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FCW 7/15/12: First ever FCW Diva no DQ match takes place

17 Jul

FCW is on a roll on getting uploading on time, sadly this is the last episode of FCW. Now their Superstars and Divas are looking to take a bigger step in their career by performing on the brand new NXT (“Season 6”). But that’s not what this is about, this is about the FIRST EVER Divas No Disqualification match in FCW history, and this sure wen’t out with a bang… or at least almost did.

This match is between Paige and Audrey Marie following Audrey picking up the victory over Paige by DQ on FCW about two weeks ago (?) I believe. The match starts out, and Marie automatically goes on attack and jumps onto her opponent. Audrey gets control early through the match. Later on, Paige starts to take advantage as she throws Audrey to the mat and starts throwing her head into it. Audrey grabs Paige and puts her into a headlock but Paige manages to turn it into a back suplex. Paige goes for the  cover but only gets a one count. Paige hits some knee strikes on Audrey Marie’s face and pins her this time getting a two count. Paige is becoming violent and frustrated at this point, as would anyone being put into this kind of match. Paige throws Audrey into the corner and stomps on her chest and starts to throw some punches. Audrey knocks Paige down with a clothesline and an elbow and hits a backbreaker, but gets a one count. She attempts to dropkick Paige but Paige holds onto the ropes, leaving Audrey to do nothing but fall to the mat. Audrey is sure showing an aggressive side as she is screaming and “hulking up” “COME ON PAIGE!!”. As she’s doing that, the crowd is chanting that they want tables.

Eventually toward the end of the match, Paige leaves to get a chair and brings it back to the ring. She goes to hit Marie with it but she kicks it away. Paige goes to pick it up but Audrey walks over there and steps on it. She hits a DDT to pick up the victory in the first ever No DQ match.

MY THOUGHTS: Pretty decent match, and nice stipulation added to it (especially since it was the last episode). Audrey is progressing, and I don’t think she’s as bad as many make her out to be… I’m guessing it’s because they believe she “looks like Mickie James”, and feel like they need to compare her to James. But IMO (Which probably isn’t a popular opinion) Mickie James isn’t even good, she botches a lot in TNA, AND in WWE, and her charisma is kind of blah. Mickie James is bland. Audrey Marie at least has a personality, and is slowly getting to become better, which is what FCW is. (Getting better, improving… it is a developmental school, so I don’t understand why people say these women are not good).


FCW 7/8/12: Raquel cuts another shining star promo

17 Jul

No Divas Match on FCW this week, BUT Raquel Diaz is out for yet another outstanding promo. In my opinion, Diaz may not be the best at wrestling, as of right now, but she definately shines in her promos that she cuts.

Raquel Diaz comes out to the interviewing area and says to the crowd that she is a star already and that being a star in WWE means that you’re not bullied. She states that she was bullied because of the way she dressed and it hurt but look where she is now! She goes on to say that she is the most innovating women that the WWE will ever see and that people should not hate her.

In other words, Don’t be a bully, BE A STAR

FCW 7/1/12: The Anti-Diva Paige gets revenge on Audrey

4 Jul

On 6/10/12 Episode of FCW, Paige lost her match against the girl next door Audrey Marie, due to her fellow Anti-Diva partner, Sofia Cortez hitting her hand of the rope when Paige tried to cheat, leading Audrey Marie to pick up the victory. This week, Paige is looking for nothing short of revenge.

Paige makes her way to the ring without her partner as they split up three weeks ago, and Audrey Marie makes her entrance second. Audrey takes the upper-hand by putting Paige in a headlock and throws her into the ropes. Both Divas take back and forth pins before Paige lifts Audrey up, slams her neck on the ropes, and kicks her in the face before putting her into a headlock submission hold. Audrey reverses the submission into a two count. Paige puts her back into a headlock and applies another submission. Marie counters yet again into a pin. Paige begins to get very fustrated, so fustrated that her extentions even start to fall out but that doesn’t stop her. The anti-diva shoves her falling hair into her top and goes onto getting revenge.

Paige pretty much has the upper hand at this point with multiple chops, suplexes, and choking on the ropes. Eventually, Audrey Marie gets back into the action as the two trade shots, until Paige begins to yell at the referee. Paige continues to attack Audrey, who is in the corner, and eventually gets disqualifed due to not listening to the referee. Paige may not have gotten the victory but she made sure she showed Audrey and the rest of the Divas that she’s not the one to mess with.

Caylee Turner announces the GM of FCW, Summer Rae. She comes to the ring and talks about the Summer Slamarama tour and how it’s named after her (even though it has been called that for multiple years). Afterwards she announces that two weeks from now, Dean Ambrose is going to face William Regal. She welcomes Leakee back to FCW from his injury. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves as he makes a promo about being “The Boss”.

SPOILER: Maxine fired from FCW; Summer possible new GM?

26 Feb

According to fans that attended the FCW  Tapings, that will be airing in March, Maxine has been fired from FCW. The fans reports state that Maxine was called to the ring by Steve Keirn, he then talked about the psychological evaluations that Maxine made everyone take. He then adds that he wants all the records turned over to him and that Maxine is fired.

No idea at the moment if this is just from the FCW General Manager position or as an FCW Diva completely.

From reports of the second taping, It looks as if Maxine will be having some-what of a feud with Summer Rae, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor over the general manager position of FCW.

We all know Maxine is a fan favorite among the FCW and WWE Universe. The question is if Summer Rae is the new GM, could she fill the shoes of Maxine?

MY TWO CENTS: As much as I like to see Maxine in FCW as the GM, I think it’s time for her (and others) to move up to the main roster full time. Summer has the look and attitude of a great GM and I personally think her, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor, have potential to be a good duo and take over FCW.