and asks him to marry her. This leads to Daniel Bryan making an interruption chanting “NO NO NO!”. Daniel goes on to say that this morning when he got up he wasn’t intending to stop a proposal, he intended to make one. Bryan down on one knee, takes AJ’s hand and asks her to marry him now. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan yell back and forth at eachother as AJ stands there in confusion.

The Funkettes accompanied Brodus Clay again for yet another squash match… this time against none other than Drew McIntyre. Clay wins with a splash. The Funkettes and Brodus dance in the ring with the fans to end their segment.

Backstage CM Punk is getting ready for his match as Eve walks by and wishes him luck. CM Punk thanks her and wishing her good luck on getting her spray tan off after the match. Eve says she means good luck with AJ. She goes onto say that AJ is spiteful and will take it out on whoever doesn’t say “I do’ tonight. She says she knows Punk had the title for seven months and that he is overshadows by the likes of Rock, Cena, etc. She then says “AJ? that must be emasculating, like she said, good luck tonight”. This leaves Punk in confusment.

IN THE MAIN EVENT!!!! AJ and CM Punk take on the team of Eve Torres and Daniel Bryan. The match starts out with Bryan and Punk. Fast Forward. AJ tags herself in, which means Eve has to come in as well. The match has back and forth action. Eve kicking AJ, AJ tackling Eve, some Blows, more kicks. Eve tries to flip onto AJ but she gets her knees up drop kicks Eve. Eve crawls over to her corner to tag Bryan but he jumps off the apron, causing Eve to be rolled up. AJ picks up the victory for her team.


After the match, Punk says he doesn’t want to marry AJ which leaves to AJ slapping him. She then walks over to Daniel Bryan, giving him hope that he will be chosen, but instead recieves a slap as well. AJ stands in the ring between the two men, chanting yes before skipping off. This ends RAW.

LIVE Smackdown 7/3/12: The Superstars and Divas evacuate the dance floor

4 Jul

As scheduled last week on Smackdown, Aksana and her boyfriend Antonio Cesaro took on the team of the Divas Champion, Layla and The Great Khali. Cesaro and Khali are in the match first with Khali doing a series of chops, Cesaro then gets away and takes out Khali’s leg. Khali gets back up and does more chops. Aksana then tags herself and goes head to chest with The Great Khali, Khali stares at her in confusion before Layla tackles her. They have a mini-catfight before Layla spanks Aksana and throws her to the ground for a two count because Cesaro broke up the pin. Khali sends Cesaro over the top rope leaving Layla to pick up the victory for her team. After the match, Layla is dancing and tries to get Khali to join but his face reads confusion. He eventually joins in after Layla grabs his arm and twirls herself.

In the ring, AJ has an interview with Michael Cole about her actions on RAW this week. Cole goes on about how AJ wasn’t thinking, and the board made a mistake by making her the special guest referee at MITB. Cole calls her a teenager and says she’s playing a tug of war with Punk and Bryan. Cole asks if she ever thought about pursuing a real man, someone like him, as he begins to flirt with her… with a wedding ring on his finger. Daniel Bryan comes out defending AJ, and calling Cole a sexist and a bully. He sucks up to AJ and says he knows she will do an excellent job at Money in the Bank and he AJ didn’t mean for him to go through the table. CM Punk then interrupts and talks about what happened and how he’s upset. He adds that he isn’t going pretend it didn’t happen and he won’t suck up to AJ just because she’s the special referee. He says he’s going to be blunt and honest with AJ because that’s what she deserves and that she’s not in a good place mentally. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan start arguing and AJ steps between them. AJ starts to makeout with Bryan as Punk leaves the ring. AJ runs out to catch Punk and makes out with him. AJ skips up the ramp and chants “YES!”.


Throughout the night, multiple Superstars and Divas were having a party in the back. The first segment was at the beginning of the show. Alicia Fox was shown with the Usos, the camera pans over to Natalya who is bragging about her uncle, Bret Hart stating that he is the best to Yoshi Tatus. Yoshi then turns to Camacho and Hunico and says something in Japanese. The camera moves to the next set of Divas, which are Tamina, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes. They are shown throwing water on Hornswoggle as he sits in a mini swimming pool. Teddy says it’s okay if they make a mess because he has made Eve the maid for the night. Santino comes in and tries to light the grill but it won’t work. Kane comes in, and does his entrance but instead of the pyro, the grill gets set on fire.


