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Divas put their thoughts in on Eve’s new personality

28 Feb

We all heard of the CM Punk and Chris Brown Twitter feud that got everybody on their toes, but I introduce to you something more grand: a Diva Twitter feud… well sort of.

This “feud” started with Kelly Kelly calling out her former friend, Eve Torres, before RAW even started. She wrote, “I’ve seen what u guys have been saying about @EveMarieTorres And you know what I agree she is a sipping on that skankjuice..I mean who hooks Up with her guy’s best friend and uses everyone of the people she works..well Ive seen the real her and she’s no friend of mine Just when you think you know someone…YOU DON’T.”

Eve responded to the blonde bombshells tweets, “Wow…Jealousy is an ugly look on you”. Natalya also wrote a response to Kelly’s tweet saying “cool your teapots. Maybe for once I was agreeing with you! Eve has some…issues” and The Bella Twins also tweeted about Kelly’s comments on Eve, “Haha we aren’t surprised! She’s PHONY!”

Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, joined in as well bashing Eve on her new personality. “While all the Divas bicker about romantic drama, Ill sit and watch from my throne atop the mountain. #priorities #performancebeforeromance“. She also added “Off to the gym to keep fueling my strengths.@EveMarieTorres should follow my example. #performancebeforeromance

MY TWO CENTS: I like how the Divas, and any superstar for the matter, use Twitter to further storylines. By doing this they can help eachother ‘get over’ as a heel or face. So far from what I’ve seen on RAW, I think there could be a possible storyline happening between Kelly Kelly and her former friend, Eve… Their third partner in crime, Alicia Fox, may also be included to the mix somehow.


Hall of Famer praises NXT Diva, Maxine

28 Feb

What is more better than the WWE Universe telling you that you have a bright future? A Hall of Famer telling you.

Dusty Rhodes, who was inducted into the HOF in 2008, has spoken about Maxine on his Twitter account the day after Thursday’s FCW Tapings. Dusty wrote, “Stand out nite for Maxine in FCW last night , she should b big star bound!”

Maxine responded to the comments made by Rhodes, writing back, “@dustywwe is an amazing man… thank you for the compliment. I wouldnt be here if not for you. Its been an honor learning from you!!” she then added later today, “when others wouldnt give me a look @DustyWWE always did!!!”

I think we all can agree that Maxine has come a long way since her debut in FCW and we look forward to seeing how much more she can improve.


@_SKYHIGHSTUDIOS: WOOOO! Dusty Rhodes praising Maxine 😀


@LUKE: I really enjoying seeing Maxine perform purely to watch how much she has improved since NXT season 3. I couldn’t stand her there and thought she was soooooooo dull. To me she is like two totally different women.

@MCCOOLFAN: Maxine is always on top… seriously, shes a star ❤

Stacy Keibler attends the Oscar Awards

27 Feb

Stacy Keibler arrived to the red carpet alongside her boyfriend, George Clooney just like every other red carpet event that couple attends. What made this one different from any other was the fact that Stacy Keibler’s gold Marchesa dress, which resembles the statue used for the Oscars, caused a buzz on the social networking website Twitter, leading her to trend Number 2 Worldwide on Twitter.

According to a stylist on E!, Stacy Keibler chose her dress before the Marchesa NYFW runway show even happened.


Social Networking Two Cents:

@EATMYFAWK: Stacy Keibler is everything tonight. Hair, makeup, jewels, dress – all of it. If George does not win he still takes away a trophy. #oscars

@MISTYLOVESVAMPS: Stacy Keibler’s gold flower dress… not a fan. Also, I hate her hair. Blah. #Oscars

@ODAMIEP: Stacy Keibler seems to be the best dressed in my book

@HANDONEHEART: Stacy Keibler’s gold dress is to die for!

@SHANNONKSTEVENS: Stacy Keibler looks like an #Oscar. Guess Clooney will be taking one home one way or another.

