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Kharma getting into shape, wanting reality show

16 Aug

Kharma announced her release via Twitter a while ago and now more information regarding her has surfaced on TMZ. Kharma is wanting to get into shape after she “fell into a deep depression” after suffering a miscarriage last year and gained weight. and wasn’t able to return back to WWE.

TMZ says that Kharma hired a team of therapists and fitness experts to help her achieve her goal and she is keeping in touch with multiple production companies to document her experience of getting back in shape and hopes to land a TV deal to use the footage.


Kharma: “It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back”

25 Jul

Kharma, once again took it to Twitter to respond about her release. Sadly for us, It looks as if she’s actually gone. *insert depressed face*.

When asked by a fan if she was granted her release for the WWE, Kharma simply responded, “yes, I was. It doesn’t mean I’ll never be back.”

I’m hoping that this isn’t the end of Kharma, I really hope that she comes back very soon to help “re-build” the Divas Division. Plus, this has been her life long dream to be in WWE.

Possible spoiler about Kharma for the 1,000th episode of RAW

21 Jul

WWE has most recently been sponsering a new social media networking website, TOUT, where users can post up to 15 seconds in video about stuff and start a “conversation” via another video.

On the offical TOUT account of WWE, they are following Kharma, who was said to be released a few weeks ago. If you haven’t found out already, WWE has made all their CURRENT WWE Superstars and Divas accounts.

There are yet again more rumors circulating that Kharma will be returning to the 1,000th episode of RAW but there is no official word.

WWE’s newest social networking usage: TOUT

19 Jul

WWE has been known for their use in social networking, especially the recently popular “Twitter”, but this time, their most recent usage is known other than TOUT. So what exactly is this website? TOTU allows a users to record a 15-second video from their device, and then post it to their Facebook or Twitter account.

WWE has made almost all of their Superstars and Divas TOUT accounts, and many of them have aleady used their accounts (Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Derrick Bateman, etc.) while many others haven’t.

Below are the following links to the WWE Divas TOUT accounts: (Vickie) (Kharma) (Aksana) / (Alicia Fox) / (Tamina Snuka ) / (Rosa Mendes) / (Kelly Kelly) / (Naomi) / (Cameron) / (Beth Phoenix) / (Natalya) / (Kaitlyn) / (AJ Lee) / (Layla) / (Eve Torres)

Kharma hints she’s not done with WWE; Possible Work?

16 Jul

Kharma has recently hinted on her Twitter, yet again, but this time she is hinting that she may not be actually done with WWE. As reported earlier, Kharma has been removed from the RAW Roster, and added to the alumni. With multiple tweets from Kharma adding onto the fact that she may actually be indeed released.

Earlier this week, Kharma retweeted somebody on Twitter which said, “I hope @Kharma only stays in the #WWEAluimi until she returns and beats the crap out of barbie doll divas”. This lead many to believe, yet again that this whole “moving Kharma to the alumni section” deal is STILL a work, as many thought at first.

Yesterday, She got on Twitter and posted a tweet, which also made many people believe that she is not dont with the company. She wrote, “Thank you to all of the offers pouring in. However, I am not taking bookings at this time. :)”

It was rumored a while ago that Kharma would be returning on the RAW 1,000th episode. It is still not clear whether WWE is trying to cover up the fact that she is coming back, or she is indeed gone, and likes messing with the fans. Guess we will find out on July 23rd.

Kharma moved to alumni section on WWE’s official website

13 Jul

Yesterday, the speculation of Kharma being released started after WWE moved her to the alumni page on their official Twitter, and she eventually took it to her own Twitter, by posting a few status’ leading to many believe that she has indeed been released.

Many of the wrestling fans although still thought it was a work, as Kharma is known for joking around (i.e. her returning), and it has been rumored that she might be returning on the 1,000 episode of RAW.

Today however, WWE has removed Kharma from their WWE main roster on their official website, and have added her to the alumni page. has no made an official statement yet, so there is no word if this could still possibly be a work, or if she has really been released.


MY THOUGHTS: If WWE actually released her than their just full of pure stupidity. Kharma is what they needed to start developing a talented, hard-working Diva roster, and she wanted this forever. If Kharma quit however, it would be understandable as WWE uses their Divas like sh*t. I’m still hoping this is a work though, but at this point, I’m thinking she is legitimately gone from the company.

TMZ reporter says Kharma was released

13 Jul

While there are tons of rumors circulating around that Khama has been released after her Twitter profile was adde to the list of Alumni on Thursday. TMZ reporter, Ryan Satin took the news to his on social networking website stating that she has indeed been let go by the company.

“A source close to Kharma tells me the rumors are true and she was indeed released from WWE today. Dumbest WWE release in SOOO LONG!!!” he wrote. He followed the tweet up by responding to somebody, “I’m standing by my tweet … I have solid sources when it comes to Kharma”

Her profile, however, remains listed in the Raw talent index on