Money in the Bank 2012: Divas galore in impromptu matches

17 Jul

The only Diva we were sure to see on the PPV yesterday, was AJ, who was serving as the special guest referee for the match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Who would’ve thought that WWE would give us a present and suprise us with a Divas tag match AND Rosa Mendes at ringside? All impromptu matches!

We’ll start this review out with Miss AJ, who is the special guest obviously. She comes out skipping down the ramp. AJ leaves halfway through the match after being Bryan shoved Punk, leading Punk to hit AJ off the apron and onto the floor. CM Punk then goes to check on AJ and Bryan attacks bunk from behind and throws him into the steps. This allows Bryan to check on AJ before she is helped to the back by a trainer. This isn’t the last we saw of AJ though. Soon after the match continued for a while, AJ made her way back down the ramp, leaving the other referee no choice but to leave. AJ smiles at both men who are laying in the ring, and skips around before heading out of the ring and grabbing a chair from under the ring. She places the chair in the middle of the ring and both men scramble to grab it first. Bryan gets it and hits Punk in the back. To make the match more simpler, CM Punk ends up winning the entire match and retaining his title. AJ looks upset as Punk celebrate with his title.

Rosa Mendes, who was also not scheduled for the PPV yesterday also made an appearance. Mendes accompanied her team, Epico and Primo for a match against the Prime Time Players. At some point during the match, Titus O’Neil tried to “show” Rosa how to do the salsa in the middle of ring while being booed. Rosa at ringside of course wasn’t going to let him have the last laugh, as she does it at ringside, sending the crowd through the roof and getting lots of pops, she sure showed him. Epico and Primo ended up taking home the victory of the PTP, doesn’t this mean they should be #1 contenders now? Seriously. By the way, AW making racist remarks at ringside, is kind of annoying. Just stand there and shut up. Kthanx.

The Divas also had an impromptu match. Not just a one on one match, but SIX Divas will be involved in this one. Kaitlyn, Tamina Snuka and the Divas Champion Layla are set to take on Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve Torres.

The generation Divas, Tamina and Natalya kick thing off as Natalya kicks Tamina in the stomach and mocks her superfly pose. Tamina responds with a hop toss and a chop. Kaitlyn is tagged in as she hits a backbreaker and goes for a cover but only gets a two. Beth Phoenix is now tagged in as she stares down Kaitlyn and slaps her. Kaitlyn slaps back and Phoenix decides to tag Eve. Kaitlyn then slaps Eve and Natalya before hitting a crossbody on Eve for yet another two count. Eve elbows Kaitlyn in the face and hits a move for a two count. Beth is now in the ring and she chokes Kaitlyn on the ropes and misses a leg drop. Kaitlyn finally makes it to the corner to tag in the Divas Champion, Layla. Layla hits some clotheslines and does a crossbody off of the ropes. Layla misses a kick to the head and Beth lifts her up over her head now. Layla counters with a rollup, as well all think the Divas match will be over, Natalya makes the save (thank goodness, Rollups are so stupid), and que the sloppy catfights. Kaitlyn throws Natalya out, who is then thrown out by Eve, who is thrown out by Tamina. Tamina superkicks Beth Phoenix and Layla hits the layout to pick up the victory.

Your winners: Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka


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