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Smackdown 6/29/12: Yes! Yes! Yes! Layla won

30 Jun

Following AJ’s victory in the Battle Royal on RAW, she got an opportunity at the Divas Champion, Layla in a non-title match. During the match, one of the men AJ is interested in, came out and caused a distraction by chanting “YES!” around the ring. This allows Layla to get a quick rollup and the victory in the match. AJ Lee attacks Layla after the match before Bryan tells her to calm down and he has something to discuss with Vickie Guerrero.

Daniel Bryan tells Vickie that he wants  A.J. to get banned from ringside for the title match at Money-in-the-Bank. Vickie says that she is not a “fan” Bryan then says its not about them, it is about him. Vickie Guerrero, the GM for the week, then reveals that there was a poll and the WWE Board of Directors sided with the fans in wanting to see A.J.. The fans voted for AJ to be the special guest referree.

Backstage, Teddy Long confronts Antonio Cesaro and Aksana, saying that he harbors no bad feelings for what he has been put through with the two of them. Long states that he will be the Interim General Manager of RAW & SmackDown next week and he tells the that on next week’s LIVE SmackDown: The Great American Bash, they will face The Great Khali and Layla in a Mixed Tag Match.


IMPACT 6/28/12: Tessmacher, Gail and Taeler receive ‘gifts’

30 Jun

This episode I dubbed as the “receiving” episode, as throughout the night, Three Knockouts were given great news! Even though us Knockout fans were not gifted with a match, we did receive two backstage segment, in which one ensured that there will be a Knockout match for next week.

Throughout the show, Taz, Al Snow and Bruce Prichard were shown backstage discussing their thoughts on last weeks Gut Check, Taelar Hendrix. Finally the moment came when their standing in the ring and Hendrix made her way down the ramp and stood infront of the people who will be deciding her future. She had the Impact Zone behind her, with them chanting Yes constantly to help them make a decision. Taz voted yes. Al Snow goes to make his decision when Joey Ryan, another GutCheck contestant, showed up in the audience. He was escorted by security and the judges are back to giving their evaluations. Al Snow says he knows Taeler has potential, but he doesn’t think she’s ready for a roster spot. He votes no. Taeler is giving the microphone to plead her case as to why she should get a contract with Impact. She says she will fight to stay here and earn a roster spot and that she wants it and she will prove that she can shine. Prichard says he’s not sure if she’s tough enough, she’s not experienced, and shes green but he voted yes. Taelar Hendrix is now a Knockout.

In the first backstage segment, Madison Rayne is shown with Garrett Bischoff. Garrett tries to ignore her by texting on his phone, Madison then tries to talk about her secret crush  before asking what “he’s” like. She whispered it in his ear, as Bischoff walks away and tells her “good luck with that.”

In a second backstage segment, Brooke Hogan gives Miss Tessmacher a Direct Auto Insurance ad. Gail Kim walks over and says that the ad is fitting because of cheap rates and cheap girls. Tessmacher yells at her before Gail talks about how she wants her rematch which allows Tessmacher to yell at her yet again. Brooke told Gail that her re-match is going to be next week.

My Two-Cents: I personally don’t know why you would hire a ‘green’ person to be on your roster, especially knowing how much Impact loves their Knockouts division. I personally wouldn’t have signed her because she isn’t that good and she needs a lot more experience. Plus, TNA doesn’t even know how to use some of the Knockouts that they have now. In other news, I really want Madison to just reveal who her secret crush is. This has potential to be a good storyline but if it turns out to be Earl Hebner than we have another storyline gone bad (i.e. AJ Styles/Claire/Dixie Carter) and as for the Gail Kim/Tessmacher match, I hope Tessmacher retains and goes onto wrestle one of the heel Knockouts that they refuse to put on TV (Winter, Rosita or Sarita).

RAW 6/25/12: Divas celebrate Summer Time with a Battle Royal

30 Jun

At the very beginning of RAW AJ is shown talking, to what seems to be a person. AJ Lee tells “Bryan” they’re going to have to drift apart. She says she loses all inhibitions when she sees Kane and just wants to get wild. and she says she would like to be soul mates with Punk but she isn’t sure what he’s thinking and says it’s best if they all go their separate ways. The camera pans away into the mirror to show AJ talking to herself. – During the first match, AJ’s music plays and she comes out skipping around the ring yet again during Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk, causing Kane to be distracted.

