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In Video: Finally a Summer Rae match!

16 Sep

Finally a Summer Rae match has hit Youtube from a show earlier this month. Rae is actually pretty good considering the amount of training she has. This match between her, Audrey Marie and Paige was pretty entertaining. On a random non-Summer note: I’m enjoying Audrey Marie as a heel. She should stay that way.


NXT 8/29/12: The roster watches history

31 Aug


No Diva match was scheduled for this week’s NXT BUUUUUUUT, We did get to see the Divas, and Superstars watch history be made in the square circle. Jinder Mahal took on Seth Rollins to see who will become the FIRST EVER NXT Champion… If this wasn’t predictable enough with all the spoiling and the fact that WWE is in love with Rollins but nonetheless I actually enjoyed this match. Mahal isn’t as bad as people make him out to be in the ring. Well, The Divas are shown very rarely during the match but during the entrances they are shown for a pretty long time, especially Emma who was pretty much focused on when they zoomed up to the title which was sitting on a precious stool. Suprisingly, ALL Divas were there except for Caylee Turner, Natalya and Tamina Snuka — Even Charlotte and Anya decided to show up for this big event.


Jinder Mahal didn’t get any reaction from his fellow NXT roster, but Seth Rollins got cheers and claps… and some not-so caring people. Seth Rollins picked up the victory and the face Divas and Superstars joined him in the ring to celebrate until he runs into the crowd to celebrate even more with the fans that cheered him on throughout his career.

Audrey Marie, Raquel Diaz recieve NEW NXT Photos!

29 Aug


FINNNALLLLLYYYYY, Raquel Diaz and Audrey Marie have recieved new NXT photos on their newly done website. When they were first added Marie had her debut photoshoot with plaid, which she doesn’t wear anymore and Diaz didn’t recieve any photos.

Both Divas photos are sooo much better than before in my opinion, and you definately should check them out!


Meet NXT Diva: Audrey Marie

15 Aug

imageAudrey Marie, who has reached a milestone in FCW by becoming FCW Divas Champion, is now included on the new FCW … erm, I mean NXT Wrestling website which was updated earlier this morning.

It looks as if she might be repackaged or something as she is now “from” Arizona and her bio reads: “Recently on a health kick, this zany Southern belle has¬† encouraged the NXT Universe to “eat their veggies” and “be¬† mindful of caloric intake” in between her dropkicks and shoulder-tackles.¬† “Follow my fitness tips and detailed exercise regiment and you’ll be on¬† the road to a trimmer waistline in no time”.”

I personally would like it if she turned heel and pulled the “you need to go on a diet” gimmick. Epic! You can view the full bio and some outtakes from her FCW photoshoot here.

Be sure to follow Audrey Marie on Twitter –> @RealAudreyMarie

NXT 8/1/12: Exfoliating tour takes the arena by storm

2 Aug

What seemed to have been a “good start” with it being Audrey Marie’s NXT debut and Raquel Diaz’s normal promo, turned into be something that could be described as a “storm”… horrible.

First of all I’m going to say that Raquel is overdoing her gimmick. The promo before every match is getting annoying, it’s basically the same thing but she does know how to talk the talk. Moving on to the match, It’s not surprise that these two don’t really work well together but this bout was definately ‘bad’ mostly because of Raquel. In this match, she couldn’t do a simple trip, It took her twice to get it down, and the “You can’t wrestle chants” were aimed at her. If you read the ‘spoilers’ or listened to a report from a fan in attendance then you would know Raquel had to do her Gory Bomb finisher TWICE and the second one they used to the Diaz marks who are saying “it was Audrey’s fault” really need a reality check. The match was horrible because of Raquel.

Anyway to the positives, The face Audrey Marie gave Raquel after she cut the promo was hilarious, that definately made me laugh and Raquel’s ‘L’ drawing on Marie’s forehead following the match was epic otherwise, this match was a big no-no.

Briley Pierce is ‘interviewing’ Paige backstage following the match and she pretty much has no words to say. It looks as if we are going to get a feud between these two coming soon.

FCW 7/15/12: First ever FCW Diva no DQ match takes place

17 Jul

FCW is on a roll on getting uploading on time, sadly this is the last episode of FCW. Now their Superstars and Divas are looking to take a bigger step in their career by performing on the brand new NXT (“Season 6”). But that’s not what this is about, this is about the FIRST EVER Divas No Disqualification match in FCW history, and this sure wen’t out with a bang… or at least almost did.

This match is between Paige and Audrey Marie following Audrey picking up the victory over Paige by DQ on FCW about two weeks ago (?) I believe. The match starts out, and Marie automatically goes on attack and jumps onto her opponent. Audrey gets control early through the match. Later on, Paige starts to take advantage as she throws Audrey to the mat and starts throwing her head into it. Audrey grabs Paige and puts her into a headlock but Paige manages to turn it into a back suplex. Paige goes for the¬† cover but only gets a one count. Paige hits some knee strikes on Audrey Marie’s face and pins her this time getting a two count. Paige is becoming violent and frustrated at this point, as would anyone being put into this kind of match.¬†Paige throws Audrey into the corner and stomps on her chest and starts to throw some punches. Audrey knocks Paige down with a clothesline and an elbow and hits a backbreaker, but gets a one count. She attempts to dropkick Paige but Paige holds onto the ropes, leaving Audrey to do nothing but fall to the mat. Audrey is sure showing an aggressive side as she is screaming and “hulking up” “COME ON PAIGE!!”. As she’s doing that, the crowd is chanting that they want tables.

Eventually toward the end of the match, Paige leaves to get a chair and brings it back to the ring. She goes to hit Marie with it but she kicks it away. Paige goes to pick it up but Audrey walks over there and steps on it. She hits a DDT to pick up the victory in the first ever No DQ match.

MY THOUGHTS: Pretty decent match, and nice stipulation added to it (especially since it was the last episode). Audrey is progressing, and I don’t think she’s as bad as many make her out to be… I’m guessing it’s because they believe she “looks like Mickie James”, and feel like they need to compare her to James. But IMO (Which probably isn’t a popular opinion) Mickie James isn’t even good, she botches a lot in TNA, AND in WWE, and her charisma is kind of blah. Mickie James is bland. Audrey Marie at least has a personality, and is slowly getting to become better, which is what FCW is. (Getting better, improving… it is a developmental school, so I don’t understand why people say these women are not good).

Audrey Marie featured in Bray Wyatt’s NXT Promos

12 Jul

After watching NXT this week and taking a closer look at one of the most unique characters in today’s wrestling, I’ve realized that FCW Diva, Audrey Marie is used as one of the characters in Bray Wyatt’s epic NXT promos.

She is¬†first shown in the second promo¬†blurred out in the back while¬†Wyatt is being somewhat worshipped by various¬†Superstars on the FCW roster. In the¬†most recent video,¬†Marie is shown laying on a tree.¬†By the looks of it, I’m also assuming that she is the female laugh voiceover that has been added¬†in the last two vignettes.