NXT 8/22/12: Superfly Splash soars to a win, but L marks the spot

24 Aug

Sofia Cortez’s last match is this one, luckily she gets to face one of the best Divas on the Roster, Tamina Snuka… it’s worth it. Sadly, the ending just isn’t right to me. ugh. Well, the beginning of the match was super funny with Cortez mocking Snuka’s entrance and putting her ‘guns’ up to intimidate the Diva. Tamina wasted no time to go on attack early in the match, but soon Sofia proved why she was one of the top Divas on the NXT brand when she started taking the match into her own hands. Despite getting handled in this matchup, Tamina Snuka climbed to the top rope after slamming Sofia. Cortez is laying on the mat in pain and bracing herself for what is about to happen. Tamina hits the superfly splash and covers to pick up the three count on the Puerto Rican.

Next thing you know, Raquel Diaz attacks Tamina from behind… I know what you’re thinking, wow! Seriously? She puts an L on her forhead and says Love it! She also put a backwards ‘Loser’ symbol with her index and thumb BUT it was backwards when facing the camera so she’s pretty much just calling herself one.


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