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Funkadactyl Cameron able to return to television!

16 Sep

Following Cameron‘s decision of ‘having’ a DUI, WWE suspended her for 15 days resulting in the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay and her fellow Funkadactyl Naomi to be taken off of TV. Also reported earlier, Cameron was removed from an upcoming signing, in a sign that she could possibly be released.

Cameron has now done her 15 days and is now able to return to WWE Television and has now been added back to the signing. This is a positive note that Cameron is staying.


WWE Diva Cameron Suspended

3 Sep

It is being reported on multiple dirtsheets that Cameron, who was reportedly arrested for DUI and was later said to have bribed the police, is now suspended. The reports state that the Diva is going to suspended until September 14th.

Cameron was on the Australia tour with WWE for the first day and was later sent away, and only her fellow Funkadactyl Naomi appeared with Brodus Clay on the last two shows.

TMZ gives us some ‘additional details’ about the arrest of WWE’s Cameron

29 Aug

As reported earlier today, Cameron, real name Ariane Andrew, was arrested on Friday August 24th for DUI. TMZ has caught onto the report and has psoted some additional details about the arrest. They weirdly have the exact opposite of the story that is posted on Hillsborough’s inquiry of the Diva. They say that Cameron tried to bribe the police with $10,000 because she would ‘lose her job’.

Confusing, fishy story we have going on here…

Funkadactyl Cameron arrested… for DUI

29 Aug

Just in… WWE Diva/Funkadactyl Cameron — real name Ariane Andrew — was arrested for DUI on Friday (August 24th).

On the report it says that she refused a breathalyzer test… she must’ve also lied to police by telling them she works at Wells Fargo, as that is listed under her work instead of WWE… hmmm, interesting.

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 8/25/12: The Funkadactyls teach you how to dance!

26 Aug

WWE’s Saturday Morning Slam made it’s debut this morning. No Divas match was present for the Kid’s show but we were able to see some Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron. Brodus Clay – the Funkasaurus – is the “Superstar Spotlight” for this first episode. We get tons of highlights of Brodus and his Funkadactyls groovin’ in the ring from previous episodes of RAW, and some clips of Clay from his matches he has took place in so far. Then, the camera shows Brodus Clay standing outside, he’s getting ready to dance, and tells the viewers that he knows something is missing. He invites the Funkadactyls in and now their ready to teach you all how to dance! The teach you step by step how to do their entrance dance with the ‘claws’, and then they put all the dance moves together to end the segment. WWE then gives us a flashback at all the past Superstars who danced in the previous years including Scotty 2 Hotty, Rikishi, and more.

Get your inner Funkateer on with the dance moves below:

Summerslam 2012

22 Aug

Before this highly anticipated PPV gets started, WWE kicked off with a hot championship match which got everyone on their feet. Hardly do we ssee the title switch hands on the pre-show but this match seemed different. Antonio Cesaro was able to defeated Santino with help from a distraction which was made by his girlfriend Aksana, to become the new United States Champion. After the match, Cesaro and Aksana touted about their victory and shared a long kiss to seal their happiness and new milestone.

The hottest PPV of them all has been hyped for weeks now, and it’s officially time to get the party started! Now Divas match was sadly advertised, and we weren’t treated to a last minute match… BUT we were lucky enough to see all the Divas… well except one, dance. Yup.

Like usual, the Divas are used for eye candy when celebrities perform, etc. on their shows. This one was no different as Kevin Rudolf sings Summerslam’s official theme song live for the crowd to get up and get loose. Funny enough, Rudolf doesn’t even have his guitar plugged in but he is still trying to get down… weirdness. The Divas enter the arena… but it looks as if one is missing, and that is Beth Phoenix.

Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, The Divas Champion Layla, The Funkadactyls, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Aksana, Natalya, Kaitlyn and Tamina all stand in a perfect line to get down and lip sync to the artists’ song. Why wasn’t Beth able to join this exciting adventure? Was she not dancing material?… or a better question: Was she even invited?…Well, Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Tamina try their best to break out some dance moves, while Eve, Layla and Funkadatyls are naturals at groovin’. Mendes is far to the left doing her normal salsa routine while adding some hand gestures, and Miss Foxy was hardly shown. WWE’s camera pans around to multiple people in the crowd that are letting their inner dancer fly out, which only made this segment better.

Also, Eve Torres was shown backstage with Teddy Long for a few split seconds before the camera moved over to CM Punk who walked into the RAW General Manager AJ Lee’s office. AJ also made an appearance when the triple threat match between John Cena, CM Punk and Big Show ended with both Cena and Punk picking up the win. She immediately restarted the match in hopes of her former lover Punk losing his belt. She didn’t find any luck as the champion remained victorious.

RAW 7/23/12: A YES! YES! YES! to a different man…

26 Jul

On RAW’s special 1,000th episode, the two lover-birds AJ and Daniel Bryan were set to have their wedding. If you watched the past episodes of Wrestling then you would know straight off the bat that it’s highly unusual to see a WWE Wedding actually go through full way.

The Divas Champion Layla is shown backstage with AJ Lee, who is getting ready for her wedding backstage in the Divas lockeroom. Layla asks AJ is she’s sure she wants to go through with the wedding, Lee responds “Why do people keep asking that?”. AJ randomly opens the door, and we see Duggan shouting his catchphrase “HOOOOOOO!” R-Truth and Roddy Piper are then shown jump roping with Little Jimmy. Layla likes Little Jimmy but AJ is confused as she says he is invisible. They look outside of the door again and Mae Young has her ‘hand’ son that’s all grown up now! AJ Looks at Layla and Layla wishes AJ luck and walks quickly away.

Time for the wedding, Daniel Bryan comes out in a all white tux, which isn’t a fashion statment. Somebody call the fashion police! AJ is next to walk down the ramp, she seems very happy to be getting married, as she’s wearing a large smile on her face. Slick is the reverand for this special and once in a life-time opportunity. Yada Yada Yada… let’s skip to the ‘good stuff’. Slick asks if anyone wants to object if  they don’t want them to be married, that they should speak now, or forever hold their peace. The only person that seems to object is the crowd as their chanting “NO! NO! NO!”. Bryan goes onto to say that AJ and him have had their ups and downs but he has always loved her and once their man and wife, a new chapter will begin. Slick asks Daniel if he takes her to his lawfully wedding wife, he answers “YES!”. AJ returns the favor by chanting “YES! YES! YES” Slick begins to announce “By the power vested in me…” “WAIT!” shouts AJ before he could finish. AJ tells Daniel, Slick and the crowd that she wasn’t saying yes to Bryan but another one who made a proposal to her earlier tonight. Vince McMahon’s music plays and he announces that AJ is now the general manager of RAW. AJ goes up the ramp and stops to chant” YES! YES! YES” and leaving an angry, and yet confused Daniel Bryan in the ring, tossing the wedding decorations out of the ring.

The Funkadactyls even got to get down and Funky with the classic Dude Love following yet another Brodus Clay squash match… This time the victim was Jack Swagger.

Of couse we can’t forget about some of the best Divas that WWE has had. Surely a lot of them didn’t appear but we were lucky enough to get an appearance from the two most fan-favorite Divas, Trish Stratus and Lita.

Trish Stratus was backstage with Triple H, doing one of those classic and epic flashback moments from 2000. She’s doing yoga with him as he’s bending over and she’s behind him, the DX Crew walks in. Triple H leaves and X Pac puts his arm around Stratus and simply asks her “what’s up”.

Lita, also made an appearance. She took on the one man rock band, Heath Slater with all the legends at ringside cheering her on. She hit the moonsault to end the match and celebrated in the ring.