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NXT 8/29/12: The roster watches history

31 Aug


No Diva match was scheduled for this week’s NXT BUUUUUUUT, We did get to see the Divas, and Superstars watch history be made in the square circle. Jinder Mahal took on Seth Rollins to see who will become the FIRST EVER NXT Champion… If this wasn’t predictable enough with all the spoiling and the fact that WWE is in love with Rollins but nonetheless I actually enjoyed this match. Mahal isn’t as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. Well, The Divas are shown very rarely during the match but during the entrances they are shown for a pretty long time, especially Emma who was pretty much focused on when they zoomed up to the title which was sitting on a precious stool. Suprisingly, ALL Divas were there except for Caylee Turner, Natalya and Tamina Snuka — Even Charlotte and Anya decided to show up for this big event.


Jinder Mahal didn’t get any reaction from his fellow NXT roster, but Seth Rollins got cheers and claps… and some not-so caring people. Seth Rollins picked up the victory and the face Divas and Superstars joined him in the ring to celebrate until he runs into the crowd to celebrate even more with the fans that cheered him on throughout his career.


Anya, Charlotte added to NXT Roster

29 Aug

The Russian Bruiser Anya has been added to the NXT Roster sometime last week while Charlotte, the daughter of Ric Flair, was added yesterday. Their bio’s let us get to know their background and what exactly makes them unique. It turns out that Anya was actually a Kickboxer. Her profile reads, “[her] greatest accomplishment lies in the realm of combat fighting – in particular, kickboxing”.

Charlotte on the other hand mentions that she is the daughter of a legendary Superstar, which they do not name, and they go on to talk about her accomplishments in her previous sports such as cheerleading and volleyball.

Both ladies seem pretty impressive with their sporty, athletic backgrounds. It should be interesting to see if that can help them become good in the ring. I’m looking forward to seeing them both in the ring because their definately unique especially Anya who stands at 6’1″.

You can view Anya’s profile here:

You can view Charlotte’s profile here:

NXT Divas, Charlotte and Anya show off their first ring gear

24 Aug

Charlotte (Ashley Fliehr-Johnson) and ‘The Russian Brusier’ Anya, have posted some photos on their Twitter pages of their new ring attire which they recieved. Both definately have an interesting style, and I’m looking forward to see them in the ring soon.

You can view some more photos of the two from their Twitter pages.

Anya -> @RussianBruiser /// Charlotte -> @MsCharlotteWWE


FCW/NXT Diva Charlotte to be paired with Cody Rhodes?

24 Aug

Charlotte, real name Ashley Fliehr-Johnson who has only reported to FCW a short time ago already has rumors that she is going to be paired with Cody Rhodes as his manager. They want to pair her with Rhodes because they want to play on the rivalry that was between their fathers – Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes.

Ashley Flair receives FCW name

13 Aug

The second generation Diva and daughter of the nature boy Ric Flair, Ashley Fliehr Johnson has revealed on her Twitter that she has recieved her FCW name. She wrote on her Twitter the following, “Received my ring name….. CHARLOTTE, baby, CHARLOTTE!!!”. The name most likely came about because she is from Charlotte, North Carolina.

She also changed her Twitter handler from @AshleyFliehrJohnso to @MsCharlotteWWE so be sure to follow her. Oh, and speaking off the social networking website, She also updated her bio to: “wwe queen diva. natural competitor. sophisticated. health & fitness enthusiast. a flair.”

Flair also noted on her Twitter that she wants her finishing move to be “something off the tope rope”.

Second generation Diva reports to FCW

2 Aug

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair’s daughter, Ashley Fliehr Johnson, has reported to FCW, WWE’s developmental territory. The second generation Diva was signed earlier this year and was spotted at an FCW houseshow earlier this week.