IMPACT 9/13/12: TNT Friendship goes down the wrong road

16 Sep

Random note: Yes, I skipped some Diva news from RAW, NXT, etc. But this is recent so I’m doing it. The normal daily updates will be back after Night of Champions. – End of random note*

Following the match between the student and the teacher aka Tessmacher and Tara, TNA had to following it up so one of them can turn heel to further their storyline for the future episodes. Tara comes to the ring and wants to congratulate the Knockouts Champion, Miss Tessmacher. Tess comes to the ring, and Tara says a speech and puts the title around her best friends waste. She tells the champion to go basically celebrate with the fans by going to the ropes so Tessmacher goes to two corners and to the third one. When she gets off the third corner, she is congratulated by a clothesline from Tara followed by the grand finale of the widows peak. Brooke erm I mean Miss Tessmacher is laying in the ring now. Probably confused at what has just transpired.

My thoughts: We all knew this was going to happen once Tara came to the ring but It was nice anyways. I was really hoping for Tara to hit Tess with the belt once it was handed over to her but oh well. It was a different segment especially with the Knockouts because that has never happend before. I was still hoping that Tessmacher would turn heel since everyone in the IMPACT Zone loves Tara and can’t cheer against her so it will be hard for Tess to get back over with the crowd. I’m excited to see how they will further this storyline, and I’m hoping that it will continue because I enjoy these two together because they are legit best friends and their using real life to turn it into a storyline AND they have a bunch of chemistry which is helping them put on entertaining matches.


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