LIVE Smackdown 7/3/12: The Superstars and Divas evacuate the dance floor

4 Jul

As scheduled last week on Smackdown, Aksana and her boyfriend Antonio Cesaro took on the team of the Divas Champion, Layla and The Great Khali. Cesaro and Khali are in the match first with Khali doing a series of chops, Cesaro then gets away and takes out Khali’s leg. Khali gets back up and does more chops. Aksana then tags herself and goes head to chest with The Great Khali, Khali stares at her in confusion before Layla tackles her. They have a mini-catfight before Layla spanks Aksana and throws her to the ground for a two count because Cesaro broke up the pin. Khali sends Cesaro over the top rope leaving Layla to pick up the victory for her team. After the match, Layla is dancing and tries to get Khali to join but his face reads confusion. He eventually joins in after Layla grabs his arm and twirls herself.

In the ring, AJ has an interview with Michael Cole about her actions on RAW this week. Cole goes on about how AJ wasn’t thinking, and the board made a mistake by making her the special guest referee at MITB. Cole calls her a teenager and says she’s playing a tug of war with Punk and Bryan. Cole asks if she ever thought about pursuing a real man, someone like him, as he begins to flirt with her… with a wedding ring on his finger. Daniel Bryan comes out defending AJ, and calling Cole a sexist and a bully. He sucks up to AJ and says he knows she will do an excellent job at Money in the Bank and he AJ didn’t mean for him to go through the table. CM Punk then interrupts and talks about what happened and how he’s upset. He adds that he isn’t going pretend it didn’t happen and he won’t suck up to AJ just because she’s the special referee. He says he’s going to be blunt and honest with AJ because that’s what she deserves and that she’s not in a good place mentally. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan start arguing and AJ steps between them. AJ starts to makeout with Bryan as Punk leaves the ring. AJ runs out to catch Punk and makes out with him. AJ skips up the ramp and chants “YES!”.


Throughout the night, multiple Superstars and Divas were having a party in the back. The first segment was at the beginning of the show. Alicia Fox was shown with the Usos, the camera pans over to Natalya who is bragging about her uncle, Bret Hart stating that he is the best to Yoshi Tatus. Yoshi then turns to Camacho and Hunico and says something in Japanese. The camera moves to the next set of Divas, which are Tamina, Kaitlyn and Rosa Mendes. They are shown throwing water on Hornswoggle as he sits in a mini swimming pool. Teddy says it’s okay if they make a mess because he has made Eve the maid for the night. Santino comes in and tries to light the grill but it won’t work. Kane comes in, and does his entrance but instead of the pyro, the grill gets set on fire.


After two matches, we go back to the cookout. This time Tamina and the Usos are sitting by Hornswoggle in the swimming pool. Jey is splashing water on Hornswoggle and wants Jimmy to take a picture but Hornswoggle hits Jey. Ryder shows up telling Teddy he can be the DJ and lists some artist that he listens to. This leads to Heath Slater coming in and saying he’s their entertainment. He breaks out to his “one man band” song, and rest of the people at the party throw trash at him. Zack Ryder plays Brodus Clay’s theme song and Brodus and the Funkadactyls enter the party with their dancing. The rest of the party joins in as they all start doing the ‘claws’ dance except for Kaitlyn and Jey Uso who seem to be doing their own dance.


The last party segment began with Johnny Curtis dancing on Eve, which to me was hilarious, as well as Yoshi Tatsu and Derrick Bateman dancing with Natalya. The Funkadactyls join the party yet again and start dancing with Zack Ryder, Alicia Fox, Hornswoggle, The Usos, Percy Watson, Johnny Curtis, and Ezekiel Jackson until Damien Sandow decides to unplug their radio as everyone complains. Zack Ryder confronts him and they start to fight. Zack throws him Sandow into the table and grabs the punch. Damien ducks out of the way leading the punch to land all over Eve as the crowd laughs. R-Truth starts to help wipe Eve off and Teddy tells him to stop. Eve screams and storms off.


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