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Mick Foley thinks Velvet would be a good Diva

30 Jul

Velvet Sky, who announced her departure from TNA early this week has sparked many rumors that she will be heading to “the other company” to become a WWE Diva. On Twitter, a fan asked WWE Legend, Mick Foley if he thinks fit with their set of Divas. He responded, “I think @VelVelHoller would be a valuable addition to the @WWE Divas roster. Hope it happens.”

Velvet Sky acknowledged his Tweet and simply responded, “Thank you Mick!”

In my opinion, It would be a good addition, especially if Kelly Kelly decides to leave the company, Sky could be the most over face in the company. I would really like to see a Beautiful People reunion though because no matter how much knock-off gimmicks there are, TBP do it better!


RAW Diva segment cut from RAW 1,000…

30 Jul

Of course, all of us Divas fans once again only wish for a match… this time WWE could’ve added some legends in there. But… NO! They need to make sure they have time for all their favs to be on.

It is being reported that the Divas match was scheduled for the third match that night but due to matches/segments running over their time, the Divas match, of all matches, of course got cut. Kelly Kelly, who noted on Twitter that she was traveling, was said to be ‘upset’ over not being able to return for the one night. According to the dirtsheets, “She was very reluctant to make the appearance but ultimately decided to agree since WWE had been accommodating her request for a sabbatical to pursue her acting and modeling career.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say the Kelly Kelly part of this blog is completely false.

This isn’t the only Diva match that has been cut though over the last three (?) weeks. The Divas Champion Layla has had two matches cut from Superstars, one in which she teamed up with Santino to take on Aksana and Antonio Cesaro. The other one being last week where she took on Natalya. Rosa Mendes’ segment from Smackdown was also cut on Friday where her photoshoot was being crashed by AW and his clients.

The only Diva at this time that seems to be getting any air time… other than Vickie Guerrero is of course AJ -_-

What’s going to happen on IMPACT next week?

28 Jul

TNA has added another preview to their website about next week. Their preview surprisingly adds in the Knockouts… and something about Brooke Hogan. UGH!

The following is suppose to take place at IMPACT:

* TNA Knockouts executive Brooke Hogan makes her return to IMPACT for the first time since the brutal attack by The Aces & 8s gang on her legendary father, “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan

* In Knockouts action, it will be Mickie James vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara in a four-way #1 Contenders match for a shot at the Knockouts Championship

Okay, time for my long awaited opinion, just kidding, but seriously. Where is the freaking Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher? If I’m correct, she has been “missing” from Impact for about three weeks. When Gail Kim was champion she was used almost every week. This is getting so annoying, and seriously where is Winter, Rosita and Sarita? Their so “useless” they can’t even participate in this match to ‘try’ to become #1 contender? seriously. It’s pretty much obvious TNA likes Mickie James way to much for some weird reason she is way to overrated and she’s not even that good (unpopular opinion) and that’s why I believe that she will be facing Brooke (insert angry face) UNLESS Earl Hebner is the referee and FINALLY someone new (Madison) can have a shot at the championship since the other three Knockouts are to “irrelevant” in TNA’s eyes.

Well there’s my “Rant” about how stupid and predictable TNA is becoming…

IMPACT 7/26/12: Champion still missing but Knockouts tag match takes place

28 Jul

Has anybody seen the Knockouts Champion? She has been “missing” from IMPACT for about three weeks now. Looks as if TNA is taking the WWE approach at this moment… except their actually using their women’s wrestlers.

This week IMPACT graced us with a Knockouts tag team match where Tara decided to ditch Tess to team up with Miss “hardcore country” Mickie James as they took on Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. The match looks like it’s in Rayne and Kim’s favor at they very beginning as Earl Hebner,

Madison’s crush is the referee. Rayne and Gail take turns beating up Mickie James until she was able to make the tag. Tara and Mickie double team, Earl is not treating the Faces equally in this match, not a surprise though. The face team starts to double team on Madison and when Gail Kim tries to make the save, they put the submission on her. In a very confusing yet unique ending, Mickie rolls up the killer queen but Earl reverses the decision leading Madison Rayne and Gail Kim to pick up the victory.

