No Surrender 2012: Student proves herself to the teacher

16 Sep

Tessmacher vs Tara ROOOOOUNNNNND two. Pretty decent match considering their match on IMPACT was not spot on especially since Tara has so much more training then Tess. Overall enjoyable.

Both Knockouts had their time to shine. It started out with friendship but then toward the middle of the match Tessmacher started getting frustrated leading many to think that she was going to be the one to turn heel. Bad mouthing Tara and coming at her with ruthless aggression, Tessmacher was not going to let the teacher win her yet again. She was set out to pick up the victory and retain the title.

After many close pins by Tara, Tessmacher comes out and is able to pick up the victory. Tess is shocked as she has her hand held up by the referee, as Tara is frustrated. It looks as if their heel roles are going to be switching up. Tessmacher puts her hand out to Tara and in typical heel fashion, Tara slaps the hand and walks out of the ring. She lays her back on the apron and puts her hand in her hair in frustration as she though she had this in the bag since she was already victorious one time.

I personally wanted them to turn Tess heel since the crowd was behind Tara throughout this whole entire match (and on Impact). This feud should definitely continue as I’m interested in how their friendship will start to become extinct.


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