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TNA Knockout crowned FWE Women’s Champion

25 Mar

Former WWE Diva and ROH’s first woman, Maria Kanellis, won the FWE Women’s Championship on her 30th birthday. Maria was scheduled to face TNA Knockout, Rosita… but fellow Knockout, Winter, attacked Maria and the match was changed to a triple threat title match.

After Kanellis’ one month title reign, Winter defeated Rosita and Maria to hold the FWE Womens Championship for her second time.

Former WWE Diva, Melina, is also scheduled to appear next month and will be challenging Winter for the title


FCW Divas get a taste of Wrestlemania Axxess

23 Mar

FCW Divas, Naomi, Cameron Lynn and Maxine have already been confirmed for this years Wrestlemania Axxess. Now, as of yesterday, WWE made some developmental stars in FCW get Twitters, and they all confirmed that they will be in Miami for Axxess.

Among those FCW stars were 5 developmental Divas: the current Divas Champion and Queen of FCW Raquel Diaz, Sofia Cortez, Summer Rae, Audrey Marie and Caylee Turner.

It has been reported by several news websites that the FCW stars will be participating in matches throughout the Axxess week.

Officials High on FCW Diva

22 Mar

A backstage source has got some information that the officials down in WWE’s Developmental Territory, FCW, are high on one of the former Tough Enough Contestant, Ivelisse Velez, who’s ringname in FCW is Sofia Cortez. The officials believe that Sofia is natural and she is already within the top 3 workers out of all the WWE Divas.

Sofia Cortez made her debut in FCW late 2011 and has since aligned herself with FCW’s newest Diva, Paige, to form a group  which they claim to be Anti-Divas and Anti-Barbie.

My Two Cents: I think that she is good in the ring, she just has to work on her personality a bit but that shouldn’t take much to work on. I don’t think that she’ll be called up anytime soon like some WWE fans are thinking just because they don’t use any of their current Divas and they would have no storyline for her. Naomi and Maxine should also be removed from the FCW Roster because they’ve been ready for a while and are already better than some Divas, if not most, on the roster.

Diva Match Officially Announced for Wrestlemania

16 Mar has officially announced that Beth Phoenix and Eve vs. Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly will be happening at Wrestlemania 28 following Eve and Phoenix’s interrupted Kelly Kelly’s interview with Maria Menounos on Extra.

In my opinion the match is self explanatory, But we’ll add some WWE Universe’s two cents into this one:

  • Divas deserved a legit match at WM! PERIOD!
  • @WWE WHY can you NOT get it through your heads we WANT a GOOD DIVAS MATCH. #goddamn
  • I’m good with the Divas Match for Wrestlemania. 🙂
  • I’ve never even heard of Maria Menounos, and she’s on the Wrestlemania card? SMH

I guess 3 out of 4 Divas in a match at Wrestlemania is better than no Wrestlemania match at all… or even a dark match.

Rumor is Beth Phoenix vs. Maria Menounos at Wrestlemania…. seriously??

15 Mar

Yes, you’ve read the title right… yet, another so-called “celebrity” is trying to get attention at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. There’s no doubt that Menounos and Phoenix have beef from the past years. Their feud began in 2009, where Beth ended up losing the match and their feud has gone continously throughout the years.

Back to the celebrity Wrestlemania topic, Maria Menounos has absolutely zero reason to be in a wrestling ring. If your not good at hosting your show then your obviously not good enough to comprehend a match that should be longer than 5 minutes… especially at Wrestlemania.

Theres plenty of other options in the Divas division that could take place, after all there are 14 Divas on the current roster, (15 if you add Lilian Garcia) even if only about 5 are active in the ring. Plus there are tons of fan favorite matches that they would love to see happen.

1. Beth Phoenix vs Kharma

2. Beth Phoenix vs Natalya (heck, even Joey Styles wants to see this)

3. Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina – She never got her rematch… duh!

4. Lumberjill match – With every Diva getting enough time to show off that their capable of being good in the ring (because we, WWE Diva lovers know they all have potential)

5. Eve vs Kelly Kelly – probably the less favorite of them all but anthing is better than having another “celebrity” wrestle.

Anything involving Beth Phoenix and a actual D.I.V.A, I could possibly enjoy especially since a Diva match has not taken place at a Wrestlemania for around 5 years.

Please WWE, join the WWE Universe and make the trend, #WeDontWantMariaMenounosAtWrestlemania come true.

Sincerley, WWE Fans that CARE about Womens Wrestling.

Former WWE Diva taking part in WWE ’13 Video Game

8 Mar

Former WWE Diva and announcer, Angela Fong, also known as Savannah, revealed on her Twitter that she will be taking part in the motion picture process in the new and upcoming WWE video game. She wrote: “So excited!! Doing motion capture for WWE 13 video game today! Can’t wait to get back in the ring!”

Fong is working with THQ and is doing motion capture for the WWE ’13 video game which will be released later this year.

Angela was an FCW Diva but was later used as an announcer for WWE television and a backstage interviewer. She was released in June of 2010.

My Two Cents: I’m actually glad that Angela Fong is doing this for the video game, afterall WWE wasted her talent by putting her as an announcer (which she did good as also) instead of having her in the ring where she was also one of the best down in FCW.

Natalya’s Two Ideal Opponents are…

1 Mar

In a recent interview with Miami Herald, Natalya states that she would love to have a match with her partner in crime and best friend, Beth Phoenix. “It’s a dream come true of mine to get in the ring with her”, she said.” It would certainly be something revolutionary and not seen before. I can almost put money on it that we would have the best match in the history of the divas.”

Phoenix and Neidhart have both been in the WWE for over four years and they have yet to even come close to a feud with eachother. The WWE Universe marked out once they had a stare-off on week on Smackdown, thinking that it would lead to a possible feud.

Natalya also said that her other ideal opponent would be WWE’s newest Diva, Kharma. “She has definitely proven she is a force to be reckoned with,” Natalya said. “I think that myself and Beth both have our eye on Kharma…”

The former WWE Diva’s Champion, Natalya, also went into more depth about what move she would like to apply onto the powerhouse, Kharma. “I would love to personally practice my new German suplex on her. I know it would be really hard to get my hands around her waist, but I would love to get in the ring with Kharma.”

Natalya is no doubt one of the best Divas but could she compare to Kharma’s strength? “It’s not the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog. So maybe Kharma would be up for challenge.” Natalya said.