With it being Summertime, WWE found a ‘perfect’ way to give all the Divas a time in the ring. What’s more fun than battle royal… and not just any battle royal, a Summertime Bikini one! (read that with sarcasm).

WWE comes back from commercial break with all the Divas (Beth Phoenix, Aksana, AJ, Maxine, Rosa Mendes, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Alicia Fox and Layla) standing in the ring. Vickie Guerrero then comes out in a robe, gets into the ring, dances and reveals her leopard print swimsuit. Vickie is now going to participate in this match-up. All the Divas immediately go on attack after Vickie Guerrero and eventually spread into their own groups. Maxine is first eliminated, followed by this order of elimination: Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Kaitlyn, Tamina, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Layla, Vickie and your winner is AJ Lee. AJ celebrates by chanting “YES!”.

Vickie Guerrero, the general manager for this week, is shown backstage when Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo walk in with flowers. Dolph Ziggler walks in and says he is the rightful #1 contender to the Heavyweight Title and he deserves a match. Vickie says she’s made a #1 contender’s match. There will be a contract attached to a pole and the first man to get it faces Sheamus on SmackDown. Ricardo brings the flowers back in a vase and Dolph throws them at the wall.

Directly after that backstage segment, Big Show vs Brodus Clay w/ The Funkadactyls took place. This was basically a squash match with Show picking up the victory, after continuously attacking his leg. The Funkadactyls check on Brodus’ “injured leg” along with the trainers after Big Show leaves.

AJ is in another backstage segment, this time it’s with Kane. Kane says he’s not exactly boyfriend material and she says that’s OK. Kane says he doesn’t do relationships and his only source of pleasure is eviscerating people. Kane goes onto say that he even finds AJ mentally unstable and it’s best if they just stay away from each other.

Smackdown 6/22/12: Funkettes get a ‘dance lesson’ while AJ rings the bell

30 Jun

Otunga tells Brodus that someone better call his mama. Otunga says that he will call her when he gets back to the locker room. Otunga says that he will tell Mama Clay that her son has fallen and can’t get up. Big Show is in the ring talking about when he becomes champion. He is rudely interrupted by Brodus Clay alongside his Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi. The Funkadactlys go around the ring, and Brodus goes in staring down Big Show and attacks him by giving numerous punches. David Otunga comes out to make the save (lolz). Big Show takes advantage by kicking Clay in his injured knee and in his midsection. Fans are chanting ‘you cant wrestle’, (either that’s directed to Otunga, who is out there already, or Show who is currently attacking either way its correct.)

Show punches Brodus Clay and and yells at falls while leaving the ring. Otunga takes advantage of the damage  that Big Show has caused and tells Brodus that someone better call his mama and that he will call her when he gets back to the locker room. Otunga says that he will tell Mama Clay that her son has fallen and can’t get up. Otunga then tells Naomi and Cameron to get into the ring so he can show them how to dance. Otunga starts to dance and it’s just getting ridiculous. Funkadactyls are waaaayyyyy better… obviously.

Backstage we see Mick Foley talking to Yoshi Tatsu. Yoshi says that he is a fan of Mr. Socko and Vickie Guerrero interrupts and asks Yoshi if he has some sushi to eat. Yoshi tells Vickie that she is an ugly old witch and Foley tells her being called that is a positive thing in the Japanese culture. Vickie tells Mick that she will be running both shows next week. and if he doesn’t behave, he will be her assistant. Mick Foley has an idea for an assistant and he brings over Great Khali and they dance.

AJ Lee makes her way to the ring for the match Kane vs Daniel Bryan because she was named the guest time keeper.  blah blah blah blah blah… the match happens Kane wins. After the match, AJ and Kane are staring at eachother AJ skips back to the backstage area while Kane is confused and is trying to figure out what is going on.

Backstage the Prime Time Players and AW are celebrating their win from the match they just had. They run into Primo and Epico who are accompanied by Rosa Mendes. Primo punches Washington in an epic moment and then the two teams fight while Rosa yells… not sure why though.

IMPACT 6/21/12: So you want to be a Knockout?

30 Jun

This is the first IMPACT in which a female gutcheck contestant is fighting for a chance to become a new Knockout. Taeler Hendrix, an OVW Champion, has a video package first where some of her matches were shown. She brings up that she was diagnosed with cancer at 21 and had to overcome that massive obstacle to make it where she is now. Hendrix says she’s not going to stop until she’s held every female championship in TNA.

