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Bella Twin admits to getting implants

12 Jul

Following the large speculation of former WWE Diva, Nikki Bella, getting breast implants after a number of Twitter photos were posted, Nikki posted a tweet on the social networking website, admitting to the rumors of undergoing breast implants surgery after seeing her name was trending yesterday.

“Love how “Nikki’s” my boobs are trending worldwide! Ha what can I say… I wanted my own set of ‪#TwinMagic‬ 😉 haha Besos!,”


Extreme Rules 2012: Surprise return leads to Championship change

7 May

Eve Torres was backstage with The Bella Twins and Beth Phoenix. She tells Phoenix that she is unable to compete due to the fact that she is “not medically cleared” and that the Bella Twins will have a surprise opponent for tonight because she doesn’t want to let the fans down. She gives the Bellas a sigh of hope when she tells them the opponent will not be Kharma.

After suffering an injury nearly a year ago, Layla finally returned back to WWE, with a badazzled cast on her leg. With nearly no reaction, Layla walks her way down the ramp ready to wrestle current Divas Champion, Nikki Bella.

During the match, Nikki and Brie do Twin Magic, Brie Bella attempts to hit the Bella Buster on the flawless one but Layla manages to hit the Lay-Out and pinning for the 1,2,3 count.


Layla is now the NEW Divas Championship!!

Smackdown 4.27.12: Twin Magic takes over Smackdown; AJ slaps her Best Friend and Eve has more ideas!

29 Apr

We’ve been blessed with Diva matches all week this week and Smackdown was no different.

Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox is up next. At the beginning of the match Fox goes for a headlock but Nikki counters with a jawbreaker. Nikki then applied a single-winged headlock, but Alicia elbows her way out and hits a dropkick and a back elbow. Alicia avoids a clothesline but Nikki grabs her hair and slams her on the mat. This leads to the Bella Twins using Twin Magic while the referee is checking on Alicia Fox to make sure she is alright. Brie Bella hits the facebuster to pick up the victory. Nikki Bella is still your Divas Champion.

A replay of AJ Lee’s emotional breakdown against Natalya replays as we go backstage.

We seem to be getting an exclusive interview with AJ Lee about her relationship with the “YES!” man Daniel Bryan. AJ ignores Matt Strikers question and begins to walk away. He then asks her about her nervous breakdown she suffered last week on Smackdown, this time Kaitlyn interrupts and tells Striker that AJ is in a bad place and she doesn’t have to answer these questions. AJ starts to walk away and Kaitlyn stops her and reminds her that they are best friends. Kaitlyn says that this is a good thing because Daniel Bryan is a jerk, he didn’t respect AJ, he didn’t love her and he did nothing for her. This leads to AJ slapping her “best friend” Kaitlyn.

The new Executive Administrator, Eve, is backstage with John Laurinaitis. She points out all the employees walking around backstage and that it’s awkward she doesn’t know their names. She comes up with a suggestion that they should wear name tags. Teddy interrupts their conversation and ask Laurinaitis what his new position is since Eve is now the Executive Administrator. Laurinaitis tells him he’s ‘just another employee’. Eve tells Teddy Long to go get a name tag.

In another backstage segment, Aksana walks into John’s office while Teddy is cleaning it. They have a conversation over the past few weeks, and in come Eve and Laurinaitis. He informs Teddy and Aksana that he’ll be giving Antonio a match on Smackdown and if he likes it, then Antonio will be signed a contract. Eve has yet another idea, and she says that Aksana is going to be the ring announcer for the match, Eve also tells Teddy that he will have his own commentary table and tells him that he will be down there calling action. John tells Teddy not to be nervous because he’ll be telling him what to say, he hands Long a shirt and tells Torres she’s been doing a good job.

