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With Layla being New Divas Champion; Who do I think should be the #1 Contender?

7 May

With the returning Layla becoming new Divas Championship at Extreme Rules after a failed twin magic attempt. I lay down my opinion on who should be the number one contender for the championship.

WWE has their opinions on who their “favorites” are, (they make it quite obvious), and the WWE Universe fans make it pretty clear who they would like to see face the new champ. But I think us Divas fans can all agree that we want C.H.A.N.G.E.

6. Beth Phoenix

Even though Phoenix has failed to get a rematch due to an injury during her championship defense on RAW against Nikki Bella, She shows strength and determination in the WWE ring and she makes a great champion. Not only can she wrestle and have the fans support but she can easily become one of the longest reigning champions if given the right time.

5. AJ Lee

With her huge push due to her “depression” from her breakup with Daniel Bryan, I could easily see this former perky girl getting a shot at the big title very shortly; If not that then I could see her being put into a mini storyline with her former BFFE, Kaitlyn. AJ would be capable of capturing the Divas Championship against Layla rather than someone like she defeated on Smackdown, like Natalya.

4. Tamina

Tamina had an opportunity at the championship while she had a mini feud with the former Divas Championship, Beth Phoenix, but failed to capture it. Tamina is extremly underrated and if she was given the time I believe she could be the perfect example of a good, something new, title reign that the WWE universe wants to see.

3. Maxine

Even though Maxine is one of the three newest additions on the WWE Diva roster, she has improves every week she steps foot in the NXT Ring. She has tons of personality, she’s fiesty and she’s easy to get attached too. Even though WWE uses so-called “jobbers” on NXT, I think if given the opportunity Maxine can make the fans of the internet show proud by being given the championship.

2. Kaitlyn

Starting out on NXT season 3, Kaitlyn put on ‘horrid’ matches only because of the such little training she had done before. Now if you watch the internet show, you will be able to see how much she has come from than, to FCW, and now currently. Everyone loves a bubbly, free-flowing girl who is full of personlity and weirdness and she fits into WWE’s 3 catergories: Sexy, Strong, and Powerful.

1. Rosa Mendes

Throughout the years Mendes hasn’t had the best lengthy matches but if you watch her past FCW you’ll know she is capable if given enough time to prove herself. With her newly signed deal with A.W., WWE can easily add her into the title hunt especially since she has a huge fan base that would like to see her have an accomplishment in the WWE, and they need a heel Diva to face Layla 😉


Extreme Rules 2012: Surprise return leads to Championship change

7 May

Eve Torres was backstage with The Bella Twins and Beth Phoenix. She tells Phoenix that she is unable to compete due to the fact that she is “not medically cleared” and that the Bella Twins will have a surprise opponent for tonight because she doesn’t want to let the fans down. She gives the Bellas a sigh of hope when she tells them the opponent will not be Kharma.

After suffering an injury nearly a year ago, Layla finally returned back to WWE, with a badazzled cast on her leg. With nearly no reaction, Layla walks her way down the ramp ready to wrestle current Divas Champion, Nikki Bella.

During the match, Nikki and Brie do Twin Magic, Brie Bella attempts to hit the Bella Buster on the flawless one but Layla manages to hit the Lay-Out and pinning for the 1,2,3 count.


Layla is now the NEW Divas Championship!!