My Opinion:  Whenever Gail Kim and Tara are in the ring together, I can easily say I’m entertained. These two work together like they have so much chemistry and they can work with anybody and make them look good. Still not a fan of Mickie but I must say she did pretty well in this match, probably because she didn’t actually try to hit her finisher. The thing I like with Knockout’s tag matches is that ALL the women get time and it’s pretty lengthy. I personally really liked the ending of this bout. It was confusing at first but I definately find it unique and it’s something that hasn’t been tried before so I’m a fan. Even though I enjoyed this match, I’m still wanting a build-up for Tessmacher’s championship, and I want to see her actually on so hopefully this leads to something next week. P.S. Note to Lee South, can other Knockouts OTHER THAN Mickie get an entrance digital. K thanx.

Smackdown 7/27/12: Aksana spreads good luck on Smackdown!

28 Jul

Aksana is a ‘lone ranger’ tonight, as she is the only Diva taking place on this episode of Smackdown. Rosa Mendes was advertised in the spoilers but is seemed to be cut from the show. Hopefully it will be an exclusive though because seeing AW/Darren Young/Titus O’Neil crash a photoshoot would be really interesting… and slightly funny. Just saying.

Anyway, back onto the Smackdown review, the  title is kind of lame because there’s not much you can do with a managing role in a title so I have it a shot. Antonio, who is usually competing in NXT and Superstars matches, is now on Smackdown taking on the US Champion Santino Marella. Skipping forward to the ending, Marella tries to go for the cobra but Cesaro doesn’t let him as he hits his finishing move to pick up the victory. He seems to be on a winning streak as of lately. Aksana jumps up and down in joy before getting into the ring and holding up the hand of the victorious man… her boyfriend Antonio.

NXT 7/25/12: The dungeon Diva takes on Sofia Cortez

26 Jul

This week on NXT, the dungeon Diva, Natalya steps foot in the ring with Sofia Cortez. If you have watched prior matches that they’ve both competed in you would know they can both stand their own ground. We were definately in for a solid Diva bout. The fans were also really enjoying the match as their chanting “This is awesome” and “YES! YES! YES!”. This was literally great back and forth action. Natalya and Sofia Cortez trade roll ups and finally Natalya had enough. Natalya rolls out of the ring and lays on the mat below while Sofia is doing motions to tell her to get back in. In a epic Natalya heel mode, she screams “I hate you!” to Cortez. Sofia picks up the win via countout. Natalya isn’t done yet though. She enters the ring once again and attacks Sofia, putting her into the sharpshooter, as Cortez screams in pain and begins to tap out. Natalya goes on up the ramp in smiles at the damage she has just caused.

This match could’ve had a way better ending. These two are two of the best wrestlers and the match ending wasn’t very pleasing to me. They both have multiple unique wrestling styles and move sets and the match ending could’ve used any of them (as long as it isn’t a roll up). The match was great anyway minus the horrible ending plus, I’m glad Sofia is actually picking up wins on NXT, since in FCW she was basically a “jobber”. These two really need to have a rematch and a longer time limit. These two bring so much energy, and the fans get interested really quickly and that’s what the Divas Division needs. NXT is where the best talent is currently in my opinion.

Following last weeks interaction backstage with Alex Riley “flirting” with Antonio Cesaro’s girlfriend Aksana a match was set up for this week between the two men. Aksana of course accompanied her boyfriend to ringside as usual. Aksana distracted Riley for a short second while Cesaro picked up the victory.

Velvet Sky confirms her departure with TNA

26 Jul

In a abrupt surprise, fan-favorite TNA Knockout Velvet Sky was said to be leaving the company earlier yesterday. Today via Twitter, she confirmed her departure with TNA in a series of tweets. She wrote, “I have been granted my release by TNA at this time. It’s what’s best for me right now and I wanted to thank TNA and all the fans for their constant support in me. Stay tuned though..”

She then added another short tweet thanking Vince Russo for believing in The Beautiful People group, with Angelina Love. “And I also want to thank Vince Russo for creating and believing in the team of The Beautiful People. We had a great run! @Actualalove