In Photos: Nikki Bella – The NEW Divas Champion

27 Apr

After defeating Beth Phoenix on Monday Night RAW, Nikki Bella does an exclusive Diva Focus for following her victory. Brie Bella is also included in the photoshoot. Take a sneak preview below:

Beth Phoenix offers Nikki Bella challenge in new WWE Exclusive

18 Apr

Following Nikki Bella’s defeated over Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, on Smackdown, Nikki Bella took it to Twitter posting multiple “#Nikki4DivasChampion” tweets and getting the fans attention. Throughout the week, this trend has been Worldwide two times, once even number 1, proving that the WWE Universe has Nikki’s back.

In a WWE Exclusive which was added during RAW’s event in London, Nikki Bella was talking about how she deserves a title match. Brie Bella brings up the past saying if Nikki chose Team Johnny to win at Wrestlemania then she would get her title shot, yada, yada…

Beth Phoenix comes up from behind the Bellas and asks “you want a title match? You want a rematch against the Glamazon? Well, you’re in luck because I’ll go see John Laurinaitis right now and make sure that you get what you want.”

This match could either be scheduled for this upcoming PPV, Extreme Rules, or it could be scheduled for RAW’s three-hour event this upcoming Monday.

Mick Foley praises WWE Divas

13 Apr

Yes, you read the title right, Mick Foley, a WWE Hall of Famer believes that the Divas are doing good… now, please give them time WWE. In his new blog, he says, “When I heard of WWE’s intention to actually recruit beautiful women and teach them to wrestle, I thought the notion to be utterly ridiculous.” he then goes on to say that Divas like Candice Michelle, turned into hard-working, top notch performers.

Mick Foley also wrote how he didn’t believe that Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins were even going to last. When he saw them in developemental he thought they were going to get chewed up and spit out but they proved him wrong.

You can read Mick Foleys whole blog entitled, “Diva Believer” at the following link.

Wrestlemania XXVIII: Bad Luck Kisses, Unwanted Victories and Ringside Catfights

13 Apr

Wrestlemania XXVIII (or Wrestlemania 28. to be more simpler), the grandest stage of them all… and this year in Miami, Florida under the brightest light, THE SUN!

WWE announced a match featuring the Tag Team Championships would be featured as a pre-show, lucky us. The spicy latina, Rosa Mendes, accompained her tag team, and led them to victory for another week, against The Usos and the newly formed tag team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd. If i may add this match definately should’ve been added to the Wrestlemania card. These superstars were taking it to a whole new level.

The show starts out with the “YES, YES, YES!” man, Daniel Bryan, along with his “girlfriend”, AJ who is defending his championship against the Great White, Sheamus. Seconds after a so-called good luck kiss from AJ, Daniel Bryan ends up losing his title to his opponent… and we can guess who he blamed the loss on.

Following some top-notch matches, The Divas tag team match featuring the Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix along with her partner in crime, Eve, facing off against the Extra host, Maria Menounos and former Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly. Despite Maria Menounos having broken ribs, she “easily” scores an unwanted victory over the Divas Champion (for the third time, if i may add), Beth Phoenix. During this match, we saw Kelly introduce a new move she learned, we’ll call it the ‘Kelly-go-round’ for now, Maria Menounos “poop her pants”… (okay not really but how much times does that really happen?), and did we mention that BETH PHOENIX is in the match? that should be enough to watch. Even though, the team with a victory by the end of the match was not really wanted by many WWE Universe fans, We can all agree that the Divas poured their hearts out.

and last but not least, We get more WWE Divas, Brie Bella introduces #TeamJohnny, which is including Vickie Guerrero, and Nikki Bella, which introduces #TeamTeddy, which includes Teddy’s girlfriend, Aksana and Zack’s friend, “with benefits”, Eve Torres. The match happens, yada, yada, yada… and BOOM! the girls are into a catfight, excepts Eve who is more focused on getting into the ring and fist pumping with Zack Ryder causing him to get distracted and covered… what a great friend Eve is. Ding, Ding, Ding, #TeamJohnny takes the victory and Eve kicks Ryder where the sun don’t shine… although their in Miami so how does that work?