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Michelle McCool and Taker expecting first child

2 Aug

At tonight’s FCW show at the Dallas Bowl, The Undertaker was signing autographs. During the show, Steve Keirns announced that Taker and Michelle McCool were expecting their first child.

The rumors about McCool first started circulating when Vickie Guerrero posted a tweet, about Michelle’s “new bundle of joy”.


RAW 7/23/12: A YES! YES! YES! to a different man…

26 Jul

On RAW’s special 1,000th episode, the two lover-birds AJ and Daniel Bryan were set to have their wedding. If you watched the past episodes of Wrestling then you would know straight off the bat that it’s highly unusual to see a WWE Wedding actually go through full way.

The Divas Champion Layla is shown backstage with AJ Lee, who is getting ready for her wedding backstage in the Divas lockeroom. Layla asks AJ is she’s sure she wants to go through with the wedding, Lee responds “Why do people keep asking that?”. AJ randomly opens the door, and we see Duggan shouting his catchphrase “HOOOOOOO!” R-Truth and Roddy Piper are then shown jump roping with Little Jimmy. Layla likes Little Jimmy but AJ is confused as she says he is invisible. They look outside of the door again and Mae Young has her ‘hand’ son that’s all grown up now! AJ Looks at Layla and Layla wishes AJ luck and walks quickly away.

Time for the wedding, Daniel Bryan comes out in a all white tux, which isn’t a fashion statment. Somebody call the fashion police! AJ is next to walk down the ramp, she seems very happy to be getting married, as she’s wearing a large smile on her face. Slick is the reverand for this special and once in a life-time opportunity. Yada Yada Yada… let’s skip to the ‘good stuff’. Slick asks if anyone wants to object if  they don’t want them to be married, that they should speak now, or forever hold their peace. The only person that seems to object is the crowd as their chanting “NO! NO! NO!”. Bryan goes onto to say that AJ and him have had their ups and downs but he has always loved her and once their man and wife, a new chapter will begin. Slick asks Daniel if he takes her to his lawfully wedding wife, he answers “YES!”. AJ returns the favor by chanting “YES! YES! YES” Slick begins to announce “By the power vested in me…” “WAIT!” shouts AJ before he could finish. AJ tells Daniel, Slick and the crowd that she wasn’t saying yes to Bryan but another one who made a proposal to her earlier tonight. Vince McMahon’s music plays and he announces that AJ is now the general manager of RAW. AJ goes up the ramp and stops to chant” YES! YES! YES” and leaving an angry, and yet confused Daniel Bryan in the ring, tossing the wedding decorations out of the ring.

The Funkadactyls even got to get down and Funky with the classic Dude Love following yet another Brodus Clay squash match… This time the victim was Jack Swagger.

Of couse we can’t forget about some of the best Divas that WWE has had. Surely a lot of them didn’t appear but we were lucky enough to get an appearance from the two most fan-favorite Divas, Trish Stratus and Lita.

Trish Stratus was backstage with Triple H, doing one of those classic and epic flashback moments from 2000. She’s doing yoga with him as he’s bending over and she’s behind him, the DX Crew walks in. Triple H leaves and X Pac puts his arm around Stratus and simply asks her “what’s up”.

Lita, also made an appearance. She took on the one man rock band, Heath Slater with all the legends at ringside cheering her on. She hit the moonsault to end the match and celebrated in the ring.

Former WWE Diva announces birth of child

25 Jul

Former WWE Diva, Jackie Gayda, real name Jackie Haas and husband former WWE Superstar, Charlie Haas and current Superstar at Ring of Honor have welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy named Charlie Haas III into their family.

Jackie has posted a photo of the baby on her official Twitter page:

Jillian Hall annoyed by Heath Slater’s “rip off” gimmick

10 Jul

Former WWE Diva, Jillian Hall who is known for her “bad singing” gimmick has wrote on her Twitter earlier that today that she is annoyed by his “rip off”.

She wrote the following on her Twitter, “Does it make me a bad person to be annoyed by Heath slater’s rip off?? Lol.. And I say that in the nicest possible way :)”

Heath Slater has been using the singing gimmick in multiple occasions over the last few weeks and It looks as if WWE will be keeping it.

Former WWE Diva arrested

10 Jul

Former WWE Diva Serena Deeb was arrested on Sunday in Tampa, Florida for operating a vessel while under the influence. Her offense is categorized under BUI (boating under influence).

Deeb was released from WWE back in mid 2010 for not living her straight edge gimmick outside of wrestling when she was a member of the SES with CM Punk and Luke Gallows.

Lita vs Trish Stratus makes #16 in’s Top 50 greatest matches

10 Jul has added “The 50 greatest matches in RAW history” article as a reflection for RAW’s 1000 episode which is coming up in two weeks. Among those matches is Trish Stratus vs Lita on December 6, 2004, which was ranked at #16.

This match was one of the few Divas matches that was a main event match. In the article, responded to the match that happend. “Aside from the red-hot rivalry, what made this clash so outstanding were the daring maneuvers that shattered the mold of Divas matches. From a high-risk dive through the ropes to a back-breaking superplex, Lita electrified the crowd by venturing outside of the norm throughout the match. In a thrilling finish, Lita countered a Stratusfaction attempt and hit a reverse Twist of Fate, followed by a mighty moonsault off the top rope to end Trish’s 176-day title reign.”

Former WWE Diva taking part in WWE ’13 Video Game

8 Mar

Former WWE Diva and announcer, Angela Fong, also known as Savannah, revealed on her Twitter that she will be taking part in the motion picture process in the new and upcoming WWE video game. She wrote: “So excited!! Doing motion capture for WWE 13 video game today! Can’t wait to get back in the ring!”

Fong is working with THQ and is doing motion capture for the WWE ’13 video game which will be released later this year.

Angela was an FCW Diva but was later used as an announcer for WWE television and a backstage interviewer. She was released in June of 2010.

My Two Cents: I’m actually glad that Angela Fong is doing this for the video game, afterall WWE wasted her talent by putting her as an announcer (which she did good as also) instead of having her in the ring where she was also one of the best down in FCW.