Taeler is shown warming up backstage, (by practicing one of her moves from her match, yikes!). She is facing a major opponent, one of the best female wrestlers today, Tara. She has a lot to prove in this match.

At the beginning of the match, Hendrix tries to shake Taras hand, but she refuses by pushing it away. Tara slams her to the ground, pulls on her hair and yells “You want to be a Knockout!?” Taeler uses this to her advantage and goes for a small package. Tara grabs her by the hair again and throws her into the corner, getting onto the top rope, she retaliates by kicking Tara in the head and taking advantage of the match. The match turns into back in forth action with clotheslines, neckbreakers, and so-on. Tara ends up getting the victory by hitting the Widows Peak and raises Taeler Hendrix’s hand in respect to end their match segment.

Throughout the night, Brooke Hogan has been eliminating Knockouts (Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, ODB and Mickie James) to see who she wants to face Miss Tessmacher later that night for the championship despite it being advertised as a 4 way match.

Brooke Hogan asks all the Knockouts why they want to be champion. ODB says she’s different from all the Knockouts, Rayne says that she deserves it because she was champion for a very long time, Velvet Sky says she never got her rematch, and Mickie James says she’s the best female wrestler alive today, and she deserves it more than anybody. (cough cough lies). Hogan eliminates Madison Rayne because ‘she isn’t focused enough to win the belt’.

Later on Hogan eliminates yet another Knockout, this one is a shocker… not. Brooke says that she wants the girls to focus more so the division can be brought back to glory, and that’s why ODB is eliminated, and the last segment was after Miss Tessmacher made her entrance. Brooke decides to let Mickie wrestle for the title since Velvet had a music video. SHOCKER…

Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher ended when Tessmacher hits a hip toss, James with a counter and goes for the pin, but Tessmacher makes it to the ropes. She counters Mickie’s finisher with a roll-up for the win. Mickie James is shown in the ring being frustrated.

RAW 6/18/12: A concert to remember, AJ turns into the ‘small red machine’

19 Jun

There was no Diva Match following No Way Out, surprise… NOT! But we we’re treated with the Divas Champion Layla. Layla was standing in the ring, after the commercial break and introduced Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper. Cyndi made her first appearance with Richter, so that was a nice surprise in some-way.

Heath Slater interupts them, and Wendi Richter asks ,”who are you?”. (Buuuurrrn!) Heath sings his song about being a ‘one man rock band’, yikes.  Roddy Piper eventually comes out and tells Slater to hit the bricks, he then presents Cyndi Lauper with her golden record in a picture-frame. Heath tries to sing again but Cyndi Lauper takes the golden record and smashes it over his head… TWICE! Leaving Heath Slater bleeding and the ladies dancing in the ring and celebrating.

Girls just want to have fun, Slater. You just had to learn the hard way.

Their not the only girls that love to have fun. The spunky, AJ Lee, came out during the opening match dressed as the red machine, Kane! This is the second time she distracted Kane, leading the opposing team to victory. Kane stood at the ramp puzzled, I think he’s beginning to realize what’s going on.

No Way Out: Layla reigns despite playing ‘games’

19 Jun

No Way Out was nothing more than some fun and games… and some serious Divas action of course. Layla and Beth Phoenix are ready for their second bout at a PPV since Layla’s victory over Nikki Bella on RAW.

The match starts with some back and forth action until Beth starts trash-talking to Layla, Layla retaliates by taking the Glamazon’s headband and mocking Beth Phoenix by dancing, and jumping. Beth sits in the middle of the ring to cover herself, Layla teases hitting her and then eventually does. Beth starts trying to take the upper hand eventually by pushing Layla out of the ring, and throwing her against the barricade!

Beth Phoenix got right back to working on Layla, determined to get the Divas Championship. Layla tried everything in her power to keep her title by hitting multiple different finisher-like-manuevers but Phoenix kept rising, wanting more. Finally, Layla hits the Layout to pick up the victory and retain her Divas Championship.

AJ, the crazy Diva, also made occasional appearances by wishing all three men (Kane, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan) good luck in their match against eachother tonight, even giving them all a kiss on the cheek, except for Kane who got a makeout session from the Diva… in a boiling room. (awkward.)

AJ Lee also comes out during the match. She jumps onto the ring and is bumped off by Kane, this allowed CM Punk to hit his finisher and pick up the victory. Kane gets out of the ring and carries AJ to the pick. AJ is looking back at CM Punk, who is celebrating in the ring, and smiles. AJ was obviously playing with Kane’s emotions.