Natalya: “I’ll never forget my first finishing move”

26 Feb

Third Generation Diva and Former Divas Champion, Natalya, recently made a new blog on her official website stating that her first finishing move was NOT the Sharpshooter, but it was none other than the Glamslam… or as she called it the “Nattie By Nature”.

Without knowing that her soon-to-be Best Friend, and “Divas of Doom” partner, Beth Phoenix, would be doing the same exact move in a whole other continent. Natalya wrote, “In 2005 (Japan) I had never met Beth Phoenix nor did I know of her. Somehow, in other parts of the world, we were sharing the same passion and looking like twins doing it!” She then added, “She had been compared to me much of her career and I had been compared to her. Yet we never had met each other.”

MY TWO CENTS: Now that we know that Natalya and Beth share a lot more in common with eachother, they should have a lot of chemistry to go into a match, if WWE gave them the time and I think it’s only time for them to go face to face in a match at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania… or at any arena.

SPOILER: Maxine fired from FCW; Summer possible new GM?

26 Feb

According to fans that attended the FCW  Tapings, that will be airing in March, Maxine has been fired from FCW. The fans reports state that Maxine was called to the ring by Steve Keirn, he then talked about the psychological evaluations that Maxine made everyone take. He then adds that he wants all the records turned over to him and that Maxine is fired.

No idea at the moment if this is just from the FCW General Manager position or as an FCW Diva completely.

From reports of the second taping, It looks as if Maxine will be having some-what of a feud with Summer Rae, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor over the general manager position of FCW.

We all know Maxine is a fan favorite among the FCW and WWE Universe. The question is if Summer Rae is the new GM, could she fill the shoes of Maxine?

MY TWO CENTS: As much as I like to see Maxine in FCW as the GM, I think it’s time for her (and others) to move up to the main roster full time. Summer has the look and attitude of a great GM and I personally think her, and her “assistant”, Rob Naylor, have potential to be a good duo and take over FCW.

Trish Stratus on Natalya’s Gimmick: “Turn it into something more powerful than just a fart”

22 Feb

Trish Stratus did a recent interview in which she was asked the question about her thoughts on Natalyas flatulence storyline, which has been happening for a few weeks now. Although Trish hasn’t seen any of it at the time, after being explained about it she said, “I haven’t seen it… I think it’s funny, it’s interesting, it’ll allow Natalya to do a little bit of acting, step outside her comfort level and do some fun things with other characters.”

Trish also offered some positive advice to go along with her thoughts. “I think any material is good material. Take it, do what you will with it, she said. “Natalya doesn’t really have a flatulence problem so it’s okay. It’s character stuff… To me, everything that they give you – go with it. Run with it, take it and turn it into something else. Take it and turn it into something more powerful than just a fart.”

Even though Trish may look at the gimmick from a positive side. The WWE Universe has some similar thoughts and have even concluded some possible new backstage segments for her but their thoughts are mostly completely different. There has even been a petition going around on Twitter to stop the gimmick for good.

WWE Universe Two-Cents:

@lauramarycoyne: Natalya is so awesome and this fart storyline is making me want to cry a little bit

@RAMarkAdams: Unfortunately, Natalya has that particular humiliating gimmick right now. 😦

@MissyTori: Fart gimmicks should be reserved for people like Hornswoggle, not a decent performer like Natalya. Stupid WWE.

Trish Stratus: “Beth and myself at WrestleMania that is an excellent proposition…”

21 Feb

In a Recent Interview with, former Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, says that should would love to wrestle Beth at Wrestlemania 28.

Trish Stratus, told SportsVibe, “Beth was saying that she was the most dominant champion, so I thought I would just let her know that title is already taken”.

Trish also added to that speaking about the possible Wrestlemania match. She said, “Beth and myself at WrestleMania that is an excellent proposition and I think the fans would love that. I’ve actually had the opportunity to tangle up with Beth Phoenix a couple of times and I think that she is amazing in the ring and I would love to kick her ass actually.”

The Fans Two Cents: We all know how Trish feels. But the WWE Universe puts their voice into it. Heres some WWE Fans thoughts.