After two matches, we go back to the cookout. This time Tamina and the Usos are sitting by Hornswoggle in the swimming pool. Jey is splashing water on Hornswoggle and wants Jimmy to take a picture but Hornswoggle hits Jey. Ryder shows up telling Teddy he can be the DJ and lists some artist that he listens to. This leads to Heath Slater coming in and saying he’s their entertainment. He breaks out to his “one man band” song, and rest of the people at the party throw trash at him. Zack Ryder plays Brodus Clay’s theme song and Brodus and the Funkadactyls enter the party with their dancing. The rest of the party joins in as they all start doing the ‘claws’ dance except for Kaitlyn and Jey Uso who seem to be doing their own dance.


The last party segment began with Johnny Curtis dancing on Eve, which to me was hilarious, as well as Yoshi Tatsu and Derrick Bateman dancing with Natalya. The Funkadactyls join the party yet again and start dancing with Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Hornswoggle, The Usos, Percy Watson, Johnny Curtis, and Ezekiel Jackson until Damien Sandow decides to unplug their radio as everyone complains. Zack Ryder confronts him and they start to fight. Zack throws him Sandow into the table and grabs the punch. Damien ducks out of the way leading the punch to land all over Eve as the crowd laughs. R-Truth starts to help wipe Eve off and Teddy tells him to stop. Eve screams and storms off.

RAW 7/2/12: Love breaks the table down…

4 Jul

I’m back with yet another Diva review, not really a shocker though. This week features… the same women as it basically did last week and here goes the review.

The first match of the night was the champions (R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Santino Marella and Christian) vs the want-to-be champions (Cody Rhodes, David Otunga and The Prime Time Players). The match begins and AW decides his clients, TPTP had enough wrestling for the night and they leave. Toward the end of the match, Otunga goes to tag Rhodes in but he decides to jump off the apron and leave as well leaving Otunga to defend his team for himself. Brodus Clay and his sassy-walking Funkadactyls had enough with David Otunga and being to walk down the ramp. Otunga tries to escape but is blocked in the ring, he decides to run out of the ring in the direction Brodus was coming, and gets thrown back in to where Santino has his cobra ready to strike. This leads to the Team Champions picking up an easy victory. Christian and Clay do their finishers on Otunga before celebrating in the ring by dancing to ‘Somebody call me momma’ with the Funkadactyls and some fans. Lets just say, Christian breaking out to the claws dance is just epic.

Following another backstage segment, Daniel Bryan is shown backstage giving a rose to AJ Lee. AJ realizes after the rose is given to her that Bryan never cared about her. She goes onto say that she cannot wait to win her match tonight and run into the arms of CM Punk. She bites the top of the rose off and spits it on the floor.

In a mixed tag team treat, AJ Lee and the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus took on Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero (despite her slapping him last week on Smackdown!). All differences aside, the gentlemen start out the match. The Divas eventually get in and AJ hits the Shining Wizard on Vickie to pick up the victory for her team. AJ grabs the microphone after the match and skips back to the backstage area chanting “YES!”.

Directly after her victory, she finds CM Punk backstage on the phone. She interrupts him by asking if he saw her match, Punk replies that he didn’t even know she had a match and that he’s been on the phone for a while. This makes AJ dissapointed.

In another backstage segment, a returning Eve is shown with the GM for the Week, Teddy Long. Teddy Long puts a giant sticker on her that says “Hello my name is Eve” in retaliation for what she put him through during Laurinaitis’ GM reign. Eve rips the nametag up and throws it to the ground before finding a sad AJ sitting nearby. Eve accused A.J. of taking a page out of her book. AJ fights back with words asking Eve who she will be “brown-nosing” and that Eve will “do anything” to get attention. AJ says that she will show Eve and everyone else how to get attention.

In the main event match, CM Punk teams with John Cena to take on the team of Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. During the match, AJ comes out to the ring skipping but CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both don’t notice her, making her dissapointed yet again. AJ decides to get attention by setting up a table at ringside and climbing to the top rope. The match has now ended in a no contest with neither team picking up the victory. AJ is standing on the top rope and is ready to jump which leads to her finally getting Punk and Bryan’s attention. Daniel goes out of the ring pleading to AJ not to jump as Punk climbs to the top rope with her also telling her not to do so. AJ kisses CM Punk, leaving him shocked, as she throws him off the top rope, hitting D-Bry and sending them both threw the table. AJ then starts to chant “YES!” as she looks down with a smile on her face at the damage she has just made to end the show.