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IMPACT 8/2/12: Contender named for championship following controversy

5 Aug

Finally a Knockouts match that can determine a match that can involve the champion! Miss Tessmacher comes out for commentary. As announced in the preview the match is Tara vs Mickie James vs Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim. In case you’re wondering, yes Earl Hebner is sadly the referee (I was rooting for Tara too ūüėČ ) Well, all of the Knockouts get pretty much the same amount of time and the Knockouts go all out when Gail Kim suplexes Tara off the top rope, we won’t see that in “the other company”. Tara rolls Madison Rayne for the pin, and gets the three count although Hebner declares Rayne as the winner. After many replays, it is clear the Madison’s shoulders were BOTH down, but that doesn’t change the decision. Madison celebrates with the referee as Tara is upset in the ring, as we all would. Tessmacher, the Knockouts Champion, also was excited that Tara was winning, as she said many times during commentary that she would love to face her… dreams shattered. Either way, Tess will be ready to defend her gold.

Also during IMPACT, we were blessed with a backstage segment featuring the women of the match (before the match happend). Madison Rayne is backstage with Earl Hebner, who is holding a handful of gifts. Madison says she doesn’t want gifts, she wants his affection and that’s why she kissed him, although she takes the gifts anyway… okay. Thank goodness this segment is interrupted by Rayne’s bestie, Gail Kim! Gail is wondering what is going on. Rayne tells Kim that Earl is going to call the #1 contender match¬†“right down the middle” because he’s a “professional”… like we actually believe that one bit. Tara and Mickie James are shown warming up for their match afterwards.

Madison Rayne is now #1 contender following controversy from Earl Hebner… but honestly at this upcoming PPV I really hope that the ending doesn’t turn out how it has been the last two weeks. It was fine the first week but now it’s getting annoying. The match for the title should be fair in my opinion but knowing TNA some odd pointless twist will happen.


IMPACT 7/26/12: Champion still missing but Knockouts tag match takes place

28 Jul

Has anybody seen the Knockouts Champion? She has been “missing” from IMPACT for about three weeks now. Looks as if TNA is taking the WWE¬†approach at this moment… except their actually using their women’s wrestlers.

This week IMPACT graced us with a Knockouts tag team match where Tara decided to ditch Tess to team up with Miss¬†“hardcore country” Mickie James as they took on Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. The match looks like it’s in Rayne and Kim’s favor at they very beginning as Earl Hebner,

Madison’s crush is the referee. Rayne and Gail take turns beating up Mickie James until she was able to make the tag. Tara and Mickie double team, Earl is not treating the Faces equally in this match, not a surprise though. The face team starts to double team on Madison and when Gail Kim tries to make the save, they put the submission on her. In a very confusing yet unique ending, Mickie rolls up the killer queen but Earl reverses the decision leading Madison Rayne and Gail Kim to pick up the victory.

My Opinion:¬†¬†Whenever Gail Kim and Tara are in the ring together, I can easily say I’m entertained. These two work together like they have so much chemistry and they can work with anybody and make them look good. Still not a fan of Mickie but I must say she did pretty well in this match, probably because she didn’t actually try to hit her finisher. The thing I like with Knockout’s tag matches is that ALL the women get time and it’s pretty lengthy. I personally really liked the ending of this bout. It was confusing at first but I definately find it unique and it’s something that hasn’t been tried before so I’m a fan. Even though I enjoyed this match, I’m still wanting a build-up for Tessmacher’s championship, and I want to see her actually on so hopefully this leads to something next week. P.S. Note to Lee South, can other Knockouts OTHER THAN Mickie get an entrance digital. K thanx.