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Smackdown 4.27.12: Twin Magic takes over Smackdown; AJ slaps her Best Friend and Eve has more ideas!

29 Apr

We’ve been blessed with Diva matches all week this week and Smackdown was no different.

Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox is up next. At the beginning of the match Fox goes for a headlock but Nikki counters with a jawbreaker. Nikki then applied a single-winged headlock, but Alicia elbows her way out and hits a dropkick and a back elbow. Alicia avoids a clothesline but Nikki grabs her hair and slams her on the mat. This leads to the Bella Twins using Twin Magic while the referee is checking on Alicia Fox to make sure she is alright. Brie Bella hits the facebuster to pick up the victory. Nikki Bella is still your Divas Champion.

A replay of AJ Lee’s emotional breakdown against Natalya replays as we go backstage.

We seem to be getting an exclusive interview with AJ Lee about her relationship with the “YES!” man Daniel Bryan. AJ ignores Matt Strikers question and begins to walk away. He then asks her about her nervous breakdown she suffered last week on Smackdown, this time Kaitlyn interrupts and tells Striker that AJ is in a bad place and she doesn’t have to answer these questions. AJ starts to walk away and Kaitlyn stops her and reminds her that they are best friends. Kaitlyn says that this is a good thing because Daniel Bryan is a jerk, he didn’t respect AJ, he didn’t love her and he did nothing for her. This leads to AJ slapping her “best friend” Kaitlyn.

The new Executive Administrator, Eve, is backstage with John Laurinaitis. She points out all the employees walking around backstage and that it’s awkward she doesn’t know their names. She comes up with a suggestion that they should wear name tags. Teddy interrupts their conversation and ask Laurinaitis what his new position is since Eve is now the Executive Administrator. Laurinaitis tells him he’s ‘just another employee’. Eve tells Teddy Long to go get a name tag.

In another backstage segment, Aksana walks into John’s office while Teddy is cleaning it. They have a conversation over the past few weeks, and in come Eve and Laurinaitis. He informs Teddy and Aksana that he’ll be giving Antonio a match on Smackdown and if he likes it, then Antonio will be signed a contract. Eve has yet another idea, and she says that Aksana is going to be the ring announcer for the match, Eve also tells Teddy that he will have his own commentary table and tells him that he will be down there calling action. John tells Teddy not to be nervous because he’ll be telling him what to say, he hands Long a shirt and tells Torres she’s been doing a good job.


WWE Hall of Famer’s favorite WWE Diva is…

28 Apr

When a fan asked Stone Cold Steve Austin on Twitter, what his thoughts on Kelly Kelly was, he had more to say then just an answer.

The WWE Hall of Famer wrote, “She’s my fave Diva. Super nice young lady. Keeps improving in the ring. Very easy on the eyes.”

Knowing how many WWE Fans dislike Kelly Kelly, this should be a huge honor to her.

iMPACT 4.26.12: Tessmacher gets noticed, Couple fails to get title shot, and the Latinas make a ringside appearance

27 Apr

Brooke Tessmacher comes down the entrance ramp wearing an angry face. She gets on the microphone talking about everybody bragging on Twitter about her pinning Gail last week, while others are calling it a ‘fluke’. Brooke calls out the Knockouts Champion out to the ring, while rest of the Knockouts mock her backstage.

Gail enters, and the match gets underway. Gail gets the early advantage until toward the end of the match where Brooke is able to hit her finisher on Kim to pick up her second victory on the champion.

Also multiple times backstage, ODB was her tag team partner and husband, Eric Young, along with the other tag teams looking for an opportunity at Samoa Joe and Magnus’ championships. Hulk Hogan goes through reasons why he thinks each team should get an opportunity at the titles and then eliminates MCMG from the group.

In the next backstage segment, the reamining teams, ODB/Young, Anderson/Hardy, and Kazarian/Daniels are shown talking to Hulk Hogan yet again. This time he eliminates Eric Young and ODB and tells them to go back to their hotel room. Hogan tells the remaining teams to meet him in the ring because that’s where he’ll announce who’s going to be wrestling the champions tonight.

Rosita and Sarita also made a surprising appearance when they, along with Hernandez, went to ringside with Anarquia when he wrestled Kurt Angle during Open Fight Night, which basically the whole show was based off of. Unfortunately, Anarquia was unable to pick up the victory, and on top of that, fired from the company only a few days after losing. Looks as if Mexican American might not be no more.

In Photos: Nikki Bella – The NEW Divas Champion

27 Apr

After defeating Beth Phoenix on Monday Night RAW, Nikki Bella does an exclusive Diva Focus for following her victory. Brie Bella is also included in the photoshoot. Take a sneak preview below:

Superstars 4.26.12: Kelly’s ‘internet show’ streak continues

27 Apr

Kelly Kelly makes her entrance first, showing off her new green attire (and if i may throw in, I looove it). Maxine makes her entrance next in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

The match starts off with back and forth action until Kelly Kelly hits the Thez Press, which could’ve been better, and goes for the Kelly Killer until Maxine moves out of the way and begins to take control of the match. Maxine puts the blonde bombshell in multiple submission holds but Kelly gets out.

The match ends with Kelly Kelly hitting the stinkface and hitting her finisher, Kelly Killer, to pick up the victory on NXT’s own, Maxine.

NXT 4.25.12: Backstage Drama; Faces take home the victory

27 Apr

Drama and NXT go hand-in-hand. First, Maxine and Kaitlyn boyfriend drama… Now miss Kaitlyn wants to “steal” Tyson, according to Natalya, by attempting to ask him what the name of his new submission move is called. Natalya then finds Maxine where she calls her a ‘mutt’, looks as if Heel Natalya is back for one day. Maxine and Dirty Curty handcuffs come off, and Curtis makes his way to ringside with Maxine and Natalya.

Diva Mixed Tag-Match, something new and fresh that we haven’t seen on NXT yet. Natalya and Maxine vs. Tamina and Kaitlyn. Natalya taking all of her fustration out on Kaitlyn screaming comments like “I hate you!” and “Stay away from Tyson!”. Match ends simply with the superfly splash by Tamina onto Maxine. Faces take home the victory!

Maxine gets called over by Matt Striker, who tells her to sit a commentary because the contract states her and Curtis have to be in the same room at all times, although we’ve seen Maxine without him (confusing much?)… He also tells her not to put the headphones on because nobody wants to hear her talk…. excuse me, but I’m pretty sure the popular opinion would rather hear from Maxine instead of Striker, right?

Possible Divas Title Storyline Spoilers?

27 Apr

The rumors going around state that The Bella Twins are not re-signing a new contract with the WWE, therefore Nikki Bella, who won the Divas Championship, this Monday (4.23.12), will be losing the title to Beth Phoenix at Extreme Rules. announced today that there indeed will be a rematch between Nikki Bella and Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship, no special stipulation was named.

The rumors are that Kharma will be returning and keeping to her word about destroying the Bellas, therefore, leading them off TV for good and letting her feud with Beth Phoenix, which many WWE Universe, fans have been wanting to see.

If Nikki Bella doesn’t lose the championship back to Beth Phoenix at this upcoming PPV this Sunday or on RAW Monday night, than the Bella Twins would have signed a new contract.

My Two-Cents:

I like the Bella Twins so I hope that they sign a new contract with the WWE, plus I would like to see Nikki get a lengthy title reign like rest of the recent champions but, I’m with rest of the universe because I really want to see a Kharma/Phoenix feud.