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Maxine quits WWE

3 Jul

Following all of the Dirt Sheet rumors on Thursday about Maxine possibly quiting WWE, Maxine and a WWE employee, who was overly excited,  confirmed the rumors the following day. The rumored reason to her departure was because she has been frustrated with a number of things, including not being offered a guaranteed deal and not having the chance to prove herself on TV beyond the WWE NXT level.

Maxine wrote the following on her Twitter about her departure with the company, “We have come to terms on my release. Its been a ride I want to thank @wwe for the experience and understanding on my feelings. Its not easy saying goodbye. But there are other options at wich I can do. To my fans you may not see me on the WWE screen but on another(; I want to do nothing but get the real chance to entertain all of you…sometimes you have to make that chance for yourself!! I want to take all of you with me…so I hope you all understand why i made my decision. Im not going to another wrestling company that is not in my plans!!! I didnt ask for my release to go to another company. Thank all of you I will keep you all updated on the new things happening for me”

Maxine has recently been dropping hints on Twitter to her fans that she is interesting in acting and the fans will see her on TV very soon and has since changed her Twitter name to Karlee Leilani Perez.

My Two-Cents: Maxine had so much talent and if WWE actually used the Divas right, things like this wouldn’t have to happen. Maxine was definately one of the most skilled, in the ring and on the mic, and she was unable to express her talent outside of NXT like she would have liked. I’m personally dissapointed that she isn’t continuing with wrestling but she always wanted to be an actress.


RAW 6/25/12: Divas celebrate Summer Time with a Battle Royal

30 Jun

At the very beginning of RAW AJ is shown talking, to what seems to be a person. AJ Lee tells “Bryan” they’re going to have to drift apart. She says she loses all inhibitions when she sees Kane and just wants to get wild. and she says she would like to be soul mates with Punk but she isn’t sure what he’s thinking and says it’s best if they all go their separate ways. The camera pans away into the mirror to show AJ talking to herself. – During the first match, AJ’s music plays and she comes out skipping around the ring yet again during Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, causing Kane to be distracted.

With it being Summertime, WWE found a ‘perfect’ way to give all the Divas a time in the ring. What’s more fun than battle royal… and not just any battle royal, a Summertime Bikini one! (read that with sarcasm).

WWE comes back from commercial break with all the Divas (Beth Phoenix, Aksana, AJ, Maxine, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Layla) standing in the ring. Vickie Guerrero then comes out in a robe, gets into the ring, dances and reveals her leopard print swimsuit. Vickie is now going to participate in this match-up. All the Divas immediately go on attack after Vickie Guerrero and eventually spread into their own groups. Maxine is first eliminated, followed by this order of elimination: Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Layla, Vickie and your winner is AJ Lee. AJ celebrates by chanting “YES!”.

Vickie Guerrero, the general manager for this week, is shown backstage when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo walk in with flowers. Dolph Ziggler walks in and says he is the rightful #1 contender to the Heavyweight Title and he deserves a match. Vickie says she’s made a #1 contender’s match. There will be a contract attached to a pole and the first man to get it faces Sheamus on SmackDown. Ricardo brings the flowers back in a vase and Dolph throws them at the wall.

Directly after that backstage segment, Big Show vs Brodus Clay w/ The Funkadactyls took place. This was basically a squash match with Show picking up the victory, after continuously attacking his leg. The Funkadactyls check on Brodus’ “injured leg” along with the trainers after Big Show leaves.

AJ is in another backstage segment, this time it’s with Kane. Kane says he’s not exactly boyfriend material and she says that’s OK. Kane says he doesn’t do relationships and his only source of pleasure is eviscerating people. Kane goes onto say that he even finds AJ mentally unstable and it’s best if they just stay away from each other.

Superstars 4.26.12: Kelly’s ‘internet show’ streak continues

27 Apr

Kelly Kelly makes her entrance first, showing off her new green attire (and if i may throw in, I looove it). Maxine makes her entrance next in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

The match starts off with back and forth action until Kelly Kelly hits the Thez Press, which could’ve been better, and goes for the Kelly Killer until Maxine moves out of the way and begins to take control of the match. Maxine puts the blonde bombshell in multiple submission holds but Kelly gets out.

The match ends with Kelly Kelly hitting the stinkface and hitting her finisher, Kelly Killer, to pick up the victory on NXT’s own, Maxine.

NXT 4.25.12: Backstage Drama; Faces take home the victory

27 Apr

Drama and NXT go hand-in-hand. First, Maxine and Kaitlyn boyfriend drama… Now miss Kaitlyn wants to “steal” Tyson, according to Natalya, by attempting to ask him what the name of his new submission move is called. Natalya then finds Maxine where she calls her a ‘mutt’, looks as if Heel Natalya is back for one day. Maxine and Dirty Curty handcuffs come off, and Curtis makes his way to ringside with Maxine and Natalya.

Diva Mixed Tag-Match, something new and fresh that we haven’t seen on NXT yet. Natalya and Maxine vs. Tamina and Kaitlyn. Natalya taking all of her fustration out on Kaitlyn screaming comments like “I hate you!” and “Stay away from Tyson!”. Match ends simply with the superfly splash by Tamina onto Maxine. Faces take home the victory!

Maxine gets called over by Matt Striker, who tells her to sit a commentary because the contract states her and Curtis have to be in the same room at all times, although we’ve seen Maxine without him (confusing much?)… He also tells her not to put the headphones on because nobody wants to hear her talk…. excuse me, but I’m pretty sure the popular opinion would rather hear from Maxine instead of Striker, right?

Hall of Famer praises NXT Diva, Maxine

28 Feb

What is more better than the WWE Universe telling you that you have a bright future? A Hall of Famer telling you.

Dusty Rhodes, who was inducted into the HOF in 2008, has spoken about Maxine on his Twitter account the day after Thursday’s FCW Tapings. Dusty wrote, “Stand out nite for Maxine in FCW last night , she should b big star bound!”

Maxine responded to the comments made by Rhodes, writing back, “@dustywwe is an amazing man… thank you for the compliment. I wouldnt be here if not for you. Its been an honor learning from you!!” she then added later today, “when others wouldnt give me a look @DustyWWE always did!!!”

I think we all can agree that Maxine has come a long way since her debut in FCW and we look forward to seeing how much more she can improve.


@_SKYHIGHSTUDIOS: WOOOO! Dusty Rhodes praising Maxine 😀


@LUKE: I really enjoying seeing Maxine perform purely to watch how much she has improved since NXT season 3. I couldn’t stand her there and thought she was soooooooo dull. To me she is like two totally different women.

@MCCOOLFAN: Maxine is always on top… seriously, shes a star ❤

SPOILER: Maxine fired from FCW; Summer possible new GM?

26 Feb

According to fans that attended the FCW  Tapings, that will be airing in March, Maxine has been fired from FCW. The fans reports state that Maxine was called to the ring by Steve Keirn, he then talked about the psychological evaluations that Maxine made everyone take. He then adds that he wants all the records turned over to him and that Maxine is fired.

No idea at the moment if this is just from the FCW General Manager position or as an FCW Diva completely.

From reports of the second taping, It looks as if Maxine will be having some-what of a feud with Summer Rae, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor over the general manager position of FCW.

We all know Maxine is a fan favorite among the FCW and WWE Universe. The question is if Summer Rae is the new GM, could she fill the shoes of Maxine?

MY TWO CENTS: As much as I like to see Maxine in FCW as the GM, I think it’s time for her (and others) to move up to the main roster full time. Summer has the look and attitude of a great GM and I personally think her, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor, have potential to be a good duo and take over FCW.

Boyfriend troubles sparks rivalry on NXT

13 Feb

Over the last few weeks on the Internet show, NXT, we’ve seen the feud between Kaitlyn and Maxine spread a wildfire, catching the attention of all Diva lovers. On NXT, not only do you get to see the Divas get some what of lengthy matches, but you also get to see growing storylines.

The feud between these two NXT season 3 rookies is revolved around Maxine’s current boyfriend, Derrick Bateman. And if this is interesting enough, you can watch Maxine’s ex-fiance, Johnny Curtis “get weird” while trying to separated the couple.

– These questions still remain: Will Derrick Bateman end up with the bubbly, Kaitlyn or the malicious, Maxine?, and what will the wacky Johnny Curtis be up to next week?

Be sure to tune into NXT on Wednesday to see what trouble will spark between these two Divas!

my two cents: I would love to see the storyline continue but I would like to see Johnny Curtis play a larger part in this. A mixed tag match including these four would be awesome to see as well, something new and fresh.