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Possibly reason why Caylee Turner was released?

24 Aug

As reported earlier, Caylee Turner, real name Christina Crawford, was released from her developmental contract. She nor her sister have commented on the situation but there are now rumors that someone in developmental said that she always complained about being hurt and that she didn’t have much work ethic.


Caylee Turner possibly released?

16 Aug

Yesterday, Caylee Turner’s profile was able to be viewed and now when trying to access her profile, it goes to a 404 error page. This is a sign that Caylee Turner could be possibly released from her developmental contract because her profile is now fully removed from the database.

Turner arrived to FCW in 2010, when she became a part-time interviewer before becoming an in-ring competitor. She was soon turned into the FCW ring announcer for the many episodes before finally having a match on NXT in which she teamed up with Kaitlyn to take on Paige and Tamina Snuka in a losing effort.

Caylee Turner is also FCW’s current Diva’s champion so there is no update whether that title will change hands for houseshow purposes or not.

Caylee Turner has NXT Page, still not listed

16 Aug

Following the FCW website being rebranded, there was no sign of Caylee Turner on their page for NXT. Now you can view Turner’s page with this link — but she is still not listed under their Diva roster. This could be a possible sign of them releasing her in the upcoming week.

Caylee Turner not listed on NXT Website

16 Aug

On the newly done FCW Wrestling website, which is renamed to “NXT Wrestling”, has added an updated version of their roster, which does not include former Tough Enough contestant and current FCW Divas Champion, Caylee Turner.

Caylee Turner has been announcing in FCW for quite some time, and even announced on an NXT show before taking an hiatus and recently being placed into a tag team match, teaming with WWE Diva Kaitlyn to take on Tamina Snuka and Paige.

NXT 8/8/12: The Divas and the Rookies team up

11 Aug

I love NXT… wanna know why? Because the Divas always have matches. Yup. This week is no different except for the fact that FOUR Divas are in action in a tag match! The Divas team up with the “rookies” in this match-up. Kaitlyn will team up with Caylee Turner, who is making her debut match on NXT, to take on Tamina Snuka and everyone’s favorite (or so it seems) Paige.

Paige and Tamina come out with silence until they shout “come on!” getting the crowd to some-what lighten up. The crowd is really behind Paige when she gets in the ring, which is a good thing that they turned her face because she is so “over” with the crowd. Kaitlyn, is trying something new with week as she is being heel… She had a good effort but face is definately her character because she plays this dorky, bubbly Diva so well. Caylee is eh… nothing really to say.

Tamina and Kaitlyn show that they have tons of chemistry as they probably had the best part of the match in my opinion. Power vs Power… and of course the commentators bring up Kaitlyn’s thighs. Paige also did very good in this match-up but Caylee Turner is missing something…personality and wrestling skills. She does sell moves very well though. Paige gets the win for her team with a small package on Turner as Kaitlyn is looking on, not even trying to save her partner. I guess that’s what you get for jumping off the apron when she wanted to tag you in.

New FCW Divas Champion Crowned

3 Jul

At an FCW Summer Slamarama houseshow in Melbourne, Florida, Caylee Turner def. Raquel Diaz to become the new FCW Divas Champion. This is the first championship Caylee Turner has held since being in the training facility since 2010.

Caylee Turner, real name Christina Crawford, has been on ring announce duty for the last couple of